How can I get my toddler to stop fighting his sleep?

Any and all tips please! I know many people have said their child doesn’t sleep through the night; but my 21 month old has NEVER. This mama is tired! I wake up at 2:45am to get ready for work. My husband drops the boys off at daycare around 7:30am. I get out at 1pm. I get my baby from daycare and he’s already napped. No big deal. But he won’t nap again all day, bed times a fight. Even when I try to do everything the same time every night. And he wakes up every single night. He will not go back to sleep unless I take him out of the crib and lay on the floor with him. Yes I know. Don’t do that. But it’s easier said then done when your running on 3-4 hours of sleep a day, you start to do whatever works just to get some kind of sleep. Any idea on why he hasn’t slept through the night? Or any tips on how to help us get some sleep. I will add; he’s a very happy boy so the no sleep doesn’t affect him lol. I also do know that at daycare he doesn’t sleep all day like I thought at first, he only naps about an hour, hour and a half the most.


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Maybe a toddler bed instead of a crib. So you can sit on the edge while he goes back to sleep, better than you sleeping on the floor with him. White noise machine might help him stay asleep.

I don’t quite understand. He naps at daycare and then at home? You said he’s asleep at one? With toddlers you can try to keep them awake but if they are tired it don’t matter. My brother could fall asleep at the dinner table trying to keep him awake he was a 4 am kid.
You could wake him up when you get home (but it probably your on quiet time) which I totally understand having toddlers myself.
What if you wake him up when your getting ready for work 2:45 on a weekend type space so you can control the next two days of events. It might work.
Mine got up super early so I didn’t let them go back to sleep. They nap from about 11-2 or 2-4. It’s a crap shot depending on the day. How ever my first two didn’t nap after 8 months so this is new for me too

Make a routine that can be associated with bedtime. Snack, bath, lavender lotion, story, noise/night light machine. Also i know you’re tired, but try to get him outside to play and run around. That will help tire him out too. Limit screen time before bed. The light can mess with them wanting to sleep.

Baby need the routine what I used to do it took a little bit but it started working and then it worked great from there dinner at a certain time after dinner about 30 minutes later a nice warm bath then we would have couch time and put on something on the TV did they enjoyed then bedtime go to bed read a story and that like I said it took time but it started working

I would try to do something that wears him out either before bed or before dinner. Dancing, playing outside or something.

Maybe long walk before dark then warm bath let him pick a book read a few pages a night make him excited to want to go to bed to hear his book…

Maybe stop the daycare nap so he is more tired at night


Prayers for baby. Be sure to thank Jesus for his Deliverance and Miracle healing Amene

Mine is 19 months and he started sleep regressing a few months ago and I put him in bed with me. I lived on 2 hours of sleep for an entire year while I was breastfeeding and working full time. I’m not doing it again, he will sleep in my bed until he starts sleeping through the night again.

I have a child who didn’t sleep through the night until she was 3, almost 4. Her father & I had a pretty bad relationship. He was abusive. Once he was gone & stopped coming around she started sleeping through the night. I’m not saying this fits your situation but if there’s tension in your home kids feel it, they fear it. It can keep them up at night. Just something to think about.