How can I get my son to keep his toys in his toy area?

When my son switched to different toys. I ask him to put away the toys he isn’t playing with.

Put a baby gate up when he’s playing in the room.

Okay with one at a time and when he’s done it gets put away

Use a baby gate on the door?

My guess is he want to be closer to you. New bigger house is further away in his mind. How old is he. Up to 3, they like hanging close.

My son used to do that too. Your little guy probably just wants to be where you are, and where the action is. Not playing in his playroom by himself. Just limit the amount of toys he drags out around the house. If he wants to get a few more out have him put a few back. At the end of the day when my son was little we would sing the clean up song and put the toys where they belonged. One day all too soon your son will be big and there won’t be any toys laying around your house and your house will be quiet. So enjoy these times while you have them.


Sometimes they want to be social. When my 3 kiddos had this issue I made it clear that the majority of their toys stayed in their play room but that to bring out A car or 1 stuffed animal or something in the living room was ok. And they have to remember to put said you away and not leave it out there when done

Remember they will be gone before you know it so enjoy them while you have them

You’re funny. Maybe a kid wasn’t for you. :woman_facepalming:


I just put the toys that aren’t where they are supposed to be in a garbage bag. Then, out to the garbage. They learn real quick. I have 5 kids, their playroom is on the second floor. If you walked into the first floor of my house, you wouldn’t even know kids lived here…now, the second floor…:woman_shrugging:t2:


Unfortunately no matter what you try youll still end up with toys all over the darn place until you clean it up or have the kids clean up their own mess. But either way the only time itll stop for good is when they are grown and moved out. Youre a parent… toys everywhere possible comes with the territory lol Goodluck

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Let it be, some day it will become a memory that will make you smile.

Ask him to take it back till he learns .

Seriously?? :flushed::flushed: Laura Chapman :joy::joy::joy:

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Maybe kick your kid out and you won’t have any toys to worry about :joy::joy::joy:


I would tell my kids that after I picked it up three times the next time it went in the trash and I stuck to my rule they started picking up

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Baby gate that has a small door… However let me know if it works… I got 7 kids and I just have them start cleaning up b4 bed lol then I clean up the living rooms area💁 lifes to short and goes to fast to worry bout messes. Least thats what I personally believe

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There’s literally no way that it was 200sq ft. A tiny studio apt is usually at LEAST 400sq ft. A 1 or 2 bedroom apartment is usually around 8-900sq ft. A SMALL bedroom is usually about 9x9 so 80sq ft… About half of what your CLAIMING your “old house” to be. :roll_eyes: How about bothering to make your kid take the toy back to his playroom when you notice he’s moved them? :roll_eyes: Wooow… That’s such a concept! :scream:

Tell him if he leaves in other part of house take it away from him for a week once you do this a couple of times he will learn where to play with them that was how I taught my boys

Yessss Have a 1 toy out of the room rule. It’ll take some prompting at first but just stick to it. Make him choose. When another toy comes out just take it from him and say “1st put back…” easy peasy . He’ll learn.

Lèha Tasker HAHAHAHA

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Girl,when you figure it out,let the moms of the world know your secret😂

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If you have carpet put tape in a bid square shape in the bedroom and tell him he can’t pass the tape

My kids just wanted to be with me so I made their toy area in the living room and now the mess is contained there lol

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You’ve got a kid :joy::joy::joy: like the toys go where his imagination takes him what did you expect having a kid would be like? Haha my kid hardly keeps his toys in his room it’s in every room if the house its normal


After I pick them up a few times I trash them an say if you didng put it back in the toy box then idk where it went

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I used the rubber mats that clip together. They had to stay in one or two.

Pack some items away. Rotate some out every now and then. Be consistent but overall kids are kids. Encourage and remind.

Better get used to your sanity being bad then. My son has a playroom & his bedroom connected & still drags his stuff EVERYWHERE.

They’re kids, let them play while they’re little. One day you’ll wake up & they won’t wanna play anywhere.

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They will never be put away…ever.

Put his toy in time out for being in the wrong room. Make him earn them back with chores.

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We have a baby gate to my kid’s playroom door or else they would have toys all over my house

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Forget about the toys… I’m still tryna wrap my head around the old house being only 200 sq ft?! There’s no way


He’s a kid. Why would you limit where he can play, I mean kitchen I’d get, bathroom I’d get but you have a child. It doesn’t really work like that until they’re older .


Good luck :grimacing: i have 3 ages 3-7… we usually leave early. But get home like 4p they wreck the whole house til like 7. We all pick up before bed. I help cause the 3 year old slaps us with a “goooo luuuuck fu im going to mess til i go to bed”


My boys get to pick a song to play while they pick up all toys before I let our dogs in. The boys had to learn the hard way of toys are left out the dogs make quick work of them, and are never usable again! They can play in living room and play room during the day but come pickup time it they clean up. I walk around with them before the let the pups in to make sure they’ve got them all. Boys are 5 and almost 3


You won’t.
Or toys found outside toy area, unattended, go to the bin in the sky.

Get rid of your son. It’s the only way.


I make him pick them up.

We TRY to tell our two year old to take the toys back into the toy room (it sits off our main living room) if he brings them into the living room, while it does work most of the time it doesn’t always. We just explain to him that room is designated for play, loud, craziness for them to do whatever they want basically. We have 5 kids 8 years - 6 months so we HAD to designate an area to just them aside from their rooms or our entire house would be trashed all the time lol

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Walk round one time collecting anything manufactured from plastic. Open front door. Throw said plastic as far as possible

Get him a set of cubbies. I went through this and was sick of the clutter, I downsized and told the kids they only get to keep what fits in the cubbies and no broken ones and it has worked out really well even my 3 year old is really good about putting her things away.

My kids age 10,4,2 they keep all there toys in a toy zone if the play they play with one thing at a time and then put it back wen they want to play with something else. All toys are in there room and one at a time comes down stairs. They don’t moan and from an early age they just picked up on the Toy zone.

Go to his room, get on the floor, and play with him.

Maybe put up a baby gate so he cant get put of the room with the tpys

How old? And huge amount of stuff is overwhelming for anyone so if you aren’t going to help him tackle big tasks limit the amount and quantity and be consistent with what your expectations are in regard to pick up

Good luck. I’ve had this issue for the past 2 years since my son could walk lol. I just threaten to throw toys in the trash that I find in the kitchen, my room etc.

I put toys in a box at a point and put up in the closet when he wasn’t looking. Said oh where did you leave them? Got a big foot ball toy box so he started putting them in there. He was tired of them vanishing!! If they were in his room I left them there. The way I was brought up so I just continued the same way but we didn’t have allot of toys and our home wasn’t that big. 5 kids. After telling him several times just pick up when he goes to bed put in box and hide the box. Tell him toys left out need to go to playroom or bedroom if he wants to keep them. Then about 3 mo or 6 months later and give him the toys back if he does better. Helped with my son.

Maybe he doesn’t want to be alone when he plays so he brings his toys out to where the family is.

Well if hes under 5 he doesnt need much toys. Put toys away in a closet. Switch them every 2 weeks.

Wont be so messy and easier to clean up. Also keeps them busy

When you’ve explained more than once take toys put up. After time give back and explain they go to time out till you learn