How can I get my son to sleep through the night?

Hi mommas! So I’m really struggling because my 11 month old son still wakes up twice a night around 2am and 5am. I know for my 7 year old he was not waking up anymore at this age and I’m just exhausted it’s been a year of waking up every few hours and I feel like he should be sleeping through the night. He still take a nap or 2 per day I try to limit him but sometimes it can’t help it. Are the naps the issue? I’m just looking for advise, ty.


It’s biologically normal for babies to wake through the night. Theirs you should do. My daughter is 18 months old & just started sleeping thought the night a couple weeks ago. From like 12-16 months old, she was waking 6-8 times a night. It’s sucked, but nothing I could do to change it nor should I. I still wake up to go to the bathroom or get a drink. I wouldn’t expect my baby to sleep all night.


It’s normal but I’d try dropping a nap fixed both my kids waking up

I’d look into dropping a nap or at least shortening them

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It is normal for them to still wake up through the night. I don’t let my nearly 11mo nap after 4pm, I do food, bath, hour play then bottle and bed between 6.30&7pm every night. He’s slept through from 11week old apart from when he’s poorly. Maybe try cutting down on nap time and no danger naps (close to bed time). If they’re waking hungry maybe feed more in the day? Every child is different but it’s totally normal, hang in there :white_heart:

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let him wake up he’s 11 months old. my son didn’t sleep through the night until he was literally 3. count your blessings.

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1 one hour nap …and keep him up til bedtime …my son was like this too …until I eliminated 1 nap…he was taking a nap in the morning. And in the afternoon …I started giving him one nap after lunch for 1 hour and wake him up …then he would sleep all night. Worked for us…hope that helps …now he is a healthy 29 yr old

My 11 month old still wakes up 2-3 times a night.

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My daughter is 17 months and still wakes up during the night, my daughter also still takes a nap and sometimes two if she wakes up early.


It’s normal for them to wake up
First of all your biggest mistake is comparing your children to one another
 My son slept through the night and stop napping at 18 months
 My daughter napped up until she was like six years old and my daughter woke up at least twice a night until she was 3


If he doesn’t require a feeding or diaper change, I know it might be tough on you but let him learn to self soothe and fall back asleep. This was something I had to learn to do instead of attending to him.

He’s still very young, it’s normal for his age to not sleep through the night

My 5 year old still wakes up 3 times a night and her day begins at 4.30 am

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Good warm bath and make sure he’s full before bed

Maybe no day nap but thar age they still typically get hungry in the night and want food

I would cut down to one nap a day. Bath, snack and milk or formula before bed

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Nap at 1pm. Bath and snack at 7 or 730. Book then bed.

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Is he hungry. Both my baby’s slept thru the night they always had Vera in the milk

I think every kid is different. My 1 year old has slept through the night for months. Since maybe 4-6 ish months. Don’t remember exactly when she started, but she was young. My 3 year old now wakes up in the middle of the night, every night. Its so frustrating. But sometimes kids just do it.

My son is 2 and still wakes up every night. My oldest slept through the night before he was 1. All kids are different, it’s something that he has to grow out of on his own.

It is normal and every child is different, I tried to shorten mines naps and it was even worst, so they sleep how they need to … my older was waking up 1-2 a night till age of 3ish :woman_shrugging:t3:

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my 7 year old still wakes up at night. it’s perfectly normal for kids especially that young to wake up.

I would try eliminating the late nap and see if it helps

Six hours is considered sleeping through the night. So putting him to bed at 9 will make him wake at 3 am. That’s normal. Feed him. Put him back to bed for a couple hours.

What time does he go to bed? By 12m I gave my daughter two naps a day 9-11 & 1-3 bedtime 7pm wake-up 6am. I fed her good sweet potatoes ground up chicken and all kinds of vegetables so she’d sleep… she was in her crib so if she woke up she’d self soothe back to sleep.