How can I get my kids to stop parenting each other?!

How do you get your kids to sotp parenting eachother? I am at my wits end because they are so bossy with each other…how do I stop this?


Good luck I’m 35 and I’m the baby my brother will still question my abilities :laughing: we both also have our own kids and yes they parent each other. we call my youngest little mom she’s 10 sometimes it’s in their nature but remind them to worry about themselves unless someone is in danger

Let them! I can only hope my kids always correct one another! Want the best for each other

Same. But mine are 11, 9, and 7

The question is, How much bossy you are in your role.of.parenting ?


They should have been taught to mind their own business and behavior, and not worry about the other!


When you find that answer, throw it my way. Been dealing with it for a few years now with my 13 and 15 year olds


Following bc almost a 6 yr old red head girl who thinks she’s 13 and 7 yr old autistic boy…help

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Should we tell this person it never ends? :joy:


Think asking questions vs. making statements.

Same!! mine are 7, 5,5 and 3 and its a never ending battle

Just let them be. Me and my brother fought none stop and constantly messed with each other. But we also played a lot and told each other we were sorry and that we truly loved each other when no one was paying attention. This is normal sibling stuff. My parents told us to work through it on our own and we did. You can give advice for sure, but don’t battle with them on it. They’ll figure it out and be fine

It’s not 25 and 30 because I still parent my little sister :rofl:

Are you open to parenting them yourself?

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When you figure it out please let me know. I have 1 girl. She bosses her bros around. Even her adult brother. She hates it when her younger bros tell her what to do.