How can I get my kid to stay asleep?

How can I get my kid to stay asleep at night without giving her melatonin?

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Lots of outdoor time after dinner, snack, nice warm bath and bed

Eliminate all sweets after dinner time ( I am an adult and have to do that)

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Wear her out playing during the day, a warm hearty meal and a bath with lavender. Clean pajamas and bedding.


Going outside before noon helps reset your internal clock and helps the body to know when to release melatonin naturally, so you don’t need to give supplements. Ideally, kids should be outside 3-4 hours a day.

Don’t start giving her melatonin in the first place…


Melatonin is not good to be giving to her! Why are you?


Melatonin is only helpful for falling asleep, not staying asleep.