How can I get my sick baby to eat?

I am I need of advice my 2 yr old has been coughing so bad it started out like a light dry cough and has progressed to a full-grown hacking that makes her almost throw up. Now she was born tiny and has been pretty consistently tiny, but I haven’t been able to get this child to eat anything, even her favorite foods. Urgent care told us she has an ear infection, but she’s lost 2 pounds in 5 days. How do I get her to eat I’m so worried


Try nutritional drinks instead. They make them for kids. Kind of like “meal replacement” drinks.

They are like milkshakes

Just keep her hydrated with ice pops… especially if she has an upset stomach… then try to pediasure drinks, her appetite will come back in time. Then you can fill her up :slightly_smiling_face:

I know the ideal foods we’d want our sick children to eat would be healthy choices but if they’re refusing almost all foods maybe give them a popsicle or ice cream. Some calories is better then no calories and losing weight.

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I would take her to the er

Pedialyte, meal replacement “shakes”, and constant contact with the dr giving updates! He/she will guide you according to how shes doing.

Did they prescribe antibiotics and ear drops? Also take her to her PCP. Or to the ER

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Lots of fluids try soups i think keeping her hydrated right is the most important. Shell eat when she feels better

Avoid dairy, it makes congestion. Some of the suggestions of ice pops an Pedialyte…are good jello gelatin might interest her. If it persists take her to an er. Good luck I hope she feels better soon.

the doctors would mainly be concerned about her drinking, i would make sure she is drinking plenty, & maybe try some chicken broth or juice from chicken noodle soup. hope she feels better soon!

What does his doctor say!?

Been thru this my youngest was sick for a whole month and wouldn’t touch anything. Doc said as long as shes staying hydrated that’s all she needs. Once the cold passes the hunger will come back. U cant force them to eat they will when they are ready.

Wat state u live in did they give u oral meds to give ur bby for pain and the infection and a cough is not related to an ear infection take ur child to another doctor there is something going around called the coronavirus which can kill a sick child with a cough spreading around worldwide watch the news your child can die

What about drinking? Like pedisure type things? Jello. Try warm honey on a spoon. Can soothe the throat and might help with cough.

Popsicles scramble eggs! Stay always from dairy because it causes mucus

My son’s doctor told us to try popsicles, Italian ice, smoothies, chocolate…she said as long as baby is getting something in their belly while sick she wouldn’t be concerned.

Just push fluids, don’t worry about food she’s miserable. Water is most important. She will get her appetite back

Ask the pharmacist for advice x build up drinks etc x aptimil x

When my son (he’s 3) would refuse food when he’s sick but would drink for me, I would give him pediasure 40% more protein. (instead of the grow and gain) We also gave him toddler formula to be sure he was getting enough vitamins. Push lots of fluid. Also, you can try pudding, yogurt, jello. Anything smooth and easy to swallow for her. She might have a sore throat too.

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No dairy but jello,gateraide,water,plan broth like chicken ,pedialyte so they can make urine and not get dehydrated

The drs office or ER

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Broth if she will drink it. It will at least provide some calories and fat. The biggest thing is keeping her hydrated. My almost two year old is also tiny and always drops weight when sick but she always resumes eating once she is feeling better so I try not to worry too much.

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Please please have her checked for RSV. Its deadly and I almost lost both my babies because the doctors and er told me it was asthma or a cold. It’s an easy test to do. You put them to bed and their lungs fill up overnight.

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Stay away from dairy if you can! Will she drink anything? I agree with some of the people here about smoothies or jello. Pudding or yogurt could make congestion worse since it’s thicker. Pedialyte has popsicles also or you could offer regular ones or Italian ice. My daughter just went through this as well & she’s two. If she will take medicine for the cough claritan is a big help just call Dr and ask the recommended dose! Hope she feels better soon!!

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She will eat when she feels better.just keep the liquids going

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Fluids are more important then foods when they’re sick just keep her hydrated

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I might get flack for this but give her some candy. My kids have been super sick too, two toddlers. When they won’t eat anything I’ll give them a piece of candy or two to stir their appetites, plus the sugar helps settle their stomachs. I’m the same way though.

Make sure nose is clear as possible, can’t suck if nose stopped up

Try pediasure, and focus on keeping her hydrated.

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Try B.R.A.T.

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Popsicles in the bathtub, fruit if possible, and as the other mamas have said lots of liquids except dairy. A lot of kids don’t eat when they’re sick, but they won’t starve themselves either. Try not to worry too much, she’ll eat when she’s ready :blue_heart:


Take her back to Doctor. And have her checked up good.


It could be inflamed airways

Take your child to the ER RSV can move very quickly


1 have pediatrician check them over ASAP to be safe a lot of nasty things out there. 2 hydration is key. Do broth and Gatorade or Pedialyte

Take them to the DOCTOR and stop asking moms on what to do with a serious health question. :persevere::woman_facepalming:t2:


Make sure your giving her cold medication that involves her cough. She does not need to eat as long as she has plenty of fluids. I know shes only 2 yrs old but they feeding her baby food where she can swallow like its liquid. Itll put food in her system. If it does not get better she could be on her way on getting the flu. Both my kids had the cough and only got worse . Within a week I took them to the ER and they gave me flu medication and they where better in 3 days. Prayers for baby

She may have no appetite. Just make sure she stays hydrated- watered down juice, pedialyte, popsicls, etc, and offer her small snacks whenever you can.

Pedilight and pediasure

wat about up and gos

Popsicles, applesauce, pedialite for starters…?

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Sick kids don’t want food so your best bet is lots of fluids and if it gets worse take her back to the Dr.

Maybe she has a sore throat. Try things like jello or pediapops that will feel good to her throat and then some real good

I went to the ER for my 7 month old the other day and she has a virus. They told me not to worry about her not drinking/eating much as long as shes still consistantly going to the bathroom. Just make sure shes getting lots of fluids and rest. She’ll eat when she can/wants to. Also try vicks childrens rub for the cough and airways and whatever the doctor has prescribed you. Also try a humidifier and if you dont have one steam up your bathroom and have her sit in it.

Your baby needs to go to the doctors.

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Go to her regular Dr or a hospital. Not urgent care.

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Get her into the doctor my son had those symptoms and it was rsv… I gave him soup mostly.

Don’t worry about her eating. Get her to drink. That’s what’s important. She can gain weight back. But dehydration is another thing.

Pedialyte, broths, jello, kids robitussin dm for the cough. Fluids are important.

Sometimes mine don’t eat when they’re sick either.
Pedialyte & Pediasure

When my daughter is sick she usually takes a lot of liquids so try pediasure or smoothies!

I always do dry cereal when my son is sick and doesn’t want to eat and water and popsicles

We are going through the flu over here my 2 are almost 4 yrs and 14 months. Applesauce has saved us also strawberries cut up to small pieces, lots of water keep it as bland and simple as possible it won’t be a full meal but take anything they take in

Stay away from dairy but when my son was had a stomach virus and refused to eat our Ped told us to try to get him to drink smoothies or eat soup.

My Dr told me, as long as they are willing to take liquids not to worry as much, but when/if they refuse both take them to er

Try soup or just giving her the broth from the soup

Take her children hospital right now my boy do this and told me he had a little tummy ack and find out at children it was bad…

I wouldn’t stress on the food while shes poorly.
Just make sure shes getting plenty of fluids x


My son wouldn’t eat good period when he was smaller. I made sure he took a vitamin and drank pedia sure everyday (they have diff flavors like chocolate milk ) I’d take her to the er and make sure she wasn’t dehydrated. They can give her a banana bag with nutrients also along with fluids. Being too dehydrated can be fatal.

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Fluids are most important I work in primary care …the throat could be sore or have other issues going on …push the fluids get them to a pediatrician dr …

Fluids are the most important right now for your little one, mine wouldn’t eat allot when they were sick either idk give them whatever they would stomach even if it was ice cream for breakfast or yogurt pudding scrabble eggs anything soft or cold , I also used do gatoraid half with half water it’s the same as Pedialyte but half the cost good luck if it doesn’t let up get your little one back to the doctors

If she’s hungry, she will eat…keep her hydrated and work towards getting her well…prayers for you and baby…i hate when mine are sick, I feel helpless

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I always make sure mine has plenty to drink, and let her eat whatever she will. Stuff she wouldn’t normally get. Also, pedi aside or carnation instant breakfast will help get some calories in

She will eat when she is ready the main thing is keepi g her hydrated. If she does not potty every few hours you nees to take her in. Also remember a urgent care dr is only a rent a dr see your regular dr for your child to have a real diagnosis of what is really wrong and the right medicine needed.

A dr once asked me for the same situation, do u eat when your not hungry? I said no. He said well they are the same. And being sick you only have to worry about fluids. I worried myself sick. But the dr was right.

Get some pedialyte freeze in popcycle and let eat that way. Or u can get bags toss n freezer and go. Make sure you get clear tho if can when mine got sick like that they couldnt have dyes at all.

Smoothies with a little ice cream will get some calories in her. I made them for my son when he was sick with pedialyte and some vanilla ice cream or full fat yogurt. The cool smoothie should also help her throat

Pediatrician visit. Fluids are most important. Must stay hydrated.

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Keeping her hydrated is the most important.Pedialyte supplies electrolytes.

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Fluids are very important!!! But I would take her to a pediatrician

Dont worry about food, but push fluids pedialyte doesn’t have to be name brand, gateraid poweaid, 7up, and jello

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We had the same thing happen. She lost so much weight it looked like her little but cheeks deflated. Dr told us let her eat anything including pudding, applesauce, french fries, popsicles, slushies. Anything with a lot of calories in it.

Mostly need to worry about keeping her hydrated.

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Sounds like bronchitis go back to Doctor let her eat what she wants

Try some chicken broth and crackers. Popsicles, pedialyte, water, jello, yogurt?

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See a doctor. ASAP. dehydration !!! Now

Otc dramine for kids sublingual should help also some. But take to dr might have viral infection or bacterial

Pedialyte I even had to add water to it for my daughter.

Fluids are key try to stay away from milk products it tends to make the mucus thick over popsicles apple sauce toast brat dite

Try some pedialite ,they have pop cycles

Fluids and urgent care

The dr always told me that dont force them to eat just make sure they drink plenty of fluids