How can I get my child to stop thinking they need milk to fall asleep?

Was wondering if anyone has any tips to stop your baby from relating getting milk (bottle or breastfeed) with going to sleep!
My baby is almost 5 months and will rarely fall asleep without being nursed, and when he has a bottle he also will fall asleep, so it seems like he only wants to drink milk when he is ready for sleep


They need a full tummy to go to bed. That’s kinda how it works. Would you go to bed on an empty stomach?


in confused but at 5 months old its pretty common for babies to want to nurse/have a bottle when ready for sleep


We do the wake, eat, play, sleep cycle to prevent milk as a sleep association. (Or did I should say). It’s easy to fall into a wake, play, eat, sleep cycle.

I am… So lost… That baby is 5 months old. They want to have full tummies before bed.


This is normal. Just feed your baby. Lol. You don’t need to worry about this sort of stuff until you’re actually transitioning them off of the bottle for good, which you are quite a ways off from.


My daughter use to be like this plus she eats ever 3 hours but she has really bad reflux an has to up in an upright position after feeding for 30-45 minutes or shed throw everything up. Shed fall asleep like right after in my arms and then by the time I put her down shed wake up or like 20 minutes later shed be up so I knew I had to start sleep training especially when by 5 months it didnt seem to be curving its self in the slightest so I started feeding her at times I knew she wouldnt be tired and try and put her to sleep in the middle of the 3 hours, sometimes more then half way through. I put her down with her soother, turn her mobile on and walk away, not gonna lie first week was really hard and were still fine tuning it but she basically goes to sleep no problem during the day 45 minutes around noon and then 2+ hours around 330ish and yes goes way off feeding schedule because shes tired and knows when shes tired she like has a way of telling me now it’s great. If hes refusing food at any other time then I’m so sorry but idk, that’d definitely be something I’d ask the doctor, sometimes they have little tricks they can pass along.

A 4 month old needs a full belly before bed. I’m curious why you think it’s a problem? I have a 11 week old. I always make sure she eats before I lay her down.


I still nurse my 9month old to sleep. If that’s their comfort then let them have it. Still a baby. And only a baby once.


Your gonna get different opinions there are alot of people that believe that that is the only way to put a child to sleep at that age but most medical professionals believe that by five months they should start gaining the independence of going to sleep unassisted


I’m sure she’s just not wanting feedings to sleep to be a crutch. Not uncommon

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You could try keeping babe more awake while you feed. Tickle their toes, talk to them. Or feed a bit earlier. Start with 5 minutes, feed, diaper lay down and slowly stretch it longer

He is 5 months old he is still young usually babies need/want to eat before they go to sleep


My almost 2 year old drinks milk before bed (just from a cup now) and occasionally will wake up to ask for milk. Will get a drink and go back to sleep. At 5 months old a bottle and/ or nursing before bed is completely normal

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Fan adds

He eats baby food 3 times a day. When I nurse him to sleep and put him down in his crib he will be up shortly after and I will end up having to nurse him back to sleep. This will usually happen 3+ times a night.
He also won’t sleep for very long during the day maybe 2 or 3 20 minute naps.

A month old should be nursing or having a bottle to go to bed. A hungry baby won’t sleep.

That’s actually normal for babies to be fed a bottle or nurse to get to sleep. My question is are you saying baby will not sleep without a bottle or baby falls asleep each bottle? My 13 month old still takes a bottle at nap time and bed time. She gets sippy cup of water or juice any other time

Your baby should be getting most (if not all) of their nutrition from breastmilk or formula at 5 months… you can introduce baby food at this age, though pediatricians typically recommend waiting until after 6 months because of how much harder digestion is, but your baby is not ready to be eating baby food as a primary form of nutrition yet.

He needs his bottle… and he absolutely will want his bottle before bed for a long time.

Have you tried a binky (pacifier)? Some babies just like the suck for comfort, my daughter will not sleep without hers. He’s old enough to where he shouldn’t get nipple confusion. Some babies don’t really like them but it wouldn’t hurt to try

This is normal for a 4 month old. My son is 8 montgs old and still gets a bottle before bed bc he sleeps better when he has a full tummy

I just went with the flow and didn’t worry do much about what my babies should be doing.

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This is normal for a baby that age. That’s like asking how to get a baby to not poop in a diaper :woman_shrugging:t2::thinking:

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I Love that my baby needs to nurse and it has to be the breast, it makes me feel completed and know he still needs me​:heart::wink:

my daughters 1 and still wakes for a bottle at night. Im currently trying to break her from her bottle so i started with bottles only at naptime/bedtime and sippy cup the rest of the time

I feel this is perfectly normal for most. My daughter was eating baby food at 4 months (Dr recommended) and still wanted to go to sleep with a bottle all the way up to 7 months old where she was really eating a lot of table food and snacks with bottles in between. By then she would be full by bedtime and sleep through the night. I say give him a few more months before really begin worrying about this. If you really want him to stop maybe ask his ped for recommendations on what to do.

It’s a comfort thing for them…I honestly still give my daughter a bottle before bed and she is 2…my mom personally said I was on the bottle till 3yrs old. So each their own.

My daughter us 6 months n does the same thing. I jyst inteiduced baby food only like 1 time a day maybe 2 but i still breastfeed at those times too…they really only need your breast milk at this time

My son is 15 months old and falls asleep at the breast it’s soothing not just to eat :woman_shrugging: it’s natural :joy: I swear thease post are just made up sometimes just to get people going

If the baby has fed enough during the day it will sleep!! I gave my little boy cool boiled water 2 nights in a row and he is sleeping 8 hrs straight now and he is 14 weeks. He hated the water and I think he decided it was not worth getting up for just that! He is much happier now with the better sleep pattern…

Um…welcome to parenthood

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My daughter always nurses to sleep. So did her sister