How can I get my daughters to stop fighting?

Anyone else going crazy this summer break? my kids will nto stop fighting with one another no matter how much i yell or beg them to stop…everything turns into a fight and themblaming it on eachother…sometimes i really feel like i have failed them…is this a normal part of life? they are sisters and 10 and 12…i just dont know what to do to make them get along…sometimes i just wanna lock myself in my room so i dobnt have to hear them anymore…cant even go anywhere without those two fighting…help


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my daughters to stop fighting?

that’s normal. they’re close in age, preteens, hormones & summer time boredom. so they’re gonna take it out in each other


Normal behaviour and a good way for them to learn conflict resolution . Read ‘ Raising Girls ‘by Steve Bidulph , or join his fb page for great advice on raising girls ( or boys )

Get along shirt! Lol

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Omggg i am glad I’m not alone ! I have three kids . 8, 6 and 2 1/2 and im going crazy :weary::weary::weary: I feel the same way as you. I feel like Ive failed as a mom:(

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Absolutely normal !!!
The get along shirt will be a great punishment, as a punishment for the fighting take everything away , make them share a room ( if they have separate ones ) not tv , not hanging out NOTHING , force them to stay there until they agree on being better

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Classic sibling rivalry lol im 24 my little sister is 15 and we still fight over stupid stuff( like her eating all the freeze pops when she comes to my house​:joy::joy::joy:) we might fight with each other but if someone else messes with either one of us you’re gonna have problems with both of us


Very normal me and my sister freaken hated each other now we besties :heart:

My girls are 8 and 10. Every now and then they get this way. Plus to add to it they share a room. I don’t know what to do with them when they’re like that either. Luckily no matter what they are very close and love each other very much. I just have to say it’s normal sibling issues.

What are they fighting over specifically? If it is electronics remove them from both. Phones too. Give them a pause and let them figure things out without the distractions.

Might as well just let em brawl it out…it’ll either make em best friends or make it worse lol…I have twin 12 yr old girls…they get along great RARELY do they fight and argue but its coming I’m sure we the teens hit…the “older” of the 2 tries ti be more dominant the younger is fairly quiet and avoids conflict if possible but she’s slowly getting out of it…one day her sis Is gna try to best her wrestling around abd my littles is gna surprise her sister…I keep trying to warn her about the quiet reserved ones but she won’t listen so she’ll have to have another lesson on wanting to act tough with the wrong one…she already got her nose busted the day before school let out…I’m glad she dnt back dwn but she’s got to learn to pick those battles and learn wen to keep her mouth shut…or actually learn how to fight…I’ve taught her self defense but she forgets whst I show her as soon as we’re done playing around…the younger actually pays attention and will remember the next time for the most part…

Oversized t-shirt and have to do everything together, can’t get out of til bed time, any fighting back in it then next day

Pretty normal behavior. I had a boy and a girl 16 months apart and it was a battle royal from day one. There weren’t any other kids their age around us to play with, so they just had each other. And their interests and personalities couldn’t have been more different. When I couldn’t take it anymore I had to separate them. I told them not to look at each other, not to talk to each other, they couldn’t have anything to do with each other. They had to stay in their rooms and play with their own toys. Pretty soon they wanted to get out and play together. I made them wait half an hour. I needed to settle down. They would be better for awhile… but they would start up again. Maybe since your girls are older, it would work for them.

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Do normal. My son and daughter fight too. They are 14 and 16.

Going through the same with mine as well. My 7 and 9 yr old were bickering over everything yesterday so I made them take an hour apart from each other-which they weren’t happy about yet they spent the whole morning arguing :woman_facepalming:t3: it did help for awhile until evening when they were getting tired and cranky. I’m going to try again today if there is an issue, which there will be lol they fight as if it’s going to keep them alive. And it’s always the other ones fault.

Do they have their own rooms or share one? My youngest two shared a room and are 10 and 12 and had been at eachothers throats for months. Once I split them up the fights are pretty much nonexistent. It’s been about 3 months now and lastnight I went upstairs to find my 10 yo in my 12yos room just hanging out with her. It was so sweet. But in the beginning when they would fight, after I split them up, I would just send them to their rooms till they agreed they could be cordial. Now they’ve learned to remove themselves from the situation. I couldn’t tell you how to fix it with them sharing a room though, it was a true nightmare.

Tell them to work it out and don’t come to u unless someone is bleeding or dying…

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Mine do the same thing all the time. It’s the fear of whooping someone’s butt that makes them shut up. I tell mine that my temper was created first and if they want to find out just how bad then keep up the bickering. It gets quiet for a while at least. No actual beatings occur but it’s the unknown for them haha

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Separate them. Send one to a friend or family members house.

Been thier. They WILL out grow that to some extent. But it will take a few summers. I found once our oldest was old enough to get a part time job it helped alot with two ( daughters) of them fight.

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My boys are 11&12… They can’t even look in each other’s direction without arguing. I mastered the skill of tuning them out! I right there with ya!

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Hello mom of 6 girls here! This is absolutely normal. I’ve gone through this on several repeat times. It’s the age and phase of which they’re going through bc they’re essentially doing it at the same time. I have a 21,20,19,15,would have been 14, and a 12 year old. The combinations of them fighting is a rotation. It happens at different stages in their growth. Let it go but also curb how they’re going about it. Especially if one gets hurtful mean you want to step in an give a little lesson on communication and respect. Just briefly and then let them go back to what they were doing. If it gets too physical then step in and stop it. But mostly let them figure it out. They’ll be the best of friends when they are older and help each other out bc you allowed them to work out their problems on their own and only stepped in when they needed guidance.

It’s normal. Lol I have four girls. 21, 19. 12. 10. Girl sometimes it’s ok to just ignore it the best you can and go about your business. Yes it’s annoying lol trust me I know but ignore it. Most of the time it’s over nothing.
My two youngest like to momma hen each other now that is annoying lol :laughing: it starts a fight each time haha

My kids are 5 and 9. They bicker when they’re bored and spending too much time with just each other.
If you’re able…get them out of the house and do something (even a hour or so at the pool) Let them have friends over or go to a friend’s house.

It’s no better when they are far apart in age either. Mine are 16 girl and 10 boy. They argue over everything. It’s ridiculous. I usually just yell at them to stop. Works for me.

Typical pre-teens. My sister and I were like that. The love we share now that we have grown up is immeasurable. We laugh about it now, but I’m sure it drove our Mother nuts at the time.


I feel same way with my 12yo daughter and 9yo old son. Mentally draining! If I’m yelling at one, other has to throw in comments. Rarely do they get along and not talk crap. I feel like hiding too or running away.

im going through the same thing… mine are 10 and 11… idk if theres a light at the end of the tunnel just know you are not alone!!

Most the time I let them go at it till someone gets hurt then they get the corners! Mine are 12 and 9 they do it to get under each others nerves I was the same with my siblings! I’m the middle older brother is 2 years older and sister 1 year younger! My poor dad

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Can you sign them up for a few cheap activities apart from each other? Or let one go to a friend’s house for a bit once or twice a week? I bet they are bored. I know summers are hard because kids are used to being busy. They are not used to being home with so much free time. The other thing to do is a reward system. If they bicker they lose points to do some fun activities etc. My sis & I were horrible at thar age. We fought like crazy. It honestly didn’t get much better til we got into our teens. But when we were busy it was better.

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Have 11 yr old almost 10 years old almost all the time everyday I separate them put in corners.girls

Stop yelling. See if they can work it out without interference.

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When my boys were that age I signed them up for sports. Kept them busy all summer.

Have them do different activities where they’ll meet friends

This is normal sibling behavior. I gave up I just let them fight it out when I can’t get them to listen and stay separated :person_shrugging: that’s the advice I was given by everyone who was a sibling and went through this​:rofl::rofl: but mine are a boy and girl ages 7 & 4.

That is normal…I’m not gonna yell any longer!!! They know when to stop…they now do it when I’m not home or when they think I can’t hear……they are learning how to take up for themselves thou

Normal and obnoxious! Mine are 11 and 14 and it literally never stops :flushed: I feel you. It’s been a LONG summer

You have preteen girls this is perfectly normal. Throw them outside were you can’t hear them every time they start

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GIRL I FEEL YOU! I have a 10 and 11 year old who I swear to god are too much alike so they’re always at each others throats. Bout to make popcorn get them gloves and just let them duke it out (my moneys on my girl) shhh. :shushing_face: :joy::joy::joy: I have no advice but wine helps. :joy:

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Separate them for a couple days when that happens. Make one stay in living room and the other in bedroom or whatever

Get a huge Tshirt & put both of them in it & make them wear it every time they start fighting.

When you find out, let me know. My girls are 3 years apart and they are oil and water. The are now 26 and 29 and still won’t get along.

Lock them in yhe same room n let the fighting begin lol​:rofl::grin: