How can I get my son to be more comfortable in his room?

My 3 yr old loves his room and “big boy bed” but ALWAYS makes himself right back to our bed in the middle of the night. As much as I love the cuddles, he is a terrible sleeper and my husband and I end up sleeping horribly and in pain in the mornings lol. He has a night light as well. How can I make him get more used to / comfortable in his own room?


My son was the same way when we first got his bed, we’d just tell him to go to sleep and he would but he would move by us in the middle of the night until me and his dad started doing a night time routine with him, brush teeth, ask about his day, read him books until he falls asleep. We also make sure he knows we are right by him when he falls asleep so that he feels assured and safe. He gets a full nights sleep that way.

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My 7 yr still sleeping in our bed :woozy_face:. She goes to her bed here and there but mostly on our bed. I love my space but I enjoy the snuggles too

Take him back to his bed. No big fuss or big cuddles and kisses. Reward him in the morning, with cuddles and kisses or pancakes, if he stays in his bed.