How can I get my daughter to stay in her room at night?

Help! How can I get my little girl to sleep in her bed by herself? She’s 21 months old and it’s been rough. We upgraded her to a toddler bed about two weeks ago and it was heaven at first but now she either wants to be in my boyfriend & I’s bed or I have to be in her tiny toddler bed with her. Prior to this we were bed sharing but I’m just so over it I feel like I’m not sleeping when I’m cramped up in her bed but my boyfriend also works crazy shifts and needs his sleep so having her in our bed thrashing, kicking, turning every which way is no longer an option. We currently have her bed next to ours as we finish her bedroom (painting and doing a make over to it) but I feel like the issue will still be there even when she’s in her own room we tried sleep training since she was 8 months and it never works well or long… is this just a phase? Something to just breath through and hope it stops soon?

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I would keep letting her sleep in her bed in your room for a few weeks and see if it helps. That way she gets use to sleeping alone. My kiddo still hates sleeping alone

Tough love sometimes works… make sure there’s nothing dangerous in the bedroom Everything is toddler friendly (set up a baby monitor if you don’t already have one) and put up a gate in the child’s doorway. Do bedtime routine whatever that maybe for you then tell her you love her and tuck her in leave room door open but gate closed. If she starts crying or coming to the gate tell her to go back to bed and tell her that it’s sleepy time ect start after 5 mins of crying reassuring them they are okay and after then wait if she starts/is still crying again go back and do it again in 10 mins ect. Once the toddler realizes they will not be getting their way they will fall asleep. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Good luck. Our daughter will be 5 in February and we are still struggling hard with getting her to sleep in her own room. Where as our two year old hasn’t slept in our room since 6 weeks old , even if we try to bring her in to snuggle she refuses. Every kid is different! But I’m right there with you, we are over it too.

We transitioned from cribs directly to a full size mattress on the floor. There was plenty of room for mom or dad to be comfortable for bedtime stories and cuddles. A comfy, more patient adult can result in a less stressed kiddo who falls asleep faster.

Every kid is different. My daughter is 3. She slept in her own bed from birth until 1 and a half. At 2 she started to sleep with us because her bedroom was way too hot. She’s 3 now and is back to sleeping in her own bed. Like you her toddler bed is next to ours for now. I think it’s a small step to get her into her own room.
My little brother on the other hand. He refused to sleep in his own bed until he was 10.

We started a star chart for our daughter. Every night she goes to sleep on her own in her room, she gets a star on the calendar she picked out. Then at the end of the week/month she gets to choose a fun activity that we all do together. Zoo, cookies, getting ice cream, park, etc. Made a huge difference and she has been doing really well with that! Good luck, I know it’s hard.

If she’s slept with you her whole life then simply putting her in her own bed in a different room straight away won’t work. It’s gonna be a hard transition for everyone and you probably won’t get much sleep for a few days but it is possible. Make a pallet for you next to her bed so you have somewhere to lay down while she’s falling asleep in her bed. If she’s getting up repeatedly then put her back without saying anything besides it’s time for bed. It could take hours the first night if she’s stubborn but she will eventually stay there and fall asleep. You can move to your own bed when she’s asleep. After a few days or a week you still start out on the floor next to her bed but you leave right before she falls asleep. After she’s use to you leaving while she’s awake it will get so much easier. It could take a few weeks depending on the child and it’s gonna be super stressful for you but you are strong and more than capable


good luck with tht my 11 yr old still climbs in and my 7 yr old sleeps with me