How can I get my sons father on the birth certificate?

Ok, so when I had my son, the father didn’t sign the birth certificate. He set up child support & we both signed papers stating he’s the father instead of doing genetic testing. At the child support hearing, would the court file those papers, so he’s automatically put on the birth certificate, or is that something the parents have to handle themselves?


You have to do an amendment to the birth certificate.

They would put it on the birth certificate if hes paying child support

He has to do it and it cost around $100 I think.

you can go to city hall and he can put his name on, for a fee

there is a number to call to add him. You can call your county records office and get the number.

You can ask the court for it to be done in most circumstances. Ask your local circuit clerk and they should be able to tell you!

We had to do it ourselves

He would have to have the birth certificate amended.

In Ohio you just fill out a paper and pay the fee for the new birth certificate and that’s it

whatever town you had your baby in, he should be able to go there to do this

Mine paid child support and we went to court for other reasons and he had to complete additional paperwork to get updated

In Michigan where I’m from my sons dad was suppose to pay for it he never did so he never got put on the certificate but we did have paternity established he was overseas when I had our son. The parents have to handle it it goes higher than just your local courthouse it’s a legal thing so has to go thru like the capital

Call your county clerk office

Look on the vital records web site. But they are probably going to want to see documents for proof

Sign an acknowledgement of paternity form from your state. Both of you sign in front of notary. And send in to get birth certificate amended. Depending on your state, your court documents might be sufficient enough. But I would do the AOP just in case. And send into your states vital records

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He might have to adopt him

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In most states there is an affidavit of acknowledgement of paternity.

You have to file it … You and the dad…

We just went and he signed an affidavit saying he was the father. Then it was $10 for a new copy.

When my babies father started paying child support they automatically put him on the birth certificate… but we also had a DNA test bc he was acting insane so idk if that has anything to do with it

They should add him. A new birth certificate will be ready six weeks after your child support hearing. If he signed papers agreeing he was the father that’s what they use

I am in Washington State and when we did and dna test for my middle son the judge added his father to it and I had to go down and just get a new bc. Best thing to do is call where you get them and ask… every state is different

My son’s father was not on the birth certificate originally, and was added after our custody/support order was established. The court took care of the paperwork for it, and his dad had to pay a small fee required.

I just had to go through this because my sons father wasn’t put on his birth certificate for certain reasons, but we decided it was time a few months ago. All we had to do was fill out a paternity affidavit, send copies of our drivers license, and pay the fee (it varies by state), and send it to the state our son was born in. It took me a while to make sure what I was doing was correct, but I mainly just searched how to add father to birth certificate in x state. The state sent me a new birth certificate with the fathers name added (that’s what the fee is for).

You don’t have to put him on their !

My daughter’s father and I were not together so they put down “not stated”. For me to have his name put on it would cost me (i forget how much) but when I went to child support they arranged for the DNA test. They had his name put on it once the test was done

Yes he is! Did the same thing with my oldeat?!

He can get a paternity test or sign a declaration of paternity. I had to do this with my son

We had to file an amendment with vital records and submit certified copies of all court documents. Took about 6 wks to get it back.

Sorry but I can’t accept an honor such as this. I can’t access a computer that would let everyone see my compassion to women that have no voice in their family.

Don’t know about your state but the court/state demanded DNA testing tests confirmed and his name was never put on the birth certificate

I think it’s something the father has to sign. Usually the father signs paternity papers and some other paper. I forgot. This is in new Mexico.

Mine had to go to the court and sign an affidavit of parentage.


He has to sign the paper.

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Have an acknowledgment of paternity signed and notarized.

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Iowa child support adds dad to birth certificate but you have to get a new one

It all really depends on what state you’re living in and the agreements of said child, I know when I lived in Michigan it was completely different from what Iowa was and my parents had the hardest time going to court through both states.

The parents just have to go to the court house or to vital statistics and have a paper notarized with the agreement as parents good luck.

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Here you have to go to the Circuit clerk

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In Oklahoma I had to have a form filled out by my kids dad and it had to be notarized. I had to take it to the vitals records office to add him

In missouri, in the hospital there is a waiver or something they have the man sign…regardless of paternity his name goes on the birth certificate.
Now i want to know how to get it taken off LOL.

Why would he not sign get him

My bd is not on his birth certificate. Neither did he signed it.He had a DNA test done for child support and he is now paying :relaxed:

I live in Missouri and after child support was settled they automatically added him to the birth certificate.

My name was not put on the birth certificate she she was born. About 2 years later my wife and me went to get s copy of her birth certificate. I ask the clerk what I needed to do to get it put on it
She said she could do that. We filled out some papers and she handled it. We went back in a couple weeks and got A copy of the amended birth certificate.

No he won’t be added to the birth certificate unless you add him

Why are you consulting facebook when you need to be asking a lawyer!?

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Here in Louisiana that paperwork you’re talking about is called an acknowledgment of paternity and there would be nothing more you needed to do here.

Go to your local vital records department and request him being added. There will be aform for you and him to fill out and a fee (amount varies from stare to state)

California makes fathers sign a paternity paper basically saying once signed you are accepting full responsibilty for the child even if it is found to not be yours because to them it should not have been signed if you weren’t sure in the first place. But as far as i know in ca the bc is a different document completely and any changes made must be made by the parents. Going to court and all that has nothing to do with changes on the bc its a whole other process completely and doesn’t have to be done to get child support or any of that, only a dna if requested (dna use to be required i hear but not sure). Thats why they ask if everything is right before accepting and here they don’t really change the original either they just add an additional page with corrections so then your stuck with the a two page doc. It sucks but its all in the fine print when you get the paperwork for the bc originally so hey what can ya do. Anyways its always changing they say but was the same for my 3 just depends on the state you’re in but ca is like this so far that i know. Hope i helped a bit.

Where I’m from they sign the birth certificate if not they can establish paternity by mouth in court

That’s something you have to get done yourselves