How can I get my daughter ready for Pre-K?

I’m trying to get my daughter ready to start PreK. She’s 4 and she’s a smart kid when it comes to alot. But trying to spell, read and write she’s behind. I’ve tried everything. Flash cards. Dry erase books to write in, etc. What else can I do. I don’t want her being behind when she starts. I feel like a failure. I need advice on what else I can do.


Read to your little one :raised_hands: when you can and as much as you can! Get them in the habit to enjoy books! Reading is so beneficial to the kids is really helpful to there little minds it does make them smarter! Do this as much you can! I had sophomore college reading level at 7th grade! Was a great key to have and still love it My son has been in daycare setting - didn’t know how to count or write his name until this year with his pre k - it’s ok that’s what the teachers are paid for and the pre k is more for fun for them really not mandatory but is convenient for the children. :white_heart:.

My youngest couldn’t do those things in preparation eather put her in a Christian based prek that also provided daycare.she was reading small sentences by the end of the year.graduate highschool next year.even if she is behind trust her ability to catch up.your doing great momma.

she’s NOTTT behind at all that’s literally where they learn to read write and stuff even in k n grade 1 , don’t stress just let her do her thing, everyone learns at a different pace ! your doing great! school is for learning !, u don’t have to even be prepared for it they will all learn eventually i mean it’s kindergarten lol

Listen mama I work in a preschool program that was also a daycare, but our program is super structured and there is very little free play,so yes it also depends on the program to. But just because she can’t do it right now don’t mean by the end of the year she won’t be doing all of it and beyond. I have had many kids some didn’t even know what a pencil was and by the time it was ready to leave they were writing sentences. At least in my centers program that’s what she would be doing. I think also once she is around the other kids and sees what they do will also help. Don’t stress about, but if you want to keep trying it’s all about fun .

Relax! Read to her. It is the single biggest predictor of a childs success in school. Youre just stressing both of you out.

If she can count and knows her alphabet that is a start

she’s not behind. my daughter is very smart & has been ahead all throughout her kindergarten year. She started reading about 2 months after school started and now is on a first grade reading level in the fourth marking period. my daughter hasn’t even started 1st grade yet. it will come just continue to work with her .

Let her learn at her own pace.

She is not behind. My daughter learned 26 sight words. But that’s as far as reading went. There are little workbooks for pre-K that you can get her at places like Walmart and target

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She’s not behind and you ARE a good mom. It’s prek. They will learn to write, spell and read there. And it’s very little. It also depends on what prek you put her in to. A school’s prek does more than a daycare or home prek. At prek my son learned to spell, write and read 1 sentence story books. They are not expected to know everything. Colors, letters and sound of letters is what they mainly base things on. Then kindergarten is the same thing, it’s a refresher and they learn a bit more through it.


That’s what they learn in school. We never worked on getting them ready. She will be more than fine.

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you do what you can at home and they will also learn in preschool .try and get in a actual preschool they will learn alot. my 3 girls went to preschool through our school district and into kindergarten.

The most important things for preschool is learning to be self capable. Can she zip her jacket, open her own snacks? Teach her her bus number as soon as you know what it will be. Things like that…Life skills

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She’s 4 LOL what are you talking about

Children are not expected to read, write, and spell in Pre-k. That’s what pre-k works on.
If you would like to start working on it, then I suggest a literacy rich environment. Read to her on a regular basis and try to relate everything you are working on with her to something that interests her. Children learn better when they can relate to what they are working on. For writing skills, you can start with her name because it has meaning to her. You can teach her to spell her name using a song. Music can be very helpful in memorizing information. It’s easier to remember a little jingle than just a random string of letters. Don’t stress, she will catch on. The best tip I have for you is to make it meaningful and fun.


For our school prek learns the alphabet and basic things and they learn to write their names. And also the fundamentals of writing. Kindergarten is where they really start to learn writing

Pre k is basically socialization skills.

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they dont learn to read anything besides their name in pre k. and dont really start writing or reading until kinder. im not saying dont practice but i wouldnt stress about her being behind. practice abcs counting shapes ect. she will be fine.


Leave her alone she is still a baby. She’ll be ready to read when she is ready.

It’s pre K. What exam is she going t9 to be behind in, learning how to ride a tricycle?

Wow you Americans really put a lot of pressure on your kids education, here in the UK at 4 they go to nursery and its very play lead. They don’t start learning reading/writing till 5 when they start school, that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with learning young I just think you should maybe give yourself and wee one a break it will come to her eventually when she’s ready xx

She’s 4. I know a lot of adults that cannot spell. Please don’t pressure her and give her anxiety by pummeling her with what you perceive as her being behind. She’s done and learned so much in 4 years.

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Spelling, reading, and writing are not developmentally appropriate til the end of kindergarten. Work on letter recognition and letter sounds. That’s the best way you can help prepare her at 4. Start with her writing her name. Let her use shaving cream, sand, play dough and her finger to spell. Read to her as much as possible!

I know things are changing but are they requiring a child starting preschool to spell, read & write now? My youngest is 9. I don’t remember that being a requirement.

Spell, read, and write? She hasn’t even started pre-K yet which means she’s probably freshly four. My kid definitely can’t do that either :joy: we do letter and number counting and identification as well as tracing in her work books. That’s about it. Deep breath. She’s not off to Harvard next year.

Relax momma it’s prek they are not expecting your child to know how to do all of that .it’s there job to prepare your child to learn all of that