How can I get my toddler to poop on the potty?

Tips for getting my almost three year old to poop in the potty? She’s doing great with peeing but seems scared to poop on the potty and wants to only poop in her diaper… tips and tricks?


Just went thought this with my 3 year old. She was beyond stubborn with the pooping part and demanded the diaper. The first step is to make sure they aren’t wearing diapers throughout the day. Second whenever they have to poop simply place them on the potty. My daughter would sit there and hold it in. I’d inform her if she would go that she’d get a treat. I also made a reward system that after 1 week of continuos pooping on the potty she would get any toy of her choice. This fight and stubbornness preceded for 3 weeks and resulted in her holding her poo for 4 days at one point. The doctor said that’s around the point where you should give in and give them a diaper. The key is persistence. Me and my spouse put her on the potty every single time she had to poo. We’d also use warm baths when she was refusing and she’d go back and forth from bath to toilet 3 or 4 times a night lol. After awhile she realized it wasn’t worth the fight and just went. We did a big celebration and rewarded her. Just get past the first one and it should be smooth sailing. She was reluctant first few times but after a week it was normal to her.

Ps. Another helpful thing is that some kids have a sense of attachment to their poo and don’t like that it disappears down the drain. Explain to them how they’re going to see their family of poo poo and going to the place all poo goes. Also mentioning that you and anyone else they look up to does it too, really helps

Good luck!

When my now 11 yr old did that around 4 it was because he was constipated. Idk if that is her case but might want to see if that’s the problem. He would pee all day in the potty but when it came to number 2 he would go in his underwear.

Silly answer but it worked for me. Tell her to fart into the toilet. My son was scared to “poop” but a friend suggested this and it worked on the first try.

Get her checked incase she’s constipated if she’s not let her use her nappy on the potty cutting bits away either each time she poos or after a couple of poos until the nappy is no longer hopefully she will be able to sit down and squeeze it out without a problem