How can I get silly putty out of a shirt?

Any advice on getting silly putty out of a shirt? My 3 year old was playing with some and got some stuck to her shirt. Then her daddy thought it would be a good idea to stick more to it to try to get it to come off :woman_facepalming: needless to say now there is more stuck and my daughter is freaking out saying her shirt is ruined lol. Thanks in advance!


Freeze it and use rubbing alcohol

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Try freezing it with an Ice cube

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I was just going to say try freezing it… it works with gum… maybe it will with silly putty??

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WD-40! Let it sit a few min and clean off. Works a charm

Rubbing alcohol or Hydrogen peroxide. Scrub with a brush, tooth brush, or a wash cloth.

I ended up throwing everything away. A shirt, a blanket, the dogs blanket. The stuff is terrible.

Ok I had this happen with not one but two, dawn dish soap, a comb, baby oil and shampoo!!! Have fun

Nope. I tried everything. That stuff isn’t allowed in my house.

Ice , or coca cola I’m serious that stuff will clean out anything .

Put it in the freezer over night. Should break off in the morning.

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Ice might work. It helped us get it out of my daughters hair

Use dawn and scrub it the use this cleaner called awesome they sell in the dollar tree might have to do it a couple times

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Happened to a blanket and we rubbed ice all over the area to try and harden it then poured vinegar on it and washed it with cold water in the washer with vinegar and detergent. Came right out! Then let air dry so heat doesn’t press the stain in


This happened to my 4yr old. She gotten some stuck to her favorite blanket. I thought she would die because of it. I used a bottle of goof off and a steak knife to scrap it off. It came out.

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Soak it in white vinegar for about 2 minutes then wipe it off

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Freeze it! That’s how I got it out of my daughter’s jeans. Hopefully it’ll work on her shirt too

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Rub dawn dish soap on it and soak it in hot water. Let it sit for like an hour then rinse! Works for me every time!

Vinegar!!! Only thing that removed it from my carpet with no stain. Ice does not work.

Ice cube to harden it and it comes right off

I stuck my kids in freezer cpl hrs and it crumbled off

Vinegar works on slime :slight_smile:

Try either peanut butter or nail polish remover

Freezer for a few days.