How can I get my daughter to eat anything but snacks?

My daughter will be 5 in April and she has always been a snacker. Preferring to snack throughout the day rather than eat an actual meal but she would. The past few months though, it’s been a struggle to get her to eat anything but snacks. I will make things I know she likes and has had before and she will still quite literally gag on it until she pukes. She’s always been small (33lbs now born 5.15) and she isnt losing weight but I don’t know how to fight this battle with her.


Healthy snacks is what I do for my super picky son. He is so picky so that’s what I gotta di

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Buy healthier snacks that she likes and when she asks for a snack give her options. You can either have’x’ or ‘x’

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We all do that! Kids will do that for years it’s normal and should run the course but keep encouraging healthier additions. Childhood is a discovery time and seeing what works for their body and not. Always look out for food allergy symptoms too.

Make sure her snacks are healthy. Children graze and as long as she’s getting the proper nutrition, it doesn’t matter if she eats more often. Even us as adults are supposed to have healthy snacks throughout the day.

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When my daughter goes through that phase(she’s 5 and will go a few months here and there only wanting to snack) I make a charcuterie. Fruits and veggies, Veggie Crackers, one unhealthy option that I know she’ll eat and the rest healthy options and a dip or two. She’ll pick at it and usually ends up eating the whole thing. I’ll make her fav meals for dinner with “snack” sides and that usually helps. If not she has dinner with my aunt or my cousin and the change in environment snaps her out of snack mode since they don’t have snacks in the house lol :joy:

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Get her to a doctor that will listen to you. I am 95% sure I suffer from ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder) and it can often be accompanied by ADHD (which I also have) and other disorders of the like. Focus on factoring in proteins, only supply healthy alternatives for the snacks she does like, look into nutritional supplements.

I had a couple snackers out of my 4. Their pediatrician said that as long as they weren’t losing weight, let them snack and eventually they would grow out of it. They just said make sure I bought healthy snacks for them to snack on throughout the day


You control what you buy. Don’t buy them. We all would rather live on good snacks than meals that are good for us.


I have picky eaters and I do the age rule. You’re 5, 5 bites. Your 6, 6 bites of everything on your plate. Yes sometimes I loose BUT im old school. Reduce snacks and we stay at the table until the 5 bites of each, it’s helped!

My daughter is 7 and has autism, it has always been challenging to get her to try new foods/meals. I don’t force it upon her to change the way she eats, if she snacks all day then at least she’s getting fruits, yogurts and she will eat chicken fries/nuggets, etc just to mention a few, so I get the best brands possible to make sure she’s healthy. I do let her cook homemade meals with me which has opened up her mind to trying some things but I don’t force her to eat anything especially if its going to make her gag. She’s been in OT since she was 4 and the therapist said some kids have food issues but if your feeding them healthier options of things there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Be the tough mom. Tell her we’ll if you don’t eat this then you’ll be hungry. No more junk


She can’t eat what you don’t have in the house. Keep snacks out of the house. Once she starts eating better provide a snack as a treat once in a while.


My son is the same way. I’ve learned that the easiest way to stop it is to stop buying snacks. Try to keep just healthy options available. They will eat what you offer when they are hungry enough.


As a daycare provider ….
I hate when I waste food because of picky eaters , but they are ready for any snack at snack time
Unless you offer fruit or anything healthy ….

Just give health snacks. As long as she is eating good

Mine does the same I let her. She can now make a hot dog and loves to cook a hot dog for a meal. Try something like that. We just pop weenie in microwave on 30 seconds put on bun and boom she eats it.

Don’t give snack. Give her fruits, juice, water cracker.

Removing snacks from your kitchen

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I find ways to make the real food look like it’s a snack, If snacks is all she will eat I’d add some beef sticks for protein if she will eat them and some pedisure

Stop it! Your the parent! She will get hungry and eat proper meals. Your the parent


Prep healthy snacks. Instead of cutting all fun snacks, maybe add a dessert after dinner. IF she eats good.

My 5 year old girl is a snacker, but she’s 48 lbs. she snacks on like a raw bell pepper or avocado bread lol. I just make her snacks have plenty of healthy fats, protein, fiber, and that she gets enough cals for the day. just only keep high calorie snacks around (peanut butter and banana, almonds, a smoothie packed with flax seed, banana, some whole milk and yogurt ect) and shell outgrow the snacks

Honestly following my daughter is 5 she barely eats she eats mostly snacks . But will eat two meal things she only eats pizza :pizza: chicken nuggets and French fries . :fries: it’s definitely a struggle cause you can’t force them to eat . I always find myself begging her to eat something. She just looks at something and says ew gross . :face_vomiting: won’t even try anything. I just wanna cry sometimes and I get so worried :worried:. They have these ensure shakes I’m thinking about getting her so she can get something in her and getting her some vitamins to take . It’s so hard when they don’t eat .

What is a snack to people? Snack don’t have to be bad

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Talk to her doctor about her lacking something in her body . My son has to take vitamins . Empty calories will also not fill your child up

Stop giving her snacks…


Stop buying and giving her snacks.

Stop giving her snacks all day. Tell her she can only have them after she has a meal. Positive reinforcements… if you do this… you get that

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STOP GIVING HER SNACKS :woman_facepalming:
Jfc its not rocket science…YOU are in charge

my daughter is a grazer and especially if she is getting over a cold. She is 3, I let her graze. we buy fruits veggies crackers (finger eaters) and i heard from a doctor when my oldest son was little if they tell you they are hungry offer an apple if they dont take it they are just bored make them go outside <3

Girl just put healthy snacks instead of the normal. They have the popcorners (really good) or the veggie straws.

Stop buying treats. If you want to buy treats I recommend doing frozen yogurt fresh fruits or veggies. Then serve the regular dinners. If she doesn’t eat what you provide for dinners than she goes to bed hungry. Your daughter is manipulating you cause she knows you’ll cave in and give her the snacks. Kids aren’t stupid like a lot of adults think lol.