How can I get my daughter to stop crying when I take her to school?

I took my son out of pre school when we couldn’t find a real reason. After 6 weeks he asked me if he could go back and all was well :blush:

Where I come from, the girl will be ignored, she will cry and cry until she gets use to it…what nonsense

Get off Facebook and talk to your daughter about her fears. Also if your husband is too involved with you to be a father to his daughter you may want to research that as well.

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Can your husband take her there maybe a change up on who drops her off might work

Some parents just dont know how to be parents. I was abused by one of the babysitters I used to go to. The baby sitter daughter was older and one day the daughter dug her nails in my arm. I told my mom and dad who still had used the baby sitter. I hated going there and would act out. I blame my parents for not looking into this and instead they shrugged it. I wonder if I was not adopted by these two if that was their biological kid would they have handled my abuse different. Or what bout the time I went to school, I was always treated different because I was labeled a problem child always in Special ED made fun of. One breakfast time at school I go to sit down with my adopted mother so I could eat and this girl puts her leg up so I could not sit. If that wasn’t so bad then why do I still her remember that girls name. My point is as a parent we need to communicate as best that is suited for the child age and really taking the time to sit down and understand. Alot of parents work I get it and might be really tired like mine were so they would come home, cook, then maybe have an hour or two with my adopted parents then it was bedtime. Find time to understand and listen to your kids and learn their emotions

Check out the school teachers and see if she’s been bullying by classmates or teachers

My son went through this and it was awful. My husband would drop him off at school, but he would refuse to go in. He became a runner. He would get out and run around the vehicle screaming no. If he managed to get into the building, he would turn around and dash. It was awful to know that he was scared and had anxiety about being away from us. We tried a lot of different things, but ultimately it was the counselor that found the solution. She made a book for him with pictures that she took. A picture of my husband’s truck, a pic of the Library floor where they had to sit before dismissal to class, a pic of his big brother waving bye, a pic of his classroom…etc. She had star stickers and if he made it to the checkpoint each day, he earned a sticker. If he got all of the stickers and made it into his class and seated at his desk, he got a reward at the end of the day. Within two weeks he was walking in and staying. He still got nervous, still had the anxiety, and still struggled with it all for a few more years, but he never went back to how bad it was. Sometimes he would ask if we would drive around the block just one more time, but he would go in everyday. It broke my heart, and I am so very thankful for all the help we had from his teacher, his counselor, and his big brother. I sent the school the biggest bouquet of fruit flowers I could buy. I hope your daughter gets through her anxiety, and that you find what works for you all. Good luck!

The preschool must be boring or very controlling. There is probably more fun at home for her. My daughter was exactly like that at 4 years old. She got a lot of individual attention from me. Everything had mischief and laughter. She could not fit in, the “teacher” would say " your daughter does not want to mingle she just stands at the window and waits for you. Or they’d say she just wants to play in the fantasy garden. I looked at the classroom and saw it was extremely dull and boring. The children there had already made bonds with friends since they’ve been there from the age of 2. If I look back it was the wrong preschool, the wrong primary school for her…only when she was 9 did I take her out of that private school situation and put her in a very busy government school that had many friends to choose from…bottom line, if a child does not like it it means no one is making it pleasant or reassuring her…

Haa kyoka yesu :v: awo owange chap chap aba yayingide dda school era nga asoma bubi nyo ako akajanja sikalina

Well first ask yourself why she’s not attached to the father it’s just a classic case of maternal gatekeeping did you make sure it was like that because shockingly fathers are the parent that give empathy, knowing limits and understanding life isn’t always Fair

Unfortunately it sounds like something she will just have to work through…you can simply explain that we all do stuff we dont want to and u miss her too. Eventually she will just get it