How can I get my toddler to sleep a little later?

My child is 2 1/2 And asleep everynight by 8:30 but wakes up EVERYDAY at 4:45-4:50 am. He’s been like this his whole life so far. I’ve tried the whole “keep him up later and he will sleep in” and doesn’t work just makes him crabby the next day. He is very active and does a lot during the days, every day . He does still take 1 daily nap but it have also gotten shorter so I don’t think I need to cut his nap, plus he neeeds his nap still. Our daily night routine consists of dinner, play together, bath, books then bed. Anyone else’s child ?!? And any tips or ideas to make him sleep in a little later? I’d love to sleep in til 6:30-7 FOR ONEEEE DAY LOL


Push bed time back. My little guy was doing the same until we pushed his bed tine back an hour from 8 to 9. So maybe try 9:30. He went from sleeping 8-5am to 9-6:30/7. He is about to turn 2 and it’s worked for us! He also naps from 12-3.

Move his bedtime up earlier 8:30 seems really late for a 2.5yr old unless he’s taking a 3 hr nap for you I think he’s overtired. Our 3.5yr old doesn’t nap anymore and she sleeps 7:30p-6:30/7a every night.

Push the bed time back , that time seems way to early. My kids always stayed up till 10 and slept till 10 usually.

Try putting to bed earlier, he may be overtired.

Look at what he eats for dinner and make sure his little belly is full…

He’s sleeping a good 8 hours, that’s a GREAT thing. If you want him to wake up later, put him to bed later.

Bedtime 6.30 bath and bed late enough, you try running round as much as they do all day.

Try one of those clocks that glows blue at bed time and yellow during the day.

My baby goes to bed between 8:30-9:30 every night and will wake up between 8am and 9:30am.
(Been like that since he was about 2yo (ish)

He doesn’t have a nap though, so the only thing I would say is probably cut out his nap during the day.