How can I get my daughter to eat 'big girl food'

Looks for tips and tricks on getting my daughter to eat big girl food. Shes almost a year so we have broken off purees and are trying big foods. I bought a ton of the gerber meals for her to try. Shes tried the spaghettios and chicken n stars but refuses to chew and spits it all out plus gagging… she has 4 teeth and would rather have a bottle instead of the food. Idk what to do


The Gerber meals have a disgusting texture. Just make the food yourself and gagging is completely normal. I am an infant teacher!

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Try mashed potatoes, or rice. You can buy both at walmart in individual microwaveable containers in the boxed meals section.

Look up Baby Led Weaning. There’s also amazing BLW facebook groups

Don’t force the issue. She will eat on her own time. She’s not even 1! Keep offering but never force food.
If she’s teething, a bottle will be more comforting

I did small pieces of whatever I was eating (within reason of course)
my daughter would absolutely not touch any of the baby meals that came after purees, even the chunky purees were a no for her and we went right into “regular, people food” instead