How can I handle my anxiety?

Hi, so I have been feeling really awful lately like breaking down in tears about how I feel like a bad mom and have also had extreme paranoia about things happening to my son (1 year old) or me because I don’t want him to be without me or anything to happen. I’ve also had some pretty awful separation anxiety when I go to work or even just when he’s sleeping. I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this? Any advice? Thank you guys!


Get therapy really fast. It is best to talk with a good one

I did the same thing and it was torture now. I vowed not to do that with my other 2 and it was a much happier time. If you stay stressed out your child will feel it. Also, you may not be as calm and patient.

You probably need an antidepressant, it could be hormonal imbalance, ask your Dr about Prozac. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to make that feeling go away.

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Talk to a counselor as well as your physician. I got put on a PRN for anxiety and it has helped me so much

Me. Still going through it :frowning:

Personal Development, Girl wash your face, did wonders for me right after I had my second.

Self care! It’s not selfish to take care of YOU. If you are feeling miserable your child senses that.

Talk with other mommas. You aren’t alone!

yes call today to your doctor they will help you!!
if you need a friend just text me

omega vitamins 369 can help you vit d 3

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Postpartum anxiety is a thing… talk to your doc


Oh my goodness yes. I turned to my best friend who turned me to meditation. It reduced my anxiety and I felt a lot better. The rest is completely normal. It will get better in time

Smoke some weed at the end of your day to relax and remember your doing your best and that’s all that matters :two_hearts:


You should speak with your Dr. Sounds like it could POSTPARTUM.

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I have the same thing… it sucks
Someone recently told me about postpartum anxiety.

Postpartum anxiety, 100%. Get meds. Breathe. Learn some coping and meditative breathing techniques. Take the meds. See a therapist who specializes in anxiety or postpartum issues. It’ll get better. Talk yourself down when the thoughts come for you, and feelings well up. Rationalize. It will be ok. You can do this. Everything is ok. Your life is great. Just say it until you feel it. Do the work and give it time and you WILL get past this.


Check out that ig page, it has some great info, coping skills and other ppls stories

Have you tried CBD oil? If you dont want to use because of the minimal amount of THC there is another form you can use that has no THC. Had helped me in many ways. Feel free to PM me to get more info.

I reccomend reaching out to a counselor or therapist. When I was struggling with similar feelings with my first they really helped me.

Talk to a councler or someone you trust? Might help ik it did me but I also took the medication root too

Yes. I go through this everyday. I have to sleep next to him. I cant leave him alone with anyone and his tantrums dont help i always fear someone will get annoyed and hurt him… Im scared to leave him when i give birth… But i guess the way i deal with it is just hoping for the best and trusting the people im supposed to trust in… Its overwhelming tho…i was also like this with my 7yrold when she was younger. But it got better with her since now she can talk and tell me everything. My son is verbual but doesnt know right from wrong so it leaves me uneasy… I also pray alot for my kids, gives some type of relief i guess…

You probably need to go to doctor and get meds for it