How can I get my toddler to sleep in her crib?

I have an almost two-year-old, she was doing great sleeping on her own crib but since I got pregnant again she doesn’t want to anymore she’d cry her eyes out, so we let her sleep with us problem is she’s a crazy sleeper, and we hardly sleep (I’m a SAHM) but my husband works from 5 am to 5 pm every day and I know he’s exhausted but won’t admit it because he says he doesn’t want me up with her trying to make her sleep om her own since she is up at the same time he is ! Any tips on how to make her sleep on her own again ( i don’t believe in the crying it out method)


Maybe you can sit by her bed until she falls asleep, then every night you move a little farther away until your out of the room. I’ve seen it on super nanny lol.

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Honestly you are gonna have to let her cry it out. It sucks but now she understands what’s going on and it will become much worse when the new baby gets here


We literally just went through the same thing! I’m 31 weeks pregnant now and our 21 month old decided she wanted to sleep in our bed. On the nights she’d go into her crib she’d climb right out of it. We finally transitioned her into a toddler bed! We also bought a sound machine and a night light. The first week my husband and I would take turns putting her to bed. The first night we’d be in the bed with her and then sneak out. The second day we’d be on the floor with our hand on her. The third next to her but without touching her and then we slowly started going towards the door. Eventually she was fine. I think the transition took about two weeks. The nights she wasn’t ready for bed we’d take her back out to the living room and set her up a cozy spot. We turned off all the lights and turned on a nature show and handed her milk…we basically started a nightly routine because we still do this. Just something to try out! Our next experiment will be when the baby gets here cause once she starts sleeping through the night she’ll be sharing a room with our toddler. I can only hope they both behave and sleep :laughing:

Also, the first week some times we would put her in the room and let her cry for just about 5 minutes. Idk if you have a baby monitor but it helped when we talked to her over it. Always say “your bed” or “go to bed” so they know it’s their bed and their place to sleep. But over the baby monitor I’d tell mine “go to bed, go night night” and it’d help comfort her as well. We still do that some nights since some times she just sits right back up after we lay her down. But she goes right to her bed and lies down afterwards!


The easing it way out of the room works and takes time, try comfort items, sound machines, pretty rotating lights with music, letting her fall asleep and then moving her to her bed, just gotta find the thing that helps her… most moms don’t agree but I’ve done all of the above and at this point I put a TV in the kids room on a sleep timer and play a show on Netflix they go to sleep pretty easily and it isn’t needed every night helps them learn its OK to be alone in their room …

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Try to get a toddler bed my nephew was
The same when my
Sister was
Pregnant and we made
A massive fuss of him picking his bed and his bedding and pillow xx


Maybe a “big kid” bed. My daughter slept with us while I was pregnant and we set up her bed with her favorite bedding. She loved it and never wanted to sleep with us again.

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Put her in a bed of her own. She’s old enough. Mine went in beds at 18 months and did fine

Toddler bed and let her help you buy sheets for the baby for the baby crib. She’s ready. And starting to get jealous and probably has a bit of anxiety . You need to focus on her being the big sister. And make that important. You have time to focus on the baby in a bit. It will make a difference. Make sure you tell her what she can do that the new baby can’t. Like eat hard food and potty. Hugs. There’s no immediate answer and all kids are different. But yeah the crazy sleeping I’ve been there. Hugs. Nothing like waking up to feet in your face.

I fought against melatonin so hard. I didn’t want to give my toddler anything to make him sleep. Broke down after too many late nights in a row and got some toddler sleep gummies.
Dude, best decision I could have made. My son was going to bed at 9, waking up at like 2am and not going back to sleep till 4 or 5am, then wanting to sleep till noon or later! Now with the gummies, he goes to bed at 9-10p, rarely wakes up in the night and when he does he takes a sippy and falls back to sleep, and then wakes up around 9-10am and get a nap at 2p-4p every afternoon. His sleep schedule is finally fixed and were able to fully relax after bedtime.

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I’ve always nursed my baby to sleep… then put him in his own bed. Ever since he was a newborn…

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Same problem here!!! I wait until he is sleeping then put him in his bed, he comes sneaking in my bed in the middle of the night but I try everytime to pick him up and put him in his bed and go back to my bed when he is sleeping (I now put him in a regular bed but with the side pulled up so he doesnt fall off) and some days he comes back in my bed (sometimes I place him back in his bed and sometimes I’m too tired and let him win but regret it in the morning) trick is to keep putting them back in their bed until they finally get used to it (my first kid I put him 2-3 times a night for about 2 weeks but with this one now I dont have the energy as much so it’s taking longer

Maybe get her a toddler bed. Read her a story every night. And then tuck her in afterwards. Stay with her until falls asleep if you want. But if you put her in your bed, she will want that all the time. But if so, you will never have to worry about getting pregnant again.

cry it out. Unfortunately. I know that’s hard !!! Im about to start sleep training my 7 week old when he hits 12 weeks and I dread and think about it every single day :pleading_face:

Toddler bed definitely my youngest hated her cot up and down all night and as soon as put her in a single bed she settled overnight and has been a fantastic sleeper ever since make sure u put bed guard on

Star sticker :star: chart for everyday she sleeps in her bed she gets a sticker at the end of the week do a prize like ice cream or a new book it doesn’t have to be fancy let her help you pick the stickers and decorate the chart

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Get a bed in her room and sleep in there with her so hubs gets full rest

Sometimes the crying method works. I hated it also but learned that kids also need to learn how to self sooth them selves. Every child is different so you may have try several methods until something works for yall. Maybe try a night light in her room or even a few. My kids hated the dark and it worked for them.

My daughter did this, I made a bed on the floor and I told her if she wants to sleep in our room she would have to sleep on it. She was older 5 but it worked. She stopped coming in our bed every night.

I don’t judge either way but this is why mine never slept with me. It works for some parents but just wouldn’t be ideal for us. I need my sleep :woman_shrugging:t2: good luck! You’ll get it!

Maybe try getting her a toddler bed. Make a big deal out of it! Let her pick out new sheets!Let her help you fix the crib up for the new baby😁you can even start her out on the toddler bed in your room.


STOP allowing her to sleep with you! She’s old enough for a Big Girl or Toddler bed. Keep telling her she’s a big girl now and needs her own Big Girl bed.


Get her a big girl bed. She really doesn’t need a crib at two. She will be excited to sleep in her own bed.

Maybe give a smoothing warm bath maybe play some soothing music a lullaby

Get her real tired playing outdoors running around then a good bath before sleep. Play solfeggio healing frequencies overnight in the background. Make sure you say prayers or read a book while shes in her own bed.