How can i get my picky eater to eat?

How do I get my picky 22 month old to eat? I’m at a loss. He only eats pasta, chicken, and nutrigrain bars. I’ve offered everything… eggs, pancakes, fruits, veggies… any suggestions on meals that have worked on your picky toddlers? Thanks in advance!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can i get my picky eater to eat?

Keep offering all the foods. My kiddo was the same way and only recently actually started eating anything besides fruit. Him going to preschool also helped by him watching other kids eat those foods

I made a game out of it. If he ate one veggie he could have 2 pieces of chicken. Then when he started preschool his best friend starting getting him to try more

I’d try to get him to watch you eat. My kiddos love cauliflower, cucumbers, most raw veggies with apple cider vinager from watching me eat them that way lol if he likes pasta, try adding it with a meat sauce with veggies in it.

Or you can get like the applesauce pouches to try that add other fruit into it. Maybe if he can hold the pouch he might be more amp to try it

He’s eating. That’s all that matters. It takes time for kids to develop a different tasting for food.
Try offering dips for the veggies and fruit. Some kids don’t like the textures of pancakes and eggs. Too mushy for them.
Can always spice up your ideas.
Make some “magic” dips.
Add a drop of food Coloring to your kids pancakes or eggs, dips whatever.
My kids love when I do “special spaghetti” and color the noodles.
We do fun colored pancakes for Christmas breakfast or Easter breakfast. Sometimes they just need that little spark of fun to eat.

Just keep doing what you are. Eventually he will update his eating preferences. He may not until he sees other children eating different stuff in daycare or preschool.

He’ll come around but sometimes if they get to pick foods out at the grocery store themselves it helps. Maybe until then you can purchase a superfood powder supplement to mix in with juice. That way he is at least getting the nutrients he needs. Good luck!

Keep offering. Nip it in the bud. My 9 year old is STILL insanely picky because I never nipped it. :sob::sob:

Try pancakes with candy pieces or shapes, cheese in eggs, grilled cheese made with different cheeses, French toast, homemade muffins, sundaes/banana splits for breakfast (use frozen yogurt instead of ice cream) my kids like more homemade than store bought.

If he likes chicken then throw it in other dishes, ground chicken in spaghetti, diced chicken in rice and broccoli cheese casserole. Etc

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You can get veggie pasta in the frozen section at Walmart. It’s actually really good.

My daughter is almost 3 and a half and still picky lol. I swear I make like 4 dinners every night.

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Just keep what you’re doing, keep encouraging new foods. We can’t force feed them. My 7 year old is the pickiest eater and all I can do is keep trying

If he eats pasta sauce with the pasta you can hide so many veggies, lentils etc etc in the sauce to create a well balanced diet… Kids go through fazes try not to stress.

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Make a pasta sauce with lots of vegies, lentils and … blend so it’s smooth, your whole family can eat they . Keep offering plates with fruits and vegetables already cut up and add cubes of cheese, cut up Frankfurt, dips, such as corn relish or French onion with crackers, grapes, berries… put cereal into small zip lock bags, for child to snack on as crunchy snack. It’s ok. He will eat .

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Just keep offering him other healthy options along with what he’s eating now even if he wont eat veggies still offer them on his plate every day they go through these phases quite often !!!

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Their taste buds change constantly just keep offering

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Idk when you figure it out let me know. #picky10yrold.

Could be a texture issue. Just keep introducing. My son is 30 now and is still a picky eater. When he was little he would eat the same thing for months and then something else. As long as he was eating I was happy. He didn’t eat pizza until a few years ago as an adult. I have two granddaughters. One will eat anything the other one only a few things. It’s normal.

Try puréeing the foods he gives you a hard time about trying like say veggies an mixing them in with say the pasta an sauce and you can do the same thing with fruits as well. You want them to eat eggs make chicken fried rice with some scrambled egg mixed in. I mean ultimately you have to not give an option just put down in front of them and if they’re hungry they’ll eat. I mean put beef or pork in front of them an call it chicken. Honestly at 22 months their pallet isn’t very big in range of foods yet so I mean at least you’re not stuck with only chicken nuggets or just Mac N cheese like some end up with. I always just told my kids to at least try it once and see bc at least then you can say you tried an don’t like it as opposed to just saying that you don’t like it.

My daughter was a picky eater when she was young. We stuck with what we knew she would eat even if it was the same thing every day or every couple of days. Hotdogs, cheerios and scrambled eggs. I got really good at making scrambled eggs even when half asleep.