How can I get my daughter used to the thought of going back to school?

Looking for advice to help my 8year old daughter comfortably rejoin society when school starts next week. This whole Covid craziness has her scared, and she hasn’t left the house even to go for a walk since lockdown started Christmas eve.


My autistic 7 yr old son hasn’t left since march 13th 2020. Schools! Trying to force all in person instead of continuing virtual and in person…some choose all virtual noiw the board isn’t allowing it. I’m NOT going to force my son to go where he doesn’t feel comfortable.

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You may get bashed here for choosing to put your child in-person.

Talk to your daughter. Tell her how important it is to practice social distance, not sharing masks, not sharing anything and wash wash wash them hands. Practice safe routine when she gets home too like taking off her clothes when she comes in the house, taking off shoes at the door etc.

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My now 5yo was like that after the first lock down. That said my state wasn’t as strict about it as others, but she was scared. She didn’t want to go out or do anything. We slowly just introduced normalcy again. We would take her to the store and when she would begin to panic we’d go home or take her to the car and try again later. We then took her to see friends and family who were okay with hanging out and that helped tons. We just reintroduced normalcy back a little at a time. Unless absolutely forced, we will not do that again. We will live life as normal as possible because it really affected her for several months. She’s finally back to her normal self again

We returned to in person learning in August with half the class 2 days a week and the entire class in September. My daughter is in first grade and was nervous but excited. We discussed Covid a lot, how to keep safe and what to expect. She is thriving more so then at home learning. Our school district also gave parents the option for in person or virtual at the beginning of the year and at December you could change if you wanted. We haven’t had too many cases in her school it’s more so the middle and high schools. We are open and honest with her but shield her from the news and daily numbers in our state.

Point out that her teachers and all the school employees are trained to keep the school as clean as possible and as long as she follows the recommendations that they have in place she should be fine. Remind her to wash her hands properly, avoid touching her face to ask questions if she feels concerned or like something isnt right.


I work at a high school and I feel her, I don’t want to go back and I’m scared too.
Sucks that kids have to deal with such big worries, it’s not fair.
This virus too all of our piece of minds.

Cases in my province are not being transmitted at school. They are coming from a family member who wasn’t following protocol and passed it on. I teach at the elementary level and I haven’t noticed any anxiety with our students and their emotions are like any other school year. We have excellent measures in place and our classrooms are fogged nightly. I’m not sure what’s happening at the high school level. That might be a little more worrisome as they are young adults, who may not be following Covid protocol. For an 8 year old, I think once she gets back into the classroom and sees how “normal” the day really is, her anxiety may subside.

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I’m have the same problem with my daughter. I’ve told her that her teachers have her best interest and kids need routine, she goes off to high school next year so school is a must.

I know it’s a long shot but could you ask her teacher to give her a call and then she can alleviate any worries?

Our school night b shut til march or April

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What about a play date with a friend that she has…as long as you trust the family especially if you’re trying to be extra careful still…good luck I hope all goes good for you

My daughter found going back hard the last time, speak with the teacher and they should be able to help

That fear should of never been transferred to her…period…children learn from example

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I cant really see schools opening next wek there goin too make a decison on tuesday night for ireland …

Remind her about the things she enjoyed at school, of course her friends, and encouragement about the safety measures everyone is taking so schools can be a good place to go.

My 13 year grandson is the same way.he goes from his house to my house. I do the school ing while is working. I do get him to go to some community center classes like art. Check out columbus park recreation centers in ohio. They will start back up next week.some are free at westgate community center

Practice wearing a mask at home for a few minutes at a time. Take her outside for walks, take little steps before she has to go back. Make her a covid kit.
Kit has hand sanitizer, kids masks & wipes. Put it all in a zip lock bag in her back pack. Talk to her about her anxiety & teach her ways to manage it. Box breathing techniques.