How can I get my son to like a sippy cup?

Hi mamas. My little will be 13 months Tuesday, and we are struggling with giving up the bottle. I can’t bring myself to just take it and wait for him to get thirsty enough to drink from the sippy cup ( what the pediatrician suggested). He will put the sippy cup in his mouth and carry it around and drink a few sips, but that’s it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


I actually found a bottle a dollar general that has a sort of sippy top that my baby ises now

The only one my son liked was the NUK ones that are hard and have the silicone insert to stop flow. He didn’t take to it until pretty late too… later than 13 mos I know that :grin::purple_heart: good luck!

My kids went straight to straws

I had to just take it from her because she just wouldn’t give it up. My son gave it up willingly for the cup but didn’t want to give the cup up. We’ll see how it goes this time around. Lol

Get the nuk transition. It comes with the bottle lid and the sippy part.


My kid hates sippy cups so I got her this instead. She likes it

I didn’t deal with this, because my kids didn’t drink from bottles… But I’d try some different sippy cups. Soft spout, hard spout, straw ones, etc… My daughter liked the hard spout ones the best even at 8 months old for her water.

They have a transition one at Walmart by Nuby. The ones I have seen are only Orange. It has a nipple that is bottle like then u can change the nipple to a soft cup like nipple then u move from that to hard. It has worked with all 3 of my babies and I plan to do it with my 3 week old when it comes time to start on a cup around 10-11months old💜

Try Zoli bot which is a cup with a weight straw so works regardless of how the cup is held and doesn’t leak… one of mine went from bottle directly to this as also didn’t like sippy cups (also later than 13 mos)…
the other did like the nuk pictured above

Nuby, straw, 360 and the tummy tickler bottles are what we had to use.

Nuks sippy cups and the straw. I started the sippy cup w/straw at 6 months when i started BLW . But the transition with water in sippy cup to bottle with formula was smooth. So I think trying at 13 months would be easy!

My daughter was the same way I ended up buying her the soft top nuk sippy cups from Walmart she liked those and their also spill proof

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My daughter would only take the ones with straws.

Use a close valve bottle

Try different types. Our kids at that age preferred the rubber tip ones.


Both my kids went to straws and cups at 9/10 months. No issues. They were both eating mostly full meals. Around 18 months ill switch my 1yr old to a reg cup .

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My second was that way… He gave in to the sippy at about 18 months. I tried, he watched his big brother drink out of a sippy. One day he just decided on his own. Keep offering the sippy cup.

we used the 360 cups

We had to start at soft top sippy cup. And then slowly transition to a hard top one. Now we are at 360 cups

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I tried every kind 360, straw, soft spout, hard spout etc. I just kept until I found the kind my son likes. He likes the straw kind but would carry it in his mouth. I just kept taking it away when he would do that.

Try straw cups. My kids never really liked sippy cups.

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Our son kept getting ear infections and the doctor said it was from the bottle and to stop immediately. The truth is, you care wayyyyy more than your baby does. We took it away and gave him cups and within a day it was like nothing ever happened. No big deal. The pediatrician is right.

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My son is almost 2.5 years old and still uses a bottle. Let them be them :woman_shrugging:t2:


My second only drank from a straw cup or one of those character juice cups from the store. She hates regular sippy cups. Shes 2 and still hates anything without a straw.

I had switched my son to soft nipple sippy before 12 months and switched him to hard spout at 18months and now he drinks from a 360 cup to avoid spills

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My son will be 13 months on Tues also… I have a sippy cup available for him to use at all times during the day. I’m not worried about switching over just yet as all babies are different and learn at different times. I wouldn’t be too worried about it. We have 2 types. One with a straw for meal times and the other rubber one at all times.

Try a bunch of different kinds. Mine really only liked the Munchkins ones from Walmart. They hated the fancy ones.

I tried several different cups and he would only drink water out of them and not milk. I started slow on limiting the amount of bottles he had we went from 4 to 3 a day. I couldn’t get him off of it and struggled he drank milk out of a cup a daycare but not at home. He was on the bottle until he was 21 months and one day I told him they were all gone. The first few days were rough but as long as they are getting dairy from yogurt or cheese they’re fine without milk.

Water in the bottle, something tasty in the sippy cup

Both of my girls had a hard time transitioning from bottles to sippies… They were picky about bottles too… I have had good luck with the Nuk soft spout sippy and the Munchkin soft spout sippy. My younger was more fond of the munchkin sippy because the Nuk sippy is harder to get fluids out of.

I never bothered with a sippy. Went straight to a cup with handles. They will drink if they’re thirsty and they get lots of liquids from food. Mine drank very little at that age. You can move over to diluted juice, water and cow’s milk at that age too.

They have those supplies that have a rubbery top like a bottle my son liked those when he was smaller

I use this with my son. It has a baby teat and a soft sippy cup teat. That way they’ll get use to the bottle with the baby teat and then when you switch to the other teat they’ll already be use to the bottle it won’t matter.
Worked for my son and no he drinks out of anything

Try the spotless 360 ones they are awesome , my son instantly took to those. It’s basically like drink out of a regular cup except with a lid and when using the suction motors the drinks seeps out between the lid and the cup. They do leak when dropped or thrown however, but the ones with the spouts or sippy part my son’s just chews or rubs then against his teeth so it will squeak

I sypplemeted with a straw sippy xup when my boys werw 6 monthsbold and gradually gave it to them more and more. No issues. Start by giving that sippy cup at meals and the bottle only bedtime. Only put water in the bottle. Little things…

Start with a soft top

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Try feeding it to him like a bottle (holding him) or try different lids. My little only liked soft tops some only like straws etc

Try different ones. My daughter only liked the munchkin 360 my son only likes parents choice. Tried differnt ones with him for about a month and half before I tried a parents choice before he gave up the bottle and there was alot of tears in between.

My baby only likes the straw kind or the 360 cup

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By that age we started with to make things seem like “his idea” for independence. This helped a lot also

Honestly it will boil down to finding one he likes. Eventually he will use them all but ny daughter was the same way. It took about 5 or 6 different types before I found one she would use. We used the nuby brand very soft top. It was similar enough in texture like her bottle she finally took it.

Soft tips ! We used the munchkin brand with the bite proof top

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Try different cups. I tried like 8cups before my son decided on one. He ended up liking those cheap flip and toss cups, I think that’s what their called.

I bought every bottle out there and tryed them all, got one eventually he liked:)

We tossed all bottles the night before my daughters first birthday. It took a while to find what brand she liked best but she had no problem transitioning. I know it’s hard bc your worried he won’t drink enough but after a few days of them he will get used to them. It’s hard but when you toss them don’t do it infront of him and just be done with it. That way there is no way to for you to give in and he can uh oh no more bottles.

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My kiddos got off the bottle with straw cups. After a few weeks of nothing but straw cups he transitioned into regular sippy cups.

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Also praise him a lot when he does drink from it, tell him what a big boy he is being :heart:

There is a soppy nipple for the regular bottle

Try a NUK learner cup. My daughter is 9 months but has been using it since 4 months. She loves it

My son never liked sippy cups. Kids are so smart as they know bottles are more comforting. I wouldn’t press it too hard children grow up fast. Everything will happen in time.

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Mine hated soft tips, and he hated the ones where the liquid poured freely (both suggestions we were given) he ended up liking ones that are hard, and he has to actively suck on it.
Not that that will be the right tip for your guy, just the opposite. People can give the best, most well researched advice, but at the end of the day, theyre their own little people, with their own little preferences.
I guess my main advice is try a few different styles, dont force the end of the bottle too quickly, offer the cup frequently, and just let him acclimate to the idea of it. My 16mo old has mastered his sippy, but still gets multiple bottles throughout the day.
If it helps, here’s what he finally liked, it’s by tommee tippee.

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There is nothing wrong with getting bottles AND sippy cups throughout the day. One years old is still very young. Many children take bottles up to 18 months or 2 years old without any problems or repercussions. The main thing is to let them decide and if they still feel comforted by the bottle…LET THEM. They grow up so fast. Let them get comfort where they can. And bottles do allow for more active drinking, along with water in the sippy cup, throughout the day. Typically when kids use both, they are drinking more liquids overall…which is a super positive thing.

I gave my son some lightly flavored strawberry milk in one and now he drinks anything from a sippy- juice, milk, water

Put only water in the bottle. I gave my kids milk or watered down juices in the sippy cup. All 3 kicked it fast that way.

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Get the nuk Learners cup. It’s a soft spout…

I started with soft spouts when transitioning to cups. Then went to hard spouts and 360 cups

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What’s the rush? If you’re struggling it may be because he’s not ready to give it up. Bottles aren’t just a vessel for fluids they are comforters too. Unless you really want it gone as he’s so young I would wait until he’s a little older when he may be ready to drink from other cups exclusively. In the meantime I would offer him both… he may then have the occasional sip of the sippy cup and eventually that will hopefully increase and hopefully bottle use decrease but if it doesn’t and you decide to take the bottle away at least he will be familiar with the sippy cup and be able to drink from it.


There are several kinds of sippy cups. You may have to try all of them before you find one he likes. Some he has to suck more which is probably the part that he doesn’t like. There are the ones with straws too so you could try that. My baby loves the munchkin cup. No nipple to sip from they use it like a regular cup but it’s no spill.

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I couldn’t get our little man to take one I went bought the dr browns supplies nd his cousins came to stay now he wont take a bottle but to bed

Just throw the bottles away, he will be fine and he will use the cup. It’s really not that hard my kids were off the bottle before 12 months. If you have to use the soft spout cups do that but just take the bottle before he winds up being the 3 yr old still using a bottle.


Just keep reintroducing it but don’t force it. It will happen :slightly_smiling_face:


I never took the bottle away until mine were 2 it was much easier some parents start to early with stuff


I started mine off with the sports top sippy cup because it was the closest to a bottle I could find then introduced new ones dyer she liked the sports top

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My kid had a thing for chewing the nipples so, once they were gone, they were GONE. Now, it was not easy and it took time. The 360 spout cups were the only thing he would even take after a lot of convincing and refusal to give in on our part.

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My daughter didn’t give up the bottle until she was 3. He might not be ready. Try a straw cup or the ones that have no spouts. Like others have said also only water in the bottle and milk in the cup. He will get what he needs from eating food and if he wants milk bad enough he will drink it

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Throw out the bottle, did this with all 3 the day they turned 12 months. I skip sippy cups all together and get the take n toss cups with the straws. My oldest didn’t like the sippy cup at all

This Nubby brand cup saved my life.
Starts with a bottle nippled than transitions, great handle grip. My 8 month old loves it, and my 5 yearold loved his when he was little

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I took my kids to the store and let them pick out which ones they wanted. It gave them the idea that it was a fun, new thing to try out.

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I had to use a straw sippy


You might try a “sippy cup” with a flexible straw instead. I used those for both of my children and never had an issue. Both started well before a year. All children are different, so experimenting to see what works for them may be best.

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Have to try and find one that works for him. Perhaps try something with a straw

My kids are grown, but the day they turned 1, I packed up all of their bottles and gave them sippy cups. Your Pediatrician is right, kids adapt very quickly when you remove temptation.


My son did much better transitioning to a weighted straw cup. It’s doesn’t HAVE to be a sippy cup, just moving away from the bottle. Start with the first of the day so they’re more likely to want it and then move on from there

Well at least he knows how . Make the sippy cup be his only option. If you give him both, he’ll always go for the bottle . My babe hated sippy cups . But then I switched to a better, smoother easier spout and he loves them now .

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I have bought the nuby sippy cup with a rubber soft mouth part so it is soft and biteable like a bottle. The kids did well with that.

Leaving bottles for Santa :slightly_smiling_face: he can leave a new sippy cup to replace


Toss the bottles and he will drink the sippy if hes thirsty. Just keep giving it to him if he asks for a drink and he will eventually realize hes not getting the bottle back!

My son was almost 2 before I got him off the bottle because I kept giving it to him I tried to give him an option but he always choose the bottle so I had to just throw them away

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My oldest is 10 she was on the bottle until 2. Her teeth are perfect. No cavities or anything. My youngest is 15 months and has a bottle before bed and in the morning, she uses the weighted straw cups in the daytime but I’m not rushing her off the bottle either.


There is no timeline or set of rules. My son was the same way and then at 18/19 months he was over it and we just pitched the bottles this week after I was certain of the switch.

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I used a cup that had like a bottle style teat which was soft to drink from but it was a cup with lid and handles I found that really good as he didn’t like sippy cups with the harder teat my son has this to drink juice frkm during the day and one milk bottle in a bottle at night he’s just turnt one

You just need to go cold turkey. Get rid of the bottles ASAP so you don’t have a bottle to give him. You both need to adjust and that won’t happen if you keep the bottles around.

I got my son the straw style one, it’s a nuby one sort of looks like a baby bottle, with no handles (so feels more familiar/less of a change) but with a flip up straw instead of a teat, worked great, especially since he got to pick the colour, he’ll be 4 tomorrow and still uses 1 for his night time drink (he gets thirsty in the night like I do, but he’s really good at remembering to close the straw bit so he doesn’t spill it/ knock it over) and uses a regular cup during the day (think the little plastic cartoon character cups you get at Easter with a chocolate egg in) every child is different so what works for one won’t for another, my son hates change and gets really upset with change so by getting him a bottle style it meant only a little change rather than a big one, your little one will get there when it’s his time to x

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Skip the sippy go straight to a cup, take bottle away cold turkey when hes thirsty he will drink :woman_shrugging:

I just threw out all the bottles and binkis by the time my little was 1. Mine drank when he was thirsty.

Stop rushing children they will grow up when their good and ready

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Mine would use a sippy. We went to a weighted straw cup with no problems.

The hardest part was my son needed it to sleep, I lucked out one day he fell asleep in the car (no bottle) for his nap and then fell asleep in the car later that night no bottle and slept through the night, I threw them all out when we got home. :woman_shrugging:t3: is there anyway to interrupt her schedule in a way she might not notice she isn’t getting a bottle

We cold turkey everything and my kids have never had any issues adjusting out of sight out of mind it really does work!!

What’s the rush?Let him keep his bottle for now I wouldnt worry about that till he turns 2.As he gets older he will be more relaxed about it,hes still a baby.


Exactly as said above, don’t rush him… My 2yo only came off her bottles 2 or 3 months ago. Did her no harm

Don’t force him …1st if start sippy cup with juice water n flavoured milk… After a month start milk on cup n hide a bottle … He will definitely take it …

At 1 year we switched our little one over. We just switched one bottle out at a time starting with his am bottle after he woke up. He would throw his tantrum for a day or two max before he accepted it without issue…we then would switch the next bottle time out and so on. Bedtime was the last bottle to go. After a week week and half he was completely switch over with no issues of him not taking a sippy cup.

Mine did that too. Try to transition first into one with a straw as it is as close to a bottle you can get in a sippy. Then introduce the more traditional sippy cups. Worked for my son. Been completely off the bottle since about 18 months old.

Mine loved the NUK ones with soft top. It’s close to the bottle and as he gets bigger you can move him to hard tops. I also took bottles away and this was all they had. It didn’t take long for the adjustment.

Use tommee tippee sippy cups. My son was the same way and when I tried that sippy cup he would instantly drink milk out of it!!

I started giving my son a sippy cup when he started eating baby food at 6 months. When he turned 1, I took the bottle away and gave him sippy cups only. It was an easy transition, no fuss or fighting

Trying to get my boy off his sippy cup lol hes a cup hoarder

I took them all after the showed they figured out the sippy cup. Honestly think it’s going to be a battle now or later… regardless of when you do it.

Start off with the sippy cup trainers. They have a sippy cup shaped nipple but it’s rubber like a bottle then transition to a hard tip later on it worked for mine :blush: I took his bottle at 12 months old on the dot and switched to a sippy before hand around 7 months I started the trainers when he would drink juice or water with his baby food. We went full sippy at 12 months and no more bottles.