How can I get my husband to stop smoking?

I need help to convince my husband to stop smoking for him to be better and spend less money and cope and convey himself in other ways


It’s all about when HE is ready, not you. Maybe don’t stress him out by trying to “convince” him.


Ypu can’t make him stop smoking.He has to want to stop smoking. It is a hard habit to break. My Husband had a Heart attack,he quit right then he had too.


You cant get him to or make him do it. It needs to come from him. He needs to want that change for himself.


you cannot force someone to stop smoking. It’s an addiction to tobacco. It’s not that easy to give up smoking. He’ll only quit when he’s ready. And if u try to force him to he’ll start smoking in hiding. If you threaten to divorce him over it he’ll smoke in hiding or give you the divorce.


Success only happens if the person is ready to do it for themselves… i quit aboyr 5 months ago all on my own no one around me asked or even mentioned it… i just decided one day and did it…


Why marry a man you want to change? That’s why divorce rates are so high. You shldve married a man who doesn’t smoke instead of getting one who does and try to change him. Let him smoke and leave him alone.

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You don’t. It’s not your choice. You can not control him and he can do what he wants.

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That’s something he’s gonna have to want to do on his own… speaking from experience…

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You can’t, it is something he has got to decide to do himself.


Talk to him about the patch or there is a prescription Chantix that seems to be helpful too. He has to want to try though.

Smoking cigarettes I assume, my husband has been smoking because of his family since he was a child. I can’t stand it yet I know out of most of his years on this earth, have been spent smoking! It’s a horrible habit, yes, but it was his mom that started it in the first place. He wants to quit. First suggestion is get some sort of vape that is strong enough, it’s expensive for pods or ecig juice but a bottle of juice will last a lot longer and a vuse pod lasts almost a week. I don’t know where you are, but a good time to quit is in the winter, because it’s so cold, most people don’t want to stand outside anyways. You can’t “make” someone quit smoking, and YES we love our husbands and don’t want them poisoning themselves but NO we do not have the right to control them. It’s a long road, medications can aid as well. I believe Chantix is the med that stops the need to smoke. Along with naloxone which can help addiction part of the brain. How I’ve explained it (to help “convince” ) is that I just want him here for as long as he can be… that I want him to live longer. That I need him to live a long healthy life with his family. His knows and is trying and that’s all I expect. Is some sort of effort that he doesn’t want to anymore.

An addict is the only one that can stop. They have to WANT to stop. Cigarettes/weed is the same way.


I agree that he has to want it. You can support that you want him to be healthier. I stopped smoking ten years ago with the help of a book called “The
Easy way to Stop smoking” by Allen Carr. It truly works. Maybe buy it and have it in the home for when he’s ready.

Does he smoke inside or outside just just spoken outside and I’ll tell you I haven’t quit but it does help cut down on smoking because how bad do you want the cigarette and when he sees he’s going 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours without cigarettes he might consider quit smoking but I would do that

Your husband will quit when he is ready, there is nothing YOU can do except support him and love him through it.

Honestly, pray God work on him. You can’t change him but God can

You can’t. People that smoke have to do it for themselves.

It’s not that easy. He won’t quit until he is ready.

Get him a prescription for Wellbutrin… he can smoke for 3 weeks on it and then cut down. It’s what helped me.

Got to be his idea or won’t happen

You can hound him all you want and I get it…but HE has to want to stop. Present your concerns and leave it at that.

He’ll only stop when he wants to.

You cant. Not if he doesn’t want to.

You cannot force someone to quit smoking.
Unless he wants to stop he won’t, and honestly it’s not your place to try and make him stop.
The only time it’s appropriate to try and get someone to stop drinking/smoking is if it’s directly affecting you, causing you harm, harming your home, or harming your children.
Him smoking some cancer sticks ain’t got nothing to do with you

He’ll only quit if he truly wants to quit. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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I have same problem here he wants to to a point and the money he spends depending on the brand.i know he can do it if he really tried

You can’t. His life, his journey

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Lol you can’t stop someone who doesn’t want to stop, they have to want to stop for themselves. Not for you, not for anyone else but them.

He’s a grown man, he can make his own decisions.

Addiction does not work like that. He’s a smoker and I assume was before together so you knew. The grown man can smoke

Ummm… It doesn’t work like that! :person_facepalming:
That’s not your discussion to make. It’s his!