How can I get my daughter to stop thinking she needs milk to fall asleep?

How can I get my 10 month old to stop think they need milk to fall asleep? I dont like the fact that the milk sits on her gums and new teeth and want to break this habit before its even harder…the issue is, she dislikes pacifers and uses her bottle as one at night…what can I do?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my daughter to stop thinking she needs milk to fall asleep?

10 months is still little :woozy_face: let her have the milk!!!+


Start by adding 1 ounce of water to the milk. In about 2 weeks, add another ounce and keep doing that until it’s all water.


Breastmilk is actually just as ok for their teeth as water and in fact may have some protective qualities against cavities. If it’s formula, I agree with slowly decreasing the amount of formula and adding more water and see if that works.

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I just broke my daughter of milk at night and she 1.5. I started with just taking it at nap, did that for 1 weeks and then just cold turkey took it at night. I didn’t do the “add water” thing or nothin. I replaced her cup with a teddy bear and she actually did really well with that.

I told my granddaughter that the baby animals at the zoo needed bottles .we called the zoo before we went, took the bottles in a bag with a bow and Mt granddaughter gave it to the woman at the front desk. She was so proud to help the babies. Of course the woman threw them out for me :rofl: she gave a little fuss for 2 worked perfectly!

Mine was breastfed at night until nineteen months. Perfect teeth. I don’t think you should worry if it’s formula and a cuddle for a while yet.

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Give the bottle then brush her little teeth, all of mine loved milk before bed and my youngest still does.

My son sleeps with a water sippy but he still has a bottle before bed. Just not taken into bed.

Put water in it for bedtime.

Agree water in the bottle only at night. When I wanted to break my kids of bottles they would get the milk in a cup and water in bottles

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Let that baby have her bottle mine have perfect teeth my daughter was born with the bottom 2 front teeth yea drs thought I was crazy so popped the boob out her mouth told them to glove up and feel it sure enough teeth anyway she is now 16 and her teeth are amazing

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Water to drink at bed time or give some after the bottle to clean the mouth.

Following. My girl is 8 months old and does the exact same with her bottle.

In an 8oz bottle put 6oz milk/2oz water for 3 days. Then 4/4, then 2/4 then all water. If she just needs to suck to self soothe then water should work.

You can be the parent, and stop letting a 10 month old dictate the situation.

Start watering it down till you have her drinking water to sleep.