How can I get my daughter to stop sucking on her blanket?

My daughter is two years old, and for 5 months, she has this blanket she loves and sucks it for a nap, watching tv, to sleep and wanted to know if any moms had any kiddos that did that and when did they stop sucking it? Or how did you do it to make them stop? I’m worried it will affect her teeth later.


Tabasco sauce not a lot just a touch where she sucks on it , and that will make her stop , unless she likes the taste of Tabasco sauce


I had a favorite blanket also. When I was in head start they took it away from me. Cut it up into pieces and shoved it in a hole. My Mom came to pick me up and I was crying. Mind you. I was only 3. She found it. And threw a fit. That was my blanket. And the day would come when I would leave it at home. She sewed it back together for me. I carried it for a little while longer then learned to just leave it at home.


Its not going to cause issues with her teeth. The dental association of america says its only a problem after adult teeth start coming in.


My son bites the ear of his stuffed bunny sometimes. I just tell him to stop and redirect him. My son is also 2yo

It specifies thumbs but its universal


My daughter is fixing to turn 2, and she does the same with her lovey. Nothing to be worries about. And dont do Tabasco sauce. It could cause a hole to burn in their esophagus from the heat and spices.


My daughter used to pull fuzz from blankets and stick it up her nose all the time. She stopped after a while. Kids do crazy things when they are tiny but they grow out of it. Patience momma :upside_down_face:

When my son was little he had a big puppy with a bow. He sucked on the bow till it eventually fell off. Once it fell off he kinda forgot about it.

I just simply took the blanket away an didn’t give it back until they learned that it was not made to suck on


She’s 2…give her time.

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She’ll stop on her own. It’s just a security thing she’s going through. A lot of kids play with your ears, suck thumbs, suck their tongue, and fingers. She gone stop out the blue


I was a Nanny for a little girl who had her favorite blanket till she was at least 13 so not a big deal. She’s a fine healthy young lady now that is a coping skill for something I say just let it go and they will be fine with the blanket but thumb sucking I would talk to Dentist and see what they tell you no Tabasco sauce that’s a little overboard for a toddler

My almost 8 yr old does same thing and wipes face with blanket covers her head with it when sleeps sense baby

All of my children went through the same thing and eventually stopped between 3 and 5. Their reasoning was because they said it smelled like their mama. :heart: It’s a comfort thing and gives them a sense of security when we may not be there to hold them while tending to other things. (Household chores)

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My parents had to put nail polish removal before my brother stopped. He ended up loving hot sauce.

My son is 10 and still occasionally sucks his shirt or a blanket if hes by himself

My son did this till he was 4 or 5. I called his nasty wet corner his chewy.

Kinda sounds like autism…

Let her be
It’s a comfort thing for her. She’s not being mean, she’s not biting anyone nor is she hitting anyone.
She will give it up some day, but in the meantime, let her be


My son is 3 and still carries around 2 blankets… which he calls his “kitty cats”

I have my blankie and I’m 21 I’ve had it since birth. It’s the longaburger collectors item throw, and I’ve ordered a replacement cause mine is almost in shreds and also ordered one for my little girl. The feeling of it has always been such a comfort.

Is she.hurting anyone?No!Then why so much concern.let her be a child

Lol I did the same thing until I was like 8. She will be fine. That’s her comfort mechanism, let her be. It will be more traumatic to take it from her than any damage it could possibly do to her teeth.

My kids had pacifiers (binkies). When it was time to stop, for my daughter, we talked about how pacifiers were for babies not big girls and then talked about giving it to a baby (a friend was pregnant). We talked about it for a few weeks, she chose when it was time to give it to her, then we wrapped it up in a box and she gave it to my friend for her baby (friend then threw it away). She asked for it one time after that and then when we reminded her she gave it to a baby, she never asked again (we did buy her a big girl toy when she gave it away). For my son, we started putting it out of sight when he was eating and didn’t give it to him unless he asked. He just stopped asking. :woman_shrugging:t2:

My second son still does it. He’s is 5. He has gotten better and now only has his blanket at bed time. I think when he starts school in the fall it’ll get better as well. I don’t rush it. It’s a security thing for him and it doesn’t affect him in a daily basis. He just needs it at bed time. I’m ok with it, I want him to feel safe and he will stop when he is ready.

My daughter’s had one since she was a baby she is 5 and still sucks on a toy for comfort just wash regularly hot water I’ve had no luck getting her to stop they will stop in their own time …

My 2 year old does something like that only thing different is she sucks her thumb and holds her stuffed piggie, the only time she does that is when she is goin to sleep, or gettin tired or she wants to relax. I think it might be a security thing.

Give her more attention.Hold her and rock her more .Reassure how much you loved and wanted her.I was a security blanket baby and I still to this day can’t sleep without a blanket no matter how hot it is.My mother admitted that I didn’t get enough attention.

Hey mom chill. My sister, brother and myself had flannel blankets and we sucked on the satin trim. After the first child, mom just cut squares of fannel, added trim and made about 6 12inch mini blankets. Just something to hold and suck on. Easy to always have a clean on. Fast forward to adulthood. Me and my new hubby are talking about chewing on things. I ate all the points off my shirt collars. Ate some ear pieces off my glasses and if course the little plastic stoppers in the end of bic pens. Hubby had similar tales.

Her teeth will be fine. I have a 14 yo that still occasionally will suck on his. Just a comfort thing. He only does it when he sleeps.

Mine is just turned 6 n has blanket.he did start carrying it till 1.

Baby teeth fall out. - its a comfort thing.

have you tried putting a bad safe taste on the end that is being sucked. like pickle juice?

We had a fairy come and take her blanket to give to other children who need it more. The fairy left lots of amazing toys for being so brave and kind to give up her blankie. (I need prep her slowly over a few weeks talking about the fairy… i set up a fairy door and the faory left a letter for her) she was 2.5yrs old


Babys cling to certain things when they young for comfort, it can be a blanket, teddy or a sort of toy. It comforts them. My sons had a teddy from day one and he wont sleep unless he has it so its nothing to worry bout they will grow out of it in time

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I would say that’s better than a paci or her thumb. Choose your battles. Its for comfort. My 2 year old still uses my boob for comfort. Send help🤣

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My 18 month old sucks on his favorite blanket. He never took a pacifier. I am a cold turkey kind of person so once he turns two that blanket WILL mysteriously disappear.

Shes using it as comfort. My son became super obsessed with the tags on blankets or anything he has to have a tag n he just rubs on it now but he used to suck on them lol it was definitely a weird habit but he eventually stopped now he just rubs the tag inbetween his fingers i dont think itd harm her teeth honestly

Instead of worrying about her teeth, you need to find out what is stressing her out and causing anxiety! Is it YOU and your expectations??

Let her do doesn’t hurt anything


My daughter sucked on her “stinky blankie” until I said enough is enough and washed it and put it up.

My son is 8 and he still does. Its a comfort thing


Soak it in vinager let it dry and give it to her she rejected

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Could be sensory. Get her something more appropriate if you’re worried about it.


Check iron levels. Can be a sign of anemia

The Muslim squares are best as you can wash them often my grandson loved his used have about 4 on the go so always nice an clean luckily he didnt suck them the thought makes me gag sucking on a dry rag🤢

All three of my daughters still have a tiny piece of their original “Woobys”. And they still sleep with them. They are 35-44. One is a nurse, one an accountant, one the mother of four children and they are just fine! The men in their lives think they are a bit wacky :crazy_face: sometimes. My son is the only one who didn’t lug one around. They never sucked on them though, just had them in their hand close to face and rubbed them between their fingers. :heart:

Are you sure your worry is coming from yourself, or others around you? My baby hasn’t taken a soother and her hands are too busy for her to suck her thumb (the little busybody tried, didn’t work lol). So I know she’s going to find some way of self-soothing. And she will keep it for as long as she needs it. If I feel concerned about it, I would talk to a doctor.

I also learned that disrupting self-soothing too early can cause anxiety. That’s something I’m very mindful about, as I have GAD. So it’s a catch 22 situation where you have to balance your child’s emotional/mental health and physical health and possibly have to adjust some mindsets about self soothing.

I’d let her carry on it won’t hurt. It’s her comforter

Hahhahah good luck my girl is 6 a d she chews on hers her blanket doesnt go everywhere with us all the time now but when it does it does. I can’t say anything bc up until 2 years ago i still had mine.