How can I get my sex drive back while on birth control?

How do I get my sex drive back naturally without getting off of birth control? I’ve been on the pill for about 3 years… even had to change the brand s few times cause its kills my libido and the new one didn’t help. It’s starting to really put my relationship at risk and I obviously don’t want that I have enough going on I my life. Any advice I’d appreciated. I’d like to stay on the birth control until I am comfortable getting off of it


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my sex drive back while on birth control?

Not nexplanon or depo
Crippling depression and anger and that won’t encourage libido


Following. I got my tubes tied to try get mine back, didn’t work. Had hormone levels checked they were fine to. It’s a rough road.

Following the birth control pills and c-section just about killed mine like I want it but I’m am so dry now :tired_face:

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Start taking Maca Root! :ok_hand:t2:

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Please don’t do depo. I was on it since I was 14 thru 25 and I have unexplained fertility issues now and it absolutely destroyed my sex drive as I got older. I just track my cycle and use condoms because all
birth control destroys my drive :confused:

Come back and ask me that in 20 years

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Get hold of your doctor.

Maybe try intimate clothing . Lube…toys… intimate massages . Spice it up. Sometimes once you get started you get into it … ask you partner to do things for you and do things for him…maybe even watch a bit if rudetube…


First off get with your doctor make sure everything else medically is good, second your partner and you should have a very clear chat about how unless y’all want a pregnancy to happen birth control is a must and that comes with a long list of side effects, and reminder that pushing and harassing you about will not help, third be gentle with yourself this is not your fault you are being a responsible adult and if your partner is so concentrated on just sex that they will end it then they weren’t a great partner. Your partner could help out more and work on intimacy without the expectation of sex. Make sure it’s not feeling transactional that’s a huge mood killer as well. Also make sure you aren’t surrounded by assholes in your life that can bring on a ton a stress and make things difficult too.

Try something that doesn’t fuck up your hormones. Theres no reason to cause yourself harm for someone else’s convenience.
Use it by yourself, enjoy it, then go get him, use it together.

I changed from nexplanon to Paragard the copper iud and it did wonders for me

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I see people commenting it’s their nexplanon. But personally I had this issue before I got pregnant. During pregnancy. And after. And I wasn’t on anything for a bit and during the nexplanon. Ive seen something called Olly and they have one for libido. Kinda wanna check it out. Kinda don’t lol.

Maybe try to coper iud


Sadly birth control affects that. Only way to get your sex drive back is to get off of it. I had to and my sex drive is a lot higher. Get a cycle tracking app and use it, don’t have sex on ovulating days and use pull out method or condoms on other days. I’ve been doing this for a whole year and haven’t been pregnant so it does eork.

I have the paraguard and im having the same issue. My drive is nonexistent :pensive:

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I go back to your doctor and get hormones checked and see about a different type. Or give it a rest for a little bit 


Honestly try one without hormones or the nexplanon it goes into ur arm I didn’t feel like that on that but a lot of other stuff I did


Same. We’ve tried everything. I just gave up. It’s been like that for 8 years.


I take Olly lovin libido and that seemed to help me a lot

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I started taking a vitamin for it.

Not sure where you’re from because in some states it isn’t legal but Kratom heightens my sex drive and I’ve had friends with low sex drive due to medications and she tried it and it helped so much. Check it out.

Femstim Max off Amazon.

Get an IUD.
That’s a side effect of estrogen types and you won’t get it fixed and be on birth control.

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Hate sex it’s just better going with out no ones bitching, no baby’s no stds and no doing push up for hours on a starfish woman

Same my doctor always looked at me like I was crazy when I would tell them that it literally was with every kind I tried. I just gave up with the birth controls all together :unamused: