How can I get my toddler to sleep longer?

Help my four-year-old toddler goes to bed around 8:30 and keeps waking up between 3 and 4 and doesn’t go back to bed. On a side note, how can I get him to stay fuller all night? He wakes up hungry all the time.


Could add a pediasure to your dinner with ice water too at the dinner table. Then do your regular bed time routine.

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Instant oatmeal, worked for all 4 of my kids

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More protein at dinner time

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Sometimes kids feel hunger when they are actually thirsty. Make sure he gets lots of fluids during the day.
Buy a gro clock. Those things are amazing


Porridge/oatmeal for supper…Also as others mentioned make sure he gets lots of fluids

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Make sure child is getting a well balanced diet and is getting enough to drink during the day. Maybe increase protein and healthy fats. Also, increasing activity outside is how I get my ever so hyper daughter to finally start sleeping through the night.

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We still have night breakfast and he’s 11. A bowl of cereal before bed I’m assuming he doesn’t take a nap

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Try upping his bedtime. My son is also 4 and he goes between 9-930 and sleeps until 6-7am

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Kids don’t need as much sleep sometimes. And going to bed at that time and getting up that early isn’t uncommon. Try a later bed time.

We always end the night with a cup of milk. Seems to help them

What complex carbs are you doing at dinner time? Maybe some yogurt a little closer to bed time?

Eat dinner a little earlier…and make sure they eat before bed…
This really helped especially when going through a grow spurt

Cup of milk before bed, yogurt as a snack. Lots of fluids, move up bedtime a half hour to a hour.

My kiddo is 5. He’s in bed by 8 asleep by 9 and sleeps through the night. Make sure he’s hydrated. I keep a cup of water next to his bed at night. I wake up thirsty, I know he’s bound to lol.

Make sure he’s getting enough exercise in the late afternoon/early evening. We go for a long walk/bike/scoot to the park everyday before dinner to ensure we get them nice and tired.

My 3 yr old goes to bed at 830 and usually sleeps til 7 ish. I make sure he has a good meal and water at night. We do story time right before bed and he has a radio in his room that plays classical music, he sleeps better that way

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Protein and iron can play a part, since I’ve been giving my daughter more red meat she’s been sleeping heaps better and rarely wakes now

Take naps awake don’t let him sleep so early girl

A piece of fruit with some saltine crackers with peanut butter along with some milk or water about 30 minutes before bed should him up.

No more naps for your little.

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Make him an actual meal and put enough on his plate.

Evening walk or exercise Late snack before bed milk/peanut butter and a later bed time
Also don’t allow him to get up! If he gets out if bed put him right back every time the first time every night tell him he can not get up it is time to sleep after that put him Back without talking to him. It may be hard at first but if you are Consistent it should only take a few nights and he should stop getting up


My son gets a snack right before bed.

Takes naps away and put him to bed later. N feed him more n put water next to his bed.

Following my kids are doin the same thing my four girls are 2, 4, and two 5 year olds twins. My kids go to bed almost 10pm and still wakes up at that time.

Take naps away. Let him run and get his energy out. Hearty dinner. Lavender bath. Little bit of water before bed.

This may be controversial, but this works as a last resort:
Reach out to your pediatrician and see if you can give them melatonin or if something else is the cause.

This sound qierd but 8:30 is too late try earlier bedtime like 7:30. I have no idea why it works but it does.

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My daughter is 3 1/2. She doesn’t take naps at all anymore and I give her a 360 cup of water at bedtime. She sleeps from 9pm until 8am. Wakes up almost 8 on the dot every morning.

Give him a glass of warm milk.

Sometimes kids need less sleep than other kids. 8:30-4 is nearly 8 hours.

I would try the other recommended things first because the average four year old typically needs about 11 hours, but if you find they are not working maybe adjust the bedtime if you would like him to sleep later.

Is he napping at all during the day? Maybe cut that out if so.

Try get her one of those special kids clocks that has a night time face an day time face on it an tell them they have to stay in there room till the happy sunny comes up. I would start maybe even putting them to bed at 7.30 too sometimes when u dont go to bed early u toss am turn at night.

This is normal all my children has done this and one still does it’s normal

Worm him and the family just in case

I dont let my son sleep doe ing the day so he can sleep threw the night

Put him to bed at 9 let him have a good snack . See if that helps. Good luck

Melatonin and a high protein snack before bed

I’m dealing with something similar. I have found that setting an alarm for 11pm and 2am and taking my toddler to the bathroom at those times he goes back to sleep and sleeps until 6/7 in the morning. When a full bladder wakes him up he ALWAYS ends up in the kitchen (usually between 1am & 3am)

More protein in the evening will help him feel fuller. Possibly try protein shakes for kids and tell him its a milk shake


You can put a snack next to his bed at night as well as some food before bed

bowl of rice cereal and bed