How can I get my stepson to try new foods?

We have a split home, & have little man over the weekends. Our five-year-old is VERY picky at what he eats. I think it’s because his mom makes him what he will eat, but I’m not sure. Anytime we ask him to try something new, it’s like he is literally scared and almost starts crying. After a while of conversing with him, he MIGHT try one bite & end up liking it. He doesn’t like any sauce besides “pizza sauce” he eats noodles, rice, soup (without the chicken), pizza & smaller snacks on the side. He loves his carbs. But absolutely has a fit if we even ask him to try something new. It’s harder for us because we can’t keep it consistent since he’s with his mother most of the time.


Dad needs to step up and talk to mom!! Try being adults and working together instead of separate!!


Do you want someone shoving food in your face you don’t want? Ive never had clams, but I know I sure as hell don’t want to try that slimy mess. Just because its a kid doesn’t make them any different. As they grow up their tastebuds will expand. Just put his stuff in the freezer and move on.


Buy the foods he likes for when he’s there. But make a game out of trying new foods. Ask him to try just 1 new thing every weekend he’s with you. Buy a few “prizes” from Dollar Tree for when he tries it. Give him the prize even if he doesn’t like it. Just make trying new foods fun.

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Yoko is a wonderful children’s book about giving new foods a chance. Maybe read this together and who knows but i also know there are some kid shows that go over this as well like Daniel Tiger. Also get him involved in cooking the meal its exciting to taste your own work.


Sounds like he might be on the autism spectrum. My niece is on the spectrum and still eats like this at 18 years old. Its a texture thing with them.

Absolutely make a game out of trying new foods. I had to work through some picky years with my own boys. My boys were raised in a family that hunts game for food so things had to revolve around that. When I wanted them to try salmon, we called it bear food. All red meat was deer or moose meat even if it was beef. It can be adjusted to what ever your step son is into. My nephew who was not interested in trying salmon was all excited to try “brain food” and loved it. He thinks he only likes hot dogs as meat but I got him to eat sausage and kielbasa by calling them fat hot dogs. Pork chops are giant chicken nuggets. He will eat anything I give him as long as it’s framed as something he’s familiar with already. Once they show that they really like it, you can tell them what it is and they learn to not be afraid of trying new things. Also don’t be scared to use his favorite condiment on anything he is trying. We went through ketchup like crazy for a short time just to get them through the phase. I do recommend you still try to make the food approachable and simple to get him started. A protein, a veggie or fruit and a small carb plate is a much easier sell than a salad, a gourmet or casserole meal for most children.

My son was this way most of his life. Wouldn’t even sit next to someone eating “real” food and would get very uncomfortable just smelling our food at times. I seriously thought at one point he might turn into french fries and nuggets he ate them so much but I figured I would rather him eat anything than nothing at all. He is now a healthy 14 year old who comes in the kitchen every time Im cooking and tries EVERYTHING and has started eating a lot healthier in general. I wouldn’t stress it to much unless it starts affecting his health. Getting him in the kitchen cooking/helping and becoming familiar with different foods may make him more comfortable with trying new things. Good luck!

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Feed him what he’ll eat. The last thing you want to do is create an eating disorder or worse(it can happen, don’t @ me, please) or make the child not enjoy spending the time with you. Maybe there are underlying sensory issues that you haven’t recognized yet. If he’ll eat chicken nuggets and wants them every meal, feed him chicken nuggets. It’s not best case scenario, but, if your time is limited, do you really want to spend it struggling about food?


As a stepmom I have this situation as well. Personally I used to worry about this, but after a few years of getting to know him I’ve realized there’s nothing wrong with him not eating all my meals. I’ve gathered an idea of what his taste is like. His likes have also changed over the years as he got older. I met him at 7yrs old and now he’s 10. I like to plan my meals ahead of time when I know he’s coming to visit. I stock up on what he likes and I add a few new things that he eventually tries. Sometimes he likes them and sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. As an adult there are some foods I won’t eat as well. That’s why I prefer give him a choice and prepare ahead of time. Good luck and I hope you find what works best for you and your family.

My son was just like this. He is 14 now and can still be picky but we work with it. As he gets older he does try things I didn’t make it an issue. But there were some days that if he complained about dinner and wouldn’t eat anything then he don’t eat…ofcourse this was after me catering to him all week long If he didn’t like certain sauces or cheese on food then I would make his plate before adding the ingredients he doesn’t like.

Okay, my oldest son (now 22 ) was a picky eater. As was my two step sons and my youngest son who is now 8. You make up white lies. If you eat broccoli then you will grow tall as trees, eat chicken and you will be able to crow, eat carrots you will be able to see through walls. You eat a bite then act all crazy like you can see through walls, make crowing noises. When they try their bites and it don’t work you just tell them to keep eating it. That you had to eat it for a long time before you got powers.

We had a “One bite” rule. If you ate one bite, and didn’t like it, you didn’t have to eat anymore of it. Pick your battles.

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Wow. I read the comments and pretty much that’s exactly what’s wrong with him. He’s throwing fits for junk. He will eat nutritious food when he’s hungry. If both parents are “picking their battles” and sending him back and forth with the attitude the other parent can handle it… who’s parenting and teaching the child? How to eat


The more you cater to him the harder it gets! Trust me on this my oldest is super picky. When he’s with his dad and grandma they make different meals for him. I absolutely refuse to do this and have since he’s been able to make toast with supervision. So around 5. It’s not about picking your battles. It’s about teaching them to eat properly and heathy. My oldest is almost 11, if he doesn’t like what’s made for him then he has to make his own dinner. I was never catered to as a child and I won’t cater to mine. But I agree dad needs to talk to his ex.

I have a very picky eater. Like extremely picky. He won’t even touch ketchup or mashed potatoes (all three of my kids won’t touch them but my oldest is the pickiest…what kid doesn’t like them!?) Anyway. I don’t force him to eat anything he doesn’t like but if I know he might like it I will have him try it. He now eats chicken and pork outside of being breaded. (Won’t touch beef though) he may grow out of how picky he is but until then having him just try it may help broaden what he will eat.

Honestly this is a very common situation with children. I applaud you for trying. Some things to think about are texture, temp or literally just taste. The dad needs to be the one working with him while you stand on the side and cheer him on. I understand being a step parent is hard but he should take the initiative to talk with the child so he can feel comfortable. There are tons of kid friendly recipes that are simple enough for children to enjoy whilst having nutrients. Please look into that and have the dad speak with the mom. Because she may be going through the same thing and maybe wants to do better too. For all you know she may be feeling exactly like you are right now and all it takes is for the dad to use his voice and speak up. I wouldn’t force the child to eat new foods all the time. Maybe every so often introduce something simple. But if you keep pushing it on him he will develop a bad relationship with food. Goodluck!


Feed him what he loves.


Pick your battles. The child may be food texture intolerant. Or a super taster.?
The only thing that child has any control over is what he eats.
Just give him what he enjoys and tell him that the other food is for grown ups., he will be less stressed and in time will try new things. By demanding he try new things ,he is being stressed out to the max.
He is in an environment not of his making.
Patience is so important… don’t force the boy to do what you think he should. He won’t starve.
As I said pick your battles.

Honestly… daniel tiger. Lol. Episode about trying new things… my son used to turn his nose up to new things. But after watching that with him he now will try a bite of anything. And I tell him if he doesn’t like it its ok to spit it out and ill get hime something different. Anything I put infront of him he will try. And he will be happy he likes a new food or shrug his shoulders n say well I tried mom. And I tell him yup its all I ask buddy.

If he likes pizza sauce then try introducing things like chicken strips, fish fingers, mini meatballs, mini sausages and oven baked chips and offer the pizza sauce as a dipping sauce. 5 year olds like finger foods. My son has Asperger’s and was a very fussy eater so I understand how frustrating it can be when there are others to feed as well. With patience and persistence he is now 17 and eats the same meal that I prepare for whole family. Dont turn meal times into battle times, keep it as much fun as you can so he looks forward to your meals and will be more willing to try new foods🙂

Maybe let him help cook. Helping to prepare a meal might get him more interested in what he is eating and help him try new things.

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Try hiding extra vegie in his food

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Make him help to prep and cook it. Then make him desire to test his ‘work of art’ or whatever drives him to try it


I have 4 boys 3 eat everything 1 is super picky he will occasionally try something new but I got him to try a green bean and he almost vomited at the table he gagged so hard.

We have a “no thank you bite” rule. Sometimes there is crying and sometimes there is gagging, one time she actually threw up trying a very small bite of bbq chicken :woman_facepalming: but we insist on the no thank you bite before making her chicken nuggets or PB&J.


Kids eat when they’re hungry, he may not be picky and may just be spoiled. Our dr told us not to cater to our kids and throwing fits about eating. One learned if they cried long enough mom would just give in until she realized what they were doing. Offer him to help pick out meals in advance and help out even shopping. But don’t feel bad if you offer him food and he doesn’t eat. He’s also testing boundaries as well. Now this is all taking into account he doesn’t have issues with food textures and the like.

Honestly it’s just a kid thing. Mom has probably just decided to feed him what he will eat. I know at one point I did because it was just insane with two picky kids. They grow out of it. My son about 11 started eating just about everything, now even tonight ate brussel sprouts and LIKED them. My daughter is 12, still picky but eats sushi. They are their own little people with their own taste buds. Just feed them and they will eventually eat most foods.


He might have food sensitivities SPD sensory processing disorder my daughter is asd with SPD and will only eat foods with certian textures tastes


My 5yr old is picky too and I tell him that eating his food is healthy and it will help make his muscles grow big and strong. Then he eats it and talk about how he wants to grow as big as his daddy.

Make it sound like a treat. Like oooh look at this fluffy little tree I bet it tastes really good with snow (broccoli and ranch)


Hard truth here…I have 2 rather thick kids. My oldest just turned 9. When he was 3 he got strep and also had double ear infections for 3 weeks straight. Before he got sick, he would eat anything and everything. After he was sick, he gagged with certain textures/smells. In 2017, I divorced his dad, had a baby & we moved. It was a LOT for him. He got very very bad separation anxiety from it. He found comfort in some foods. This has created a very big problem for him now. He use to always be way smaller. My youngest was 10lbs when he was born and hasn’t quit growing. It’s hard as hell bc they only eat certain foods and they aren’t super healthy choices. Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve slowly weeded out junk food and replaced that food in my fridge and pantry with better choices. I use to always be against “eat what I cook or be hungry”…my rule now is you have to at least try it. We are starting with just one new thing a week and if they like it, i cook it 2-3 times. Kids are mean and I’m doing my part (later than I should have) to help the make better choices. Good luck!

My son got his pickiness from my step daughter & would only eat a hand full of things & it got to a point I only feed him those things then he got tired of it after a couple days & started eating more stuff. It was important to me to make him eat other stuff cuhz she is always with her mom & when she is picky she don’t eat :woman_shrugging:t4: she’s 6 she’s understands , her mom only buys fast food & I only cook. She started coming along quick

I have a 5 year old son as well & he is also really picky!! I try my best to get him to try different foods but he usually has the mind set that “it’s gross” before he tries it… as long as he’s eating… well they say it’s good!! Hopefully he will change as well as I hope my boy changes too!! Good luck

I don’t know if you would be comfortable doing it but I usually let my girls try it from my plate (it’s the best coming from a parents plate for some reason)

Mine is only 2 almost 3 but I always said she’ll eat what I say blah blah but doesn’t happen! I let her eat what she wants & when she wants!! (To an extent)

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Why can’t kids just not like things and why must be always blame the other parent


I definitely agree with having them help cook it. It could be pouring ingredients in or stirring stuff in once it’s off the stove. Works wonders with my daughter who is almost 4. Also idk if you eat near a tv, we almost always eat in the living room lol. But I make her try a bite to get to pick the movie we watch.

I never understood making a child eat something they don’t want to eat.
As adults…no one is making y’all eat something y’all don’t want to eat or try something y’all don’t want to try.
I have 3 kids. I know what they would eat and what they wouldn’t. If we were having something that one of them wouldn’t eat, they got the option of a sandwich or roman noodles that night.
Each person has likes and dislikes. Even if they don’t want to “try” it to see.
Sometimes I wonder about y’all…you want someone bigger than you making you eat something to the point of gagging or throwing up??


I have my daughter try everything! She has to at least try it! And if she genuinely doesn’t like the food, I will give her a few alternative options and if she doesn’t eat, she doesn’t get a snack later! We just go back to the alternative options! Sometimes, she likes the food, but still doesn’t want to eat it! I still offer her something else but also, I do try to let her know, “you tried it and said yum” so obviously you like it!

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It could be sensory issues. My daughter is almost 9 and only eats 3 foods. We work with an occupational therapist. If you handle it wrong they say you could traumatized them and never make progress

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Picky eaters is normal. But the way I have combat this is make the food. Refuses to eat thats fine we will put it in this container and when you ask for a snack or tell me your hungry I pull it back out. I don’t let them have anything else till they have tried it. We have a 5 bite rule. Which means you have to take 5 bites before you can say you don’t like it. I make it again later in the week and 7 weeks in a row. My kids figured it out quick I want pizza i have to eat regular food too. Chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs is how I got my kids to eat broccoli. They had to eat all the trees so the dinosaurs can have food in belly. The trees have to go first so the dinosaurs can land on them and not get hurt. Little stories helped. So they got what they wanted and I got what I wanted. But keep in mind kids will eat when hungry enough. If they refuse put the plate or bowl for later. When my kids ate lets say carrots for 2 days straight and no complaints they got a sticker at 10 stickers they got to choose the dinner. And yes we ate a lot of chicken nuggets and fries that I made. But they were eating healthy and “earned” the food I wasn’t so thrilled with. Hopefully this helps

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Maybe it’s something more than just being “picky”. Sensory issues (and others!) are very real and should be considered. Meals and eating should not be an overwhelming experience, for anyone involved. If you have the ability to talk with his other parent about it, maybe suggest seeing OT/feeding therapy.

My daughter who is 8 is the exact same way if she sees something new and doesn’t like the way it looks she will flat out refuse to it! We have a rule you have to try it first and if you DONT like it then I’ll make something else but you have to try it before anything happens. And some parents will give their kids whatever they will eat do they don’t have to fight with them. Instead of making them at least trying it. Maybe try calling it something else tell him super hero’s eat it so they can be big and strong and have their powers! Also I would talk to mom and come up with a plan so he is getting all the nutrients he needs to be big and strong

Patrick. The comments are very informing.

I would serve the good food next to the "yucky food. Kids sometimes need to see it and smell it a few times before being brave enough to try new foods. Forcing kids to eat food can lead to eating issues further down the track.

There is an episode of t.o.t.s a disney jr show that teaches the kids to at least try one bite if they don’t like it they can say no thank you to more.

My 5 year old is a pain with food he changes his mind alot hard to get anything in him sometimes i just do a mixture he gets something he will eat plus some food of what everyone else is having he knows he has to try the new food to get a reward after even if he dont eat it atleast i can get hin to try it

Have them help cook and give them options…like corn or brocolli tonight? Also start with no thank you bites for a little while where he has to take a bite but then can say no more with you pushing for more. The no thank you bitee will become no thank you half ib went through this with t two of my children and one knows loves everything and enjoyed and asks to try new things b and the other still has their favorite junk but doesn’t fightv the trying and now she’s 13 and it might take longer but she’s ears 90% of all family meals

Maybe noodles, rice and soup is what hes grown up on and prefers it… :woman_shrugging:
My 2 year old has noodles every 3rd day or so he enjoys it and saves the tantrums. I also hide veggies where i can and make him fruit smoothies for morning tea so i know hes getting everything he needs.
But he is more than welcome to come and eat off my plate when he wants to. And by doing that, he found he liked broccoli :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


Most 5 year olds are picky

My 10 year old bonus is stuck on some chicken Ramen Noodle diet because that is all he is fed by his mother. It’s absolutely disgusting to me. Trying to feed him was overwhelming for the family. We’d end up crying. I hate it. We need help.

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We have a rule at dinner where everything has to be tried or there’s no snacks or treats later. Sometimes my daughter tries it and says ‘Sorry mummy I don’t like it’ and that’s fine she doesn’t have to eat it. But she at least has to try one bite of each food :woman_shrugging: I now have a 4 year old who eats sushi, currys, olives, pickles etc and steals raw onions and garlic to munch while I’m chopping them :nauseated_face::joy: x

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We tried the sniff, lick, taste method. First you sniff and if it smelled ok you lick it. If you like the taste you eat it. My pediatrician said not to force him to rest things he didn’t like as it could lead to eating disorders. He didn’t like any type of sauce on did or pasta. No condiments of any type. He started eating and trying new food when he was ready.

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I know of parents who made “new” foods for their son and he wouldn’t try it. They instead started calling it like minion chicken or toy story pasta and their son would eat everything


Try scaffolding. There’s a lot of info out there. For example, he likes pizza sauce…but some from the store and put a little on his pasta. You chain from what he will eat to what might be somewhat of a natural transition.

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My kids will eat anything if they help me cook it. It’s a great way to get them to try new things.
And if that fails, just lie and say, “oh you loved it last time! Don’t you remember?”
I’m mostly joking there, but it also has worked on my own before :woman_shrugging:


When my son was younger, he did not like mushy foods. Still to this day he does not like mushy foods. If I fix carrots they have to be raw, so I make a carrot salad. So instead of forcing him to try different foods, I make them and give them funny names. I tend to let him try a bite or two and go from there. He intends to eat more of the food if I don’t tell him what it is. So think outside the box when trying something new.

Our one grandson was very picky also so we asked him to try one bite and if he didn’t like it he could spit it out. Luckily he liked almost everything he tried. Think fast food has spoiled our younger generation.


They recommend making eating fun, like cutting food into fun shapes, or making food into little faces, decorating it. They even have food plates that are like a board game. Or that you put food on and as they eat it exposes a fun picture underneath. Just don’t force him. I was a very picky eater and my parents tried to force me and I was legit traumatized with what they did to me when I was younger. Do not force it. And don’t make a big deal about it either… it makes it MORE of a problem. Good luck :heartbeat:

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Had a Dr tell me if he doesn’t eat whatever offer a peanut butter sandwich. That’s it. I did that and he lived on peanut butter for about a year, found out for him he was senitive to certain texture but he learned he couldn’t control what was served. But he could learn to cook so he had some control over the texture. No sauces, no gravy, nothing " slimmy"

You don’t have him full time. I would not spend the time you have fighting. Prepare meals, and include at least one thing he likes. Make the other foods available to him but don’t push, bribe, threaten, or even comment. Just eat and let him decide what and how much to eat. Limit how much junk food is in the house. If it’s not there, it’s less likely to become an issue to fight over.


We were taught to eat what was put in front of us or go without. He will soon eat if he’s hungry.


My 15 year old has a super sensitive sense of taste. I remember being frustrated when she was young too. My suggestion is this… always keep foods on hand you know he likes. Always offer what you’re eating, even if it is just a taste, but always be ready to feed him something else. Keep it positive and encouraging.


My daughter wouldn’t eat spaghetti sauce but loved pizza sauce. So I put pizza sauce on the counter and she loves spaghetti now. Also just keep offering and dips they all love to dip stuff. Good luck, they will eat if they are hungry

Just put everything you cook on his plate if he eats it fine if he doesnt that’s fine too don’t try and force feed him…the older he gets the more he will try things and if he feels like u r force feeding him it will only make it worse…where he will never want to try new things.


One thing I do with my 4 yr old … is they make those fruit pouches with vegetables in them … he has to have one before he gets a snack (and they taste like the fruit part ) if you were looking for a nutrition aspect of this ? Best of luck though . There are a lot of good suggestions on here

We I was kid growing up you ate it. Because it was going to be there until you do for every meal. My Dad said he didn’t care if it got up and walked away. You eat what is put in front of you.


He eats it or goes hungry. He will eventually get hungry enough to eat it. Plain and simple. What are you going to do if there is a natural disaster or you have to quarantine with him for 14 days and no one will come near your home or drop things off? If the power goes out, etc??? We did the whole “coddling” mess and then were in the aftermath of a hurricane one year with 3 of the fussiest eaters you could imagine and most spoiled/pampered girls you could imagine. NEVER AGAIN, I swore to myself. Even now, they eat what we have or they go hungry. During our 30 day quarantine…they wouldn’t eat any of the food in the house (they are grown now except the youngest at 14) for the first week except miserably eating peanut butter bread and crackers. By week 3 they could make some damn creative and great meals out of what was in the house.


My kids know… you either eat what is made or you go hungry. As a single working mom of 3 I dont have time to cater to each kid for every meal.

Another thing that might help is have the child help prepare foods. They pick a seasoning or let them help stir or pour in the pasta. They are more apt to at least try it if they’ve created it.

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I don’t give my son the option to be picky but I know it is difficult when splitting homes. Maybe let him pick one fruit and one vegetable at the store or try to include him in cooking? My 7 year old started helping in the kitchen when he was 4 and will eat anything he gets to make


this whole they will eat when they are hungry doesn’t work for all kids my daughter (7) we have dealt with since she was 4 being picky and she will literally starve herself instead of eating if she doesn’t like it or want it…


Ask him to take a thank you bite. One small bite. If he likes it great. If not try again another time

My niece was the same way when she stayed with us. I used a reward program. If she tried a food and liked it she got to pick an outing. (Park, etc.) worked great. After about a month she’d actually eat something other that pizza lunchables, bacon and small pieces of chicken breast. Those three things are literally all she would even attempt to eat in the beginning.

If he likes pizza sauce and you wsnt him to try a meat try using pizza sauce as a dipping sauce for him. My daughter is the same way and she hates to try new foods. I usually don’t push it. She has started to come around and asks to try things that she hasn’t had before. But she doesn’t like dipping sauces of any kind. Lol.

We were allowed 1 vegetable we didn’t have to eat. I hated peas. I would eat them in pot pies or tuna casserole. It was the texture of a group of them together that gagged me. I didn’t like squash but I learned to drowned it in butter and green pepper. My mom cooked carrots with the roast and potatoes making them taste better,so sometimes it’s the preparation. Some frozen vegetable are better, but I didn’t mind canned with salt like beets, green and yellow beans, and popeye spinach and asparagus. Steamed broccoli are interesting as trees. I bought canned asparagus because it was cheaper than fresh and my grandson would visit and est my supply up. He was a veggie boy and didn’t care much for sweets.

I had a rule with my boys, they had to take a bite, chew it and swallow it, then a second bite. If after the 2nd bite, they truly do not like it, they do not have to eat it. Now that they are grown, they will eat anything. They try my rules on me. I would never eat spinach, brussel sprouts or asparagus, they cooked them and I had to do the two bite rule.


Maybe make it fun and turn it into a “taste test challenge” ? It’s worked with my boy who thinks taste test challenges on youtube are are fun.

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I know from experience that helping cook helps, and well my youngest daughter (who is now 18, in college for culinary) used to be like that. I dont like that and I don’t eat that at … house… so I love boneless pork chops but she wouldn’t eat it I told her it was piggy’s version of chicken (piggychicken) well she ate it. She loves it now, this is also a child who don’t care for Ranch dressing. She LOVES Italian dressing, so I still marinate my chops to this day in Italian dressing, but I have also used it as the wetness for my breaded chops. Experiment with him. Ir might help

My 11year old stepdaughter has been this way since she was 4. She has not added anything new to her diet in the 7 years I’ve been around unless it’s a sauce or new form of bread, crackers or other junk food. She will literally cry hysterically if we even suggest she tries new food. She also turns red and shakes at time when asked. She would rather starve than ever try new things. We’re at a loss on what to do as we don’t always have her so we can’t try to work with her on her diet. It’s all sugar and carbs.

My daughter is the same and does therapy 3 hours a week because of it. I’d start by giving him a plate of various foods he likes adding one new thing he may not touch or eat it but if he can tolerate it being there it’s a start put that same thing on his plate every day for 4 days if he doesn’t atleast touch it on the 4th day cycle It out and try something else but be sure to go back and try again with the food he has no interest in. Try giving him stuff to dip said food in. Like veggies and ranch apples and peanut butter etc. start leaving a small tray of various foods out during the day again with foods he likes and doesn’t like he may end up picking at the things he doesn’t like. I also give my daughter baby food pouches with veggies in them cus she won’t touch veggies

have him help make/prep the food. encourage try stuff while prepping. take them with you to the store to help pick the fruits n veggies. kids like to be involved in what they eat. I’ve found that if they make it they are more likely to eat it.

Just introduce the foods you make to him the more he gets exposed to them, the more likely he will try them. Tell him how proud you are when he tries a new food! Some kids have problems with texture of certain foods. Eventually he will come around.

Just lie to him. Everything is chicken…or for my daughter everything was hamburger…she didn’t want to try meat loaf…its a funny shaped hamburger…pork roast, its chicken…the only thing you can’t really lie about are veggies.

Our grandson was really picky but mom and dad said he had to try one bite. If he didn’t like it say no thanks and that was that till next time. He’s found out some things aren’t as bad as he thought they was

Its a phase really. 99% of children go through it. I did and so is my 5yr old. Hes not super picky but we found out why he doesnt like trying new things. Our lil man tries them on his own time. We encourage it but dont force it

It might be a texture issue rather than him trying to be difficult.

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All I can say is good luck specially if your man doesn’t back you up and try to make them try it. Speaking from experience


I found growing our own food to be super helpful. Including them in the growing process, grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking. I started gardening with my daughters and by the time the veggies started really growing, they were eating tomatoes like it was candy and crowns of broccoli straight from the stalk.

Children’s cookbooks are also a good tool. They cater to kids and let them have more control. He might like to pick his own foods to try and make. Most have fun shapes or names that attract the little ones. Inclusion has always been successful with my girls.

I would probably just make him what he likes, as long as it is balanced nutritionally. But I’m a softie lol. I was super picky when I was little and now I eat lots of different things.

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I personally have never had an issue really with my kids eating but someone mentioned one time to get a package of stickers with his favorite character on them. Stick them on the packaging of whatever your making. Maybe then he will think it’s their brand and start trying it?

My daughter is super picky and didn’t start trying diff things until now.

Also if they watch YouTube I’ll literally find a YouTube video that they watch of the kids eating different foods snd found them wanting to try the foods the kids were eating on YouTube and they now eat it lol!

I feel like it’s the age.

My kids really didn’t start exploring food until about 10

I used to have to tell my daughter that everything was either chicken or fishfingers and then she’d eat it , now she’s not picky at all

If I said pork chop there’s no way he would eat ,if I said sirloin he gobbled it up ! Lol

My mom does a no thank you bite you have to take bite to try it if you dont like it just say no ty

Kids will be kids. Unless it causes a health concern dont worry too much. My daughter is 22 and still refuses to eat mashed potatoes!!! And I’m 40 and just discovered I love green beans!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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My sister in-law has a rule before you can either can more of what you like or get up from the table you must take a a least one bite of everything on your plate.

Good grief. Either they eat the food they’re given or they go hungry. Simple as that.


Just keep introducing it to him. Be patient… The boys father should say something to the mother.

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