How can I get my daughter to stop sucking on her fingers?

At my wits end. Our 3 year old sucks her two fingers. We have been trying for 6 months now to get her to stop. She has done soooo much better during the day (almost never have to tell her to get her fingers out of her mouth) but night time is a whole other animal. We have tried talking to her and having her try on her own, taped her fingers together, used the Amazon finger guard, gloves and tape, soap on fingers. I’m really at a lost at this point what else to try. She is literally Houdini. Anyone experience this and have luck with something we haven’t tried yet? TIA


My girl was the same, as she got older I was getting worried about it effecting her teeth (I even got the dentist to speak to her). When she got to school age she would only do it when she got tired and at night, from memory it did take awhile and she didn’t stop till about 8 years old. Just keep gently reminding your child “take your fingers out your mouth darling” I used to worry about germs aswell as she always had her fingers in her mouth. Talk to your girl about why it’s not good to suck your fingers and keep praising her, try not to growl😊

Good luck…my son didn’t outgrow it until he was 12.

Why does she have to stop? It’s a form of security for her . This is not something that she should be ashamed of . She’s only 3 . Almost all kids have to have braces now anyways so I’d not worry about that either . She will stop when she is ready . I had one who sucked his thumb and he stopped eventually when he was ready to . He was the best baby / child as his security was always with him


My son didn’t suck his fingers but he would bite at them…like biting your nails only it was his knuckles. I had gotten a bunch of random liquid and powder smells and asked him to lets find the best smelling/tasting and the worst. We went through so much and when I found what he hated the smell or taste of the most (I did top 3) thrn i rubbed, soaked or sprayed the #3 first (the one he disliked the least but still disliked) and if thr #3 didnt work then i moved to the others. Took a few weeks, but it stopped. He had his hands so bad they were cracking and bleeding and doctors wanted to give him steroids cream to heal his hands and a 3 yr old didn’t need steroid cream.

I know adults who suck their fingers when stressed. There’s nothing you can do with this…particularly during sleep hours. Day time…dont nag at her you’ll only cause insecurity . Distract her with something else …unlikely she’ll suck her fingers planting seeds or playing at the park…
Something she may eventually grow out of hopefully but sadly it may affect her teeth…pacifiers really don’t and are so much easier to get rid of

It felt like we tried everything to get my son to stop sucking his thumb. Keeping medical tape on it for about a month stopped it.

Use one of these, it leaves a bitter taste on the fingers to deter putting your fingers in your mouth.

My son suck his two fingers it a Comfort before bed time and it made him sleep… when he was tired and he grow out of in his own time…

Acetone free nail polish remover. So it’s safer. It only took me about one or two mistakes and it never happened again. lol 

She’ll grow out of it …

Good luck. My kid is 7 and still does it. Ugh