How can I go about getting a paternity test?

Steps for paternity testing. The father of my son doesn’t want to help at all physically or financially. Here’s the situation he was in a six-year relationship with his first son’s mom. They broke up late-year due to covid as they live in a different area. He and I started talking, and we met after a month of talking. I got pregnant after two weeks of dating, but we didn’t know until four months later. He was in the picture supportive, but then when I was 6-7 months, he dumped me as his ex wanted to get back together. I was heartbroken, so I blocked him. I gave birth in January alone, so he didn’t sign the birth certificate. We started talking again when he found out I gave birth two weeks after. He told me that he would come to help me with the baby on his dad’s off work but lately has been picking to go see his other son every weekend. I came to find out he never told his GF About my son and now tells me he’s not on the birth certificate, so he’s not obligated to do anything for the child. I live in Montreal, Quebec, and need to get a court order DNA test to apply for child support. I have been doing it alone for four months, and I’m feeling overwhelmed not having physical help or financial help from him as he admitted on the phone he wanted to get me pregnant ( I was on the pill and always used the morning after. He never pulled out when he said he did )


As a Canadian, just go to the courthouse, get the paperwork, and file for child support. If he denies the child, it will be brought before a judge. If he then refuses paternity the judge will order the test. Once paternity is proven the judge will pass it off to family responsibly and he will either pay or they will garnish wages.

Before you go about getting child support, remember that once you determine paternity he will have a legal right to file for custody and/or visitation rights. If you are willing to allow that then just go to your counties child support office and tell them you need a paternity test. Very simple. They’ll court order him a test for you.


Go to court and they will tell him he has to take one…

I wish you good luck
But also looks like you brought this upon your self by pushing him away just because he has another baby momma

Idk how it works in Canada but can’t you file in court for child support and figure it out from there. Honestly call family court by you and find out what can be done or ask them to direct you to who ever can help you.

I mean he’s right he isn’t obligated to be there if he’s not on the birth certificate. He’s a douchebag for not doing the right thing, but your going to have to let this play out in the courts. Go and start the process of putting him on child support they’ll contact him. Here in Texas guys can go a long while dodging that bullet but it eventually catches up. Your gonna have to do what’s best for you and your baby without him🤷🏽‍♀️🫂.

I’m not sure how it works in Canada but here in Florida I was unwed as well with the birth of my second child. Her so called father didn’t even come to meet her until she was 5. He lived out of state but that’s no excuse. I contacted the department of child support in my county and they took care of everything, contacting him for a paternity test for starters. She is almost 8 now and barely sees him even though he lives 5 minutes away bc he is so Irresponsible. But he’s been on child support since she was about 3. It isn’t alot but it helps. Good luck

It will be difficult but it you can let him go. Your child will ask for him at some point. Have faith God will send you a stable mate.:pray:t4:

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I’m in literally the exact same situation. I just filed for support, and the woman I spoke with at domestic relations told me that at the time of our hearing they will give him the option to either sign the Acknowledgment of Paternity form or request a DNA test. Although, I’m in the US so, it may not be the same for you.


I advise you to let him go. He will only be in and out of your child’s life and cause the child so much damage. I wished I never had pushed the issue. The hurt your child endures waiting for a parent to show up over and over again is terrible. He is showing you he won’t be a stable part of your child’s life let him go. You can’t make him be a good father. It will be much easier to deal with financial burden then a hurt and damaged child. PLEASE trust that.


Good luck. I got pregnant after having a complete tubal ligation surgery.
If he doesn’t want anything to do with you or YOUR CHILD be fine with it.
Or follow through with the court orders.
Unless you can get the other child’s dna sample to compare and prove that they both have the same father IDK what other options you may have.

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Contact the state he lives in. Dept, of child support enforcement tell them your situation they might know what to do… Or you can do what Nancy Sebok suggests so when you get in another relationship they can adopt your son and sperm donor has nothing to say about it… God bless…


He doesn’t want to be a part of it. Let it go. You will be a wonderful mother and he wont be able to file for custody.

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I have no idea what you need to do in Canada but I advise thinking very carefully about this. I put the father on the birth certificate and I ended up with no money and him in my business, stopping me from moving, etc. if they don’t work on the books you still get no help and they can make life very difficult.


Leave it alone. You are not going to get a dime out of him and if you get a support order it will give him a say in everything you do with your child and might screw you in getting any governmental help I know it does here in US.

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1 you only knew him 2 weeks 2 you know what he is like 3 is that the role model you want for your child 4 get a court order 5 prepare for the fall out because it’s coming


Let it go, raise your baby without him and all the drama and be HAPPY, it’ll be fine with time! Enjoy your life!!


This is what happens with NO PROTECTION!!!:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:Sorry …truth!!


Paternity court Judge Lauren Lake

Go on Maury or Steve Wilkos

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Heart warming​:heart::heart::heart::heart:

Contact your local child support office. Not sure how it works in Canada but they can maybe help you with how to file if he is being shady. Doesn’t hurt to ask

Why would someone use the morning after pill if they were on birth control pills? :thinking:

I don’t live in Canada, but if a court ordered DNA test is required, it stands to reason you would start the process with the court. 🤷 Ask them what’s required.

Allowing yourself to get pregnant after “two weeks of dating” that is totally on you, no disrespect, but what kind of person would allow herself to get pregnant?? Not too bright, are you

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I’m curious as to why he wasn’t added to the birth certificate, but that aside, in the USA, all you need is a cheek swab. You may need to serve him with a court order and I’d have no idea the cost of that. Also, with child support, you also have to come up with a custody agreement. Are you certain you want him in your child’s life? What about signing away his rights? Would that mean that you can’t get child support? So many things to consider… I might consult a family lawyer and ask about your options. Especially, if it’s a free consult. I’ve been through this and it can be excruciating. I’ll add you to my prayer list :pray:. God bless you and your child.

File for child support. They will order the test thru the courts!

He’s just a dead beat dad like many others. Get the court order for DNA test. But that won’t promise he will pay child support.

Maybe keep your knees together longer than a month!