How can I go about getting my stuff from my husband?

I would try going there first, and if he doesn’t answer or give your stuff back I would call the cops then and wait for them to come so u can get it or get a court order to get it back.

So,your worried about the ex’s now girlfriend who bullied you in HS? Screw that. Cut your losses, move on and buy new things.


Toys can be replaced. Anything of sentimental value I’d march up to his house with reinforcements an ask as nicely as possible if that don’t work then I guess involve the police. You ain’t in high school no more don’t be afraid of your former bully your all adults hopefully they get the memo.

You could call the cops but they’ll probably just tell you it’s a civil matter. Really though, pick and choose your battles. If your husband has been storing the stuff for over a year without you paying for storing it, he can technically say you abandoned it and it’s now his property. If the stuff was that important then y oil I’d have gotten it sooner.

You have absolutely nothing to do?
It’s toys!
It’s toys!!

Buy some new toys and MOVE ON…
EXACTLY WHY ARE you stressing about toys and want to go as far as involving the police???
That’s something trivial, put your precious baby FIRST!!
Children knows when the spirit is vexed so allow daddy to keep the toys so when she is visiting she has her stuff to play with!!!
Get the Police involved equals animosity and spite!!!
I smell pinch little jealousy perhaps?
My advice to you…Buy baby some NEW TOYS and move on luv.

Make sure you are not trying to see what he is doing after a long year the items are old buy new items there could be bed. bugs around ,sometime that little remembers occure in you about people you shared a life with private thoughts about him good or bad, if he is paying support buy more toys oversely he is not seening his child , be far to yourself don’t try feed us your baby toys what she been playing with for a whole year take care if your self an baby.

It’s been a year :woman_facepalming:t5: why keep contacting over toys your child has forgotten. I’m sure he saw the drama a mile way and refused to answer

If he’s still seeing your daughter then don’t worry about because at least you know she has toys to play with while she’s there and even if he’s not seeing her it’s still not worth worrying about. It’s just toys and they can easily be replaced, plus she will grow out of them before you know it anyway. Also, when y’all slit up and you moved out it wasn’t his responsibility to store your things so it’s no surprise you’re aren’t getting them back after all this time. You should have taken everything you wanted with you when you left or not taken so long to ask for it back.

Honestly who cares about the tiys just buy her some new 1s. Probs better then the drama that will happen.

It’s not worth the hassle to get police involved they have better things to do. Toys are not a big deal just go buy new ones honey safe your self the grife . And head ach. Good luck

Just move on, “stuff” never made anyone happy. Leave it. I think there maybe a touch of the green eyed monster here, and you’re still in love with him, as rather than things you should be more concerned with the lack of contact with the child, let him go and move on, your life will improve

Its a loss. Never leave without whats important. U can go thro small claims court or add it in the divorce but it may not be worth it.

You can take him to small claims… but since it’s over a year you probably just need to call it a loss

Call police in non emergency number and explain to them and if you can have them help get your stuff back

If its just toys, personally I would just leave them there. They obviously arent missed that much since its been a year.

Do it the legal way. Have the police go and escort you there to get it. They will hold the door for you and make him wait so you can get all your belongings.

Let it go!!! She will outgrow the stuff sooner or later and she will welcome to go and get some new stuff

I would not try anymore with him. I would contact the police department, tell them the situation and see what they advise. Question, though. Does you little girl spend time there? If she does, leave the crap.

Unless it’s keepsakes, it can be replaced, karma will come his way eventually!

If the items were given to you in the divorce, then the police can escort you to get them. If the items were not mentioned in the divorce, then he has no obligation to let you obtain them. If they were left behind, the law considers it trash and his to do with as he chooses. If you still feel that you have a claim to the items, you can take him to small claims court.

The police won’t get involved, its a civil matter that you would need to go to court for. Most likely you will lose because of how long its been.

If you have a friend in common ask them if not get the lawyer involved it’s your stuff your memorys x

Get a lawyer he will help you after you tell him what you told us you will get alot more than you realized. Just because he moved on he still as a child.dont make a damn who he with. Get you legal bouncer and dont regret it. Fight for your baby rights.

Don’t bother the police for this! You have to go through the courts if he won’t give you the stuff.

Usually the police can escort you over there and it takes about 15 minutes will they give you about 15 minutes so you don’t have a lot of time to make sure you have people with you got to hurry up and get your stuff.

Mind games- so do not give them this satisfaction. You’ve bruised his ego so he’s hurt & the new gf is the placeholder. Let it play out in divorce court.

Leave the past to the past…
You have started a new life, so dont bring anything that could bring sad memories.

She is getting older and will grow out of those anyway. Be done with it and don’t give those things another thought.

You have no legal rights to the items. Be careful. He does not have to store you stuff

Leave a message and give him a time and day you’ll be there and then go to the police station and ask for someone to accompany you. And it should work easier for you and if he’s not there then the police will k ow your attempts to get your things.

Unless it’s worth a small fortune just let it go. Your child hasn’t missed it at this point.

Unless there’s something there that you can not replace just leave it and start over. Even for your baby you have some toys and clothes that’s all you need. This way you don’t have to deal with his cheating ass. Believe me it’s so worth just to walk away for all that material stuff then have to even beg him for those items. Prayers to you and your baby

It may be possible that since it’s been a year it could be considered abandonment of personal belongings.

Choose you battle. You can get new toys. Not worth the fight.

Just never mind it! Rivht it off as gone unless you really need it. If it’s toys or cloths just give it up if you dont want a fight just think if its worth it to you.

It all seems pretty childish to me. Either go get the stuff or cut it as a loss

It’s not about your and him. If the stuff can be replaced with out getting him involved. Then replace it. Don’t worry about the new girl . She’s in a relationship with karma now :grin:. Everyone is about to get a dose of God’s ass beating… :joy::joy::joy::joy: Now worries… Oooooo and put his ass on child support if you have too… Allow to visit with his child that’s more important than anything else… Good luck

No just schedule an appointment with an officer to go and get it if that’s not possible take him to small claims court you either get your stuff back or your money- the purpose of small claims court is to make you whole it only cost about $35 to file

Maybe ask his parents or siblings to take the stuff for your child.

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Let it go… legally unfortunately you left it there for a year… it’s not worth the drama

Depends on your state and their laws. Most likely you make a list of items that you want to retrieve from the house. If you go threw the courts he will receive a copy he can either say ok yeah I want you to have everything or contest it. Then you hire a constable my husband is one he charges 125.00 for the first hour and 25.00 an hour after that. You are only allowed to take what is on the list.

You ask your in laws to :slightly_smiling_face: they should understand that it is for both of your child’s sake

Nothing is worth begging for… I’d just say yourself the heartache and trouble and just buy some more toys.

Unfortunately sometimes you’ve got to pick your battles and this is not one.

I haven’t gone through this with a partner, but have gone through something similar when I did an exchange, she left her child’s toys in the back garden, she asked if I can box everything up and she would make arrangements to come and collect them she never did so I put them out the front they were there two days and they were taken

Get new stuff. Its not worth the headache. And you cant take stuff to hevan.

Contact a lawyer, usually they don’t charge anything just for information on how to get your belongings back.

he should stop being an ass , take your calls and give you the kids stuff

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Forget about those things buy some new things and move on with your life material things.can be replaced cannot.

Dont u speak to him about ur kid? If so bring it up then. If she goes there have her bring it back or at least have it ready when u pick her up

Is there a third party you could ask for help? Maybe a friend to take care of it for you?

I had to have my attorney help me get my stuff back cost money but it was worth the look on my ex face

It’s just stuff. Not worth it. Get new stuff later

If he even still has it try police but honestly buy it been don’t stress yourself out

Nope going over there alone will only escakted the situation into something negative

Don’t know what to tell you a lot of places I would consider you abandoned your property you may try to get another member of his family to talk to you and him

It’s been a year I’d just move on. Toys are replaceable they grow out of them so fast it’s not worth all the drama

Let it go! By leaving those items there that’s just another way of helping you move on.

Question-do you really need the stuff that bad?
I would just walk away and move on.

Nothing he has should be worth it. Everything can be replaced. Why even risk it

Go over there with the cops for a civil stand by and make notes of it for court don’t just go over with friends … that looks bad on you in court! Make sure you keep track of all calls and text print out for court in case judge asks for proof they don’t want to be handed your cellphone… and you have to write it down as well the time and dates you called what was said etc … last thing you want is the judge to look at you as being immature so do what a adult does and take police escort get what is yours and what you need and write it all down print it out and remain peaceful not only with your ex but with the judge

If its your daughters stuff and she spends time there, why give it back? Just get stuff for your home for her.

Go there, punch her in the face and get what is yours. Also that makes me think that he isn’t seeing his daughter at all.

You should let go of these items not worth the hassle. Doesn’t he come to see his kid??

Just replace the items. It’s been over a year and you legally have no leg to stand on without a written agreement

Is it really worth it? Yeah let it go.

Go buy new toys etc. It’s not worth the headache

Is he the father of your child? Because if he is then there are bigger concerns about him not communicating with you then just her crap

Have your lawyer pen a letter asking for the stuff. Do no go there,call,or nothing. Let the lawyer handle it.

civil matter, you’d have to take him to court. Cut your losses and get new stuff.


Buy new ones. I am taking it he does not see his kid. If he dont see his kid it is doubtful he even has has them

If he is still your husband you can legally go in and take whatever. I had this issue

If it’s just toys…buy new ones…don’t let him live in your head rent free…move on and find someone better

Walk away from it all. If it’s toys you can get more. Just walk away

He probably through your stuff away. Call the police and try or get a lawyer. But its probably trashed I am sure

Let him keep your daughter’s toys. She will want to play with them when shes with her dad.

Take a police escort with you when he’s home and pick the stuff up

If its just toys just replace them. Pick your battles

go to court they will have paper work made up with in 5 days you and a marshall or police of what ever law enforcemennt will go with you

Count your loss as a blessing and get new things.


Is it worth your piece of mind?

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Buy new things. Its not a big deal.

you should have stored them somewhere else

Just replace the stuff if you can and leave him alone. If he doesn’t want to be bothered it may become hostile

Sad he won’t up the kids toys


He’s an ass. Be greatful you found out early and before you gave him your youth. Move on


Call the police then file for divorce

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Call the police. If that doesn’t work have someone trash his car.

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Go and tell him to give you your stuff . If not , call the cops , they will wait while you grab it .

Let.the stuff go and the man.

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It’s just stuff. Let it go and walk away. Speaking from experience.

Civil matter sadly. Chalk it up to let him be petty and keep.

Let it go! Move on with your life!

Talk to an attorney , not Facebook. Every state and situation is different

Cops will go with you. They did me when I left

I say let it go… let him keep the stuff and just buy her new.

Go buy new, it’s not worth the fight.

notify police get an escort to the house

Move on. You won’t get the stuff and it’s not worth jail time. Let it go :blush:

Police will escort you and stay till you are done, tell them you are in fear and don’t want a conflict