How can I get my kid to stop crying?

How do you stop constant whining??? My 3yr old who is on the spectrum over the last 4 days has started constantly whining just saying “mommy mommy” over and over again but then doesn’t want anything I offer him and just starts crying and whining more and eventually spirals into a full meltdown.


Is he able to communicate good? My 3 year old with autism can’t speak very well so crying is his way of telling me something is wrong. Maybe take him to the ped to have him looked at.

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My kids aren’t on the spectrum but I always told them ‘I can’t understand you when you whine, you have to use your words so I can help you, when you’re ready to talk to me come let me know’


You need to learn his habits and mannerisms mom. As frustrating as it is, this is your reality. Embrace it! Find out how he likes to be soothed. Maybe get games, I don’t know :see_no_evil: but hey, it’s going to be okay!

Give,a yellow banana pepper thy like the taste not a hot pepper :yum:

Might be hurting… Kids feel pain but cant explain it


He’s trying to tell you something is wrong but can’t articulate it


Kids on the spectrum aren’t the same as NT kids. If he speaks well enough that this is abnormal and he can actually tell you what’s wrong, he may be verbally stimming as a way to try to calm himself emotionally. If he doesn’t, then he could just be doing the best he can to communicate. Even fully verbal older kids on the spectrum struggle to access their language skills when they are having a meltdown or just upset. I would recommend staying close and just repeating “mommy’s here.” Also, if he isn’t in OT and SLP I would definitely get access to those to help him. Sending hugs because parenting kids on the spectrum is rough.


He may have an ear infection. Make sure he is pulling on his ears.

Oh that’s what 3 year olds love to do