How can I get my daughter to wear her glasses?

My daughter is going to the eye doctor today to get glasses she’s 3. Me and her grandma wears glasses is there any tips or advice I could get her to leave them on at least half the day to start with since I know she won’t do all day to begin with? I’m also on day 2 of potty training and I don’t want it to be too much on her at once between learning how to potty train plus keep glasses on


My son was 4. He realized he could see so much better and I didn’t have a problem.

Get her a cute cord to wear around her neck to hold them on take them off every hour or two, get cute frames too.

My daughter was 4 when she got her first pair of glasses. The first couple of months were hard. She cried all the way home. Shed hide them, break them. I got her a band for them but she could remove it. I can’t tell you how but eventually she couldn’t live without them. My #1 piece of advise is to put the insurance in them. Get 2 pair of you can. Just be positive. If you punish her for loosing or breaking them it’s going to make them a negative thing. She’s little, she’ll get used to them. My other 2 were 9 & 14 when prescribed glasses. I can’t get them to wear them years later.

My daughter was also 3 when she got her first pair of glasses, she could see so much better that wearing them was never an issue … She wouldn’t take them off at night. We took them off after she fell asleep.

Always remind her how much better the world looks through her glasses. Make them fun