How can I get my daughter to sleep through the night?

Mona’s I’m at a loss right now. My daughter has always slept all night l long since she’s been born she’s 19 months now and every since she got sick a few weeks ago she’s waking up numerous times a night. She’s better now but she’s still waking up throughout the night now. Help please !!!


Could be growing pain or teething pain.

Encourage self soothing by giving her a chance to calm down independently if that doesn’t work then when she gets up keep the lights off, don’t take her out of the crib, and get a sound machine

My oldest slept through the night once when she was 8 - years.

If she was poorly then that has probably had a knock on affect and she’s still looking for comfort x

My kids are 2 and 4 and still wake :sleeping: it’s really tough

It’s biologically normal for them to wake up. Nothing you need to do. I still wake up for a drink or to go to the bathroom.

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My daughter was 3 before I got her to sleep through the night lol wish I could help. Her at 3am wanting milk every night! My son was different he slept good right from the beginning. No milk just a paci.

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My son’s 8 still wakes up

Her sleep schedule is probably just a bit whacky from the illness. Try less napping during the day time to get her back to her normal routine. My kids slept through the night by 2 yrs old. Whenever they got sick it would take another week to get them back to normal schedule.

My suggestion would be, if she is waking up for no reason other than to wake up, child proof her room and put up a gate. Let her get up and just play or do whatever in her room until she falls back asleep. If she is waking up for a reason – Feeling sick, feeling scared, hungry, bathroom etc – You will just have to ride it out. Being sick has put her body into a weird state and it’ll take a minute to get back to normal

Have you checked for more teeth?


Google sleep training toddlers. It works if u stick to it.

She’s understanding more, processing more and trying to get her sleep pattern for this stage set. Hang in there.

You can’t force her to sleep. That’s unnatural. Let her play. Have a safe space. She’ll go back to sleep.

Try feeding her more food and bath before bed