How can I get the flies out of my house?

My landlord was here fixing some stuff literally a month ago and left the door open for 2 hours. It let probably half a dozen flies in and they’ve just been multiplying. I’ve been trying my best to keep the house cleaner (it’s a struggle with multiple toddlers and an infant). I’ve got the sticky transparent traps on a bunch of windows and mirrors in the house. They’re catching a fair amount but there’s still a bunch just zooming around here. I also bought one of those plug in blue traps that has a sticky part. It hasn’t caught a single one. It’s out of control though and I don’t even wanna be here. I can’t walk through a room without them swarming.


Imma be real with you, this happened to me last year and I dead ass vaccumed them up. Chased them around with the hose turned on :rofl: not my best work, but it was effective.

Check under house near bathroom?

Find the place where they are laying eggs. Moist dirt, basement maybe?

Probably not the best way but I had a couple I couldn’t get. I waited until dark and turned only the bathroom light on. (Make sure All other ones are off) When the fly went in, so did I and closed the door behind me. I stay in there until I swat it. It worked but I’m really happy there isn’t a video of it.


Put any food away and not on the counter. I use these. They work!! I put one at my kitchen windows and my back door. Bottom right. Works perfectly. Buy on Amazon.

The zevo lights are expensive but work awesome. Ialso have the window clings but the light works 10x better. Also be sure to get the little sticks you put down your drains. It keeps the drains clean. We had a big issue living on a farm and one time during a big outbreak our bug guy explained that they actually go into the drains and eat the gunk and lay eggs in there and then come back up the drains and the issue has been a lot better since regularly using the long lasting sticks along with the zevo night lights (you put one in each drain in the house once a month)

Electric fly swatter. You have to deep clean. And make sure you check food that everyone is eating. Flies where i am leave little piles of eggs that look like crumbs. But I’m terrified of ingesting them.

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My sister went through this. I told her to close all the windows, trap them, and vacuum them up. That worked!


Go to farm and home or tractor supply they have a fly spray that fits into a glade automatic air freshener. Just make sure all food and dishes are put away and leave the house for a few hours. Come back and open the windows to air it out. I get flies once a year and I spend most of the next few days with fly swatters. When all the lights are off but my above the sink light they will migrate to the ceiling and that’s when I have luck smacking all of them.

I would call your landlord and tell him you need something to get rid of flies

For next time spray a solution of 1/2 pine sol (regular pine scent) and 1/2 water around doors they are coming through. Won’t hurt kids or pets but flies hate it.

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I use Zevo traps. They work great

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I saw this yesterday, I’d at least try it.

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Buy some hairspray and spray them with it. It stops them from being able to fly and then they are easy to kill.

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Doult your in UK, we don’t get many flies till later in summer… if you are, then I’d say, you either have something mouldy or dead in your home, I’d get landlord to sort it.

When this happened to me, there was a bag of trash my kids had pushed behind a bench before they left for the summer. :face_vomiting:

Fly swatter and the fly strips that hang from the ceiling

Hot honey and baking soda mixed in an open container. I have one by my patio door. No flies

Flea bomb they work but you got to stay out house for a few hours

Electric fly swatter is my husbands favorite way to deal with them haha

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We had this same issue last year take a few cups throw away ones but a piece of plastic wrap over top of each cup with am elastic to hold it in place pop some pin holes in the wrap about 5/7 holes inside the cup add in a peice of banana peel or even a peice of banana they will be able to get in but not out take the cup and toss it out

Could be coming out of woodwork loose wall paper

Those flies are entering from some location you aren’t aware of.

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Get drain covers for your sinks all of them first and foremost clean with boiling water regularly

Any plants spray and get nap traps they can lay millions
Of eggs one fly :woman_facepalming:t3:

Go get some roach bombs! Leave it for 4 hours and BOOM dead flies :partying_face: get the no smell, no mess kind.

Get a bug zapper for in the house very inexpensive and works

Go through all the rooms in the house & make sure your toddlers haven’t wandered off for a few seconds & spilt a drink or sneaky took a snack they left somewhere… with what your describing, It’s most likely maggots bred from those few flies let in a month ago…but they need a source to keep breeding at that rate.
If you have carpet I suggest getting it cleaned, same with pillows & mattresses if you let the toddlers have bottles in bed.
You can make your own fly trap pretty easily but it won’t fix the problem at the source…check if you have screens that there are no holes in any of them too.

Lights off except one. Sit there with a fly swatter (bonus points if you play creepy music b3cause you will feel like a psycho after 10 minutes) and nail the buggers when they come near you.

Omg same problem!!! I just kill them with my swatter. They love to go to my windows to try to get out and I just trap them there till they die :joy: