How can I get my one year old to stop jumping off the back of the couch?

How the heck do you get your 1 year old to stop trying to jump off the back of the couch! He just learned out to get on the couch and now he keep trying to climb over the back of it and fell once cause I didn’t know and now I can’t take my eyes off of him for a second or else he tries again!


Either put it against the wall or let him jump he will learn​:joy::joy: my mum always use to tell us about my older brothers doing this at a very very young age​:joy:


Just pile the couch cushions up on the floor and let him have at it!


Welcome to having a boy :joy::joy: either push it against the wall or put pillows down to protect him when he manages to get away from you. But tell him no and get down. Maybe get him a mini trampoline to play on


If you figure out a solution, let me know. My daughter climbs up our cat tree to jump on our rocker recliner :sweat_smile:I’ve tried moving furniture and discipline and what not else and I pretty much have just given up. My daughter is a crazy 2 year old with endless energy and spunk

I taught my son not to jump off without holding my hand. He gets what he wants, and i get him to be safe

He’s has to learn that this is unsafe and dangerous for him . I’d take his arm and slightly squeeze it and firmly tell him no . When it’s dangerous to him , he HAS to learn no . He probably thinks this is fun and funny . Of course , you don’t hurt the child . Just get his attention . Use a firm voice . He Will understand


Might want to take kid outside so can run off some energy

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Good luck my dads swears that his granddaughter was monkey in a past life.
She has a few concussions broken her wrist a year apart 
One was running in the backyard and landing on the cement and the other one was at school running…

You gotta let them learn thr hard way


When mine was little before he would jump he would look at me and with a smile say to infinity and beyond and then he would jump

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One you have a boy the bigger he gets the bigger the things he’s gonna try to jump off of


Sounds like kid runs the house. If you want him to stop make him stop. Time out or stand in corner


Buy him a trampoline , tell him no every time he jumps on the couch

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A swat on the behind will do it
Cold day my kids would jump on furniture


Put the couch against a wall.

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I had pillows on the bottom of mine just in case

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Ummmmm you tell him no and redirect

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You can’t
The more you say no
The more he will do it

:joy: it’ll take one bad fall for him to stop , it’s a part of parent hood . He’ll learn


Welcome to boy mum life… Its all chaos from here :rofl:


Start showing him who is boss dont let him ruin your furniture !!!

Put it up against a wall?


They all do it let him be.

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Since I’m not a helicopter parent and never have been I literally gave a warning that he would get hurt if he jumps off and he kept doing it until he did get hurt and he hasn’t done it since (he’s now 16 and I have a few more incidents too of him not listening to me his mom about getting hurt if he does something)


I feel this just got a brand new couch right two years ago paid thousands got leather thinking this will be so easy to clean ect !! My son had blow out two springs cracked the leather and broken button you name it like they look at it and it breaks kids are little drunk people really it’s not like very easy to control everything they do you know lol I’ve learned to pick my battles breaking the couch is a no go but the ottoman that’s very old fine you can jump on that but it took years to get this worked out and well the new couch is now the old couch and I’ve decided I’m not buying anything new for a long time cause yeah …

Teach him to put cushions down. Don’t stop him. Use repetition to get him used to you taking him to be cautious.
My daughter was the same but she was so excited about it. They say “don’t stop kids from doing things safely/ when they are being cautious”. They are learning.

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Mine is doing the exact same thing, and trying to crawl across the back of it. I have no advice, besides continuing to explain that they can get bad owies and redirecting when he does it. My daughter was not like this. :sweat_smile::joy:

I have a boy who is also autistic. Short of jumping off the roof of our house. We let him go and explore and have experiences. He is 12 and has never had stitches. Concussions or broken bones.

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He will learn my son when he was 2 (15 1/2 years now and has ADHD) learned when he fell off and hit his head and needed stitches. He also learned not to jump on the bed when he hit his head on the headboard and needed stitches he didn’t do either one again. He also learned why mommy said don’t touch the .outlets when he put a butter knife in the outlets. Me trying to plug the sweeper in “NO mommy no mommy ouwie ouwie!”

My boys didn’t learn no matter what I did or said until they got hurt from their own antics. It sucks but sometimes you have to learn the hard way. Just be there to make sure it’s not to hard.

Just let him fall once. That’s usually all it takes and sometimes it takes a couple more times. Some kids learn from experience, others listen when you tell them they could get an owie.

Good question cuz my 7 yr old still does it lol he’s always been a climber!

Mines 5 and still hasn’t stopped. Her spirit animal is a :monkey: for sure

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He’s not much older than a baby now hardly a toddler. They don’t understand about getting hurt. It’s something new and fun. Just keep him safe and redirect him. He’ll lose interest and go
On to something else.

Just keep moving and redirecting. It takes time.

He has to learn “cause and effect”

My 5 year old and 2 year old does this. I tell them to stop and tell them why, then I go get them down. They continue to do it so now if you get hurt I hope you learn.

You didn’t know !!!..put the couch up against the wall…be kinda hard jumping off it then…

Move it against the wall!

Discipline! Seems to be a novel idea these days.

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Let them learn the hard way. Once a fall hurts, they won’t do it again.

Bust his behind it worked in our days growing up

Put a mat down and let him go

Every time he does it put him in his playpen