How can I get my toddler to sleep?

I’m at my wits end and need advice. It takes me 1.5 - 2.5 hrs to get my 2 yr old son to sleep. He will scream and cry and i have tried everything. Any tips on have to get a 2 yr old to sleep in less time?? I usually start around 8pm and he usually wont go to sleep till 930pm. Im actively trying the entire time. By the time hes asleep im too tired and exhausted to do anything around the house… help!


My daughter was the same way. Now going to bed usually isn’t ever a problem. Here’s some things that helped us!
-We gave her a set bedtime so she knew what to expect each night, which sounds like you’ve already done.
-Something for day time but we try to make sure she has a good amount of physical activity at some point in the day. My kid has a ridiculous amount of energy so if she doesn’t get outside for at least an hour or so, she doesn’t sleep as well.
-Her screen time is cut off 2 hours before bed. So for my daughter, after 7 pm no TV, IPad games etc. Screen time over stimulates them and it’s hard to transition to sleep time.
-Piggybacking off above, after 7 pm is “peaceful time”. She can color or we read books- anything calming and quiet. She bathes, eats a less sugary snack like an apple or some goldfish. Then brushes her teeth. The routine isn’t really minute by minute but it helps for her to know what to expect.
-Her preferred way of sleep. My daughter is old enough to let me know how she wants to fall asleep so I’ll usually oblige within reason to make her feel more comfortable. For example some nights she wants me to tell her a story, other nights to sing a couple lullabies.
It’s going to take some time but he will get there. Hope some of these help! Good luck Momma!