How can I get my husband to help with the kids

Wtf?! He even says that?! F THAT! He made those kids… MAKE him do it. Leave the kids with him and go out. Why would you have multiple kids with someone like that?!

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You go get yourself a new husband baby


Why be with him then? Any man that can’t help with his own children is literally a POS. If you’re gonna do it all your your own, you might as well be alone doing it. A real man will come along eventually…don’t miss out on him staying with your loser husband…

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That’s sad my husband helps with everything kids are grown now but he still makes the bed does dishes. Always there for our kids when they were little he changed diapers baby sat when needed hope things turn around for you

Big time red flag; if he said that, there is no point in holding onto him.

Uhm… leave. You are basically a single parent anyway. Why should you do it all when the other parent is there too?!

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Get ready early one morning take a Me" time and leave him alone with him n let it be his day! With his kids

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Was he not there when they were conceived. Sorry but he’s an ass in my book ! If my husband ever said that to me I would divorce him make him pay child support and then say now that’s solely your responsibility !! Really who says things like that ! And don’t cook for him or wash his clothes he’s a big boy let him be responsible for himself the selfish bastard! His mother raised him wrong!!

Send him back to his mother.

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Lol. Bullshit. ,. You. Didn’t. Get. Pregnant. By. Yourself"". Took. Two. For. That. So. He. Should. Step. Up

Wow :flushed: well I say if your going to have to do it all yourself you might as well do it yourself!!! Without having to baby him and take care of him will take one less thing off your plate! If he wants to act like a child and not an adult then do yourself a favor and move on!!! Otherwise you will need to fully accept that this is how it is and deal with it, but please please my Mama friend…Don’t stay in a place you are miserable, life is too short to live that way. There is someone out there that will love and treat you right! You deserve the best!:heart:


You’ve let him slack with that excuse to long. You might need to train him. And show him that it’s not hard. Just time consuming. So if you have to do things together until he gets it. Then you’ll need to.

You really need more context

wake up before the kids and husband. Plan a girls day with friends or a calm day for yourself. Leave a note and turn your phone on dnd. Explain today it’s solely on him. If that doesn’t change his tune, nothing will. And the moment you return you will have your answer if your marriage is worth saving.

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Leave ASAP what the hell never heard such nonsense

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Did you get pregnant by yourself or did he have a part in getting you there? Everyone knows the obvious answer so he NEEDS to help you! Otherwise get a new and better man

Time to see a lawyer

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Okay, get it in text message first.

Then, draw up an order for full custody and child support, because if he thinks they are 100% your responsibility, then he can pay support and be reduced to the “visitor”. You are both 100% responsible for those children.


You leave him. That’s what you do!

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Seriously? U shouldn’t have to even be,asking that

Then he can solely leave!

Lord you women with this you know your man either he is or will not do now what.

You don’t. You get a new husband.


Did you make them yourself ?!

Wow smh. Well my first reaction is to be a smart-ass so I would say since the children are your responsibility only do for your children and I mean that literally make him do his own laundry make him cook his own food make him clean up his own messes do absolutely nothing for him and when he whines and cries about it tell him he is not your responsibility

Well said bev payne :clap:

It took tow to make them

Oh, I would rip him a new one if my husband acted like that so unbelievable, And so Unacceptable behavior, shame on him those are his kids too. And I would certainly stop doing things for him, let him do his own laundry, wash his own dishes ect. I wouldn’t put up with him.:rage:

A good indication of someone’s future behaviour is their past and current behaviour.

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