How can I help ease her mind?

Why would a mom tell her that, many young ladies have babies in their teens… she just needs to know she’s not going to be alone. It’s not going to be easy but, geez thanks for researching for your step daughter.

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I was 15 when i had my first child and she came naturally and just on time. My niece is now 18 but was 17 when she had my great nephew but she needed a c section bcuz the baby was breach when she went into labor. Again all turned out just fine with both of them.

I was 17 when I had my daughter and didn’t have to have a c-section. Between her n my son my delivery with my daughter was a breeze. Not all teen moms have birthing complications. Her mom seems like a very rude person

I was 17 wen I had my first child. I was perfectly healthy and had her natural just keep telling her everything will be okay.

Best thing you can do is give her the facts. Plenty of education mixed with support. Sounds like she’s best off without her mothers influence.


Tell her to breath and not believe her mom. That everything will be fine. He’ll age is just # I know 33 yrs old that shouldn’t have kids but did so it’s nothing about age.

I had a baby at 17… he was born vaginally &was healthy

If she does need to have a c section. There’s many reasons some have to have them. It’s also 100% okay to have one and nothing to be ashamed of or mean her pregnancy is complicated. It’s okay to be scared but she’s stronger then she knows and has a support system to lean on. She will be just fine. Books or audio books whichever she prefers will help her get in the right head space. Tell her that Google is not the answer to any weird feeling she is having and it will do more harm then good to look up her symptoms.

I got pregnant at 16 & delivered my son at 17. I was a 00 when I got pregnant. I was very tiny. I had absolutely no issues giving birth and my son was/is perfectly healthy. I delivered naturally as well. My labor started at about 3 am and I delivered him at 9:53 pm. Please just be there for her. I needed my family and I was so scared. I had no friends.

My niece just had a baby at 17 2 years ago younger than I was when I had a baby I had a ceceran and she had natural birth both got healthy babies and were both great moms keep pushin lil mama no matter what God has you and your babies lives in his hands you will be just fine! Have faith in yourself!:heart:

Take her time the doctor to discuss her fears and concerns. Knowledge is power.

We must not forget queens, princesses and duchess were having children at 13 and 14 :heart: she’s gonna be ok be on her side and give her strength and love :heart:

I was 16 when I had my first. All natural. 4.5 hour labor.

I was only 16 when I had my first baby, no c-section, and no complications. Just give her as much support as you can and all of the information she needs. Even if she has a c-section she’ll be okay! Sometimes they’re necessary and it has nothing to do with age

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I got pregnant with and had my first child all at 17, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I had my daughter vaginally and everything went smoothly. As long as she has your love and support she will do just fine :heart: her mother should be ashamed of herself for making her feel like that.

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Hello! Fellow teen mom I got pregnant at 17 and gave birth just after I turned 18,
My best advice is you and her dad be there for her every step of the way, she is going to go through alot of emotions
You are now her support system since her bio mom decided not to be, if she has questions let her ask you if you don’t know have her write them down to ask her OB or midwife

Awe! First off congratulations to her!! I wasn’t a teen mom but she must be scared and worried. That’s normal though. Just give her a lot of reassurance and support. Answer what you can and have her know her OB is always there to answer things as well. Don’t let her Google too many things either that may make her worries worse. Maybe also do celebrations once she hits some milestones in her pregnancy. Keep her excited. I also would recommend educational classes for her about the different trimesters, her body changes, baby growing and developing, what to expect during pregnancy/child birth, anything post partum to help prepare her for that as well, parent classes, etc. She will do just fine as a mom if she is already worried about her little baby. Good luck to you and her. :purple_heart: she’s got this.

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I got pregnant at 16 and had twins naturally at 17

My husband’s niece had her first at 16 so did his sister. Hell my mom had her first at 16 with no complications or even pain meds. Her mom is just evil for telling her that. I had more complications at 24 giving birth to my first then my mon did giving birth to all 5 of us. So being young doesn’t have anything to do with it its your body not your age

Tell her that isn’t true and just be there for her. Don’t judge her.

For 1, what a shit mom. For 2, age doesn’t dictate how you give birth. I had 2 c sections & was not a teen mom. Some of the best mothers I know were teen moms. Your age DOES NOT determine the parent you become.

I was a teen mom X2 and they were both vaginal

I was 26 and 28 both c sections. Age doesn’t determine that. My mom was 19 and had me with no complications and vaginally. And as scary as it sounds, all mommas are beautiful warriors whose bodies are magic. She’s going to be a great mothers as she’s already worried about safety for her child. You’re also a good mother to her for trying to help ease her mind. Keep going :heart:

Her mother is full of sh*t. Her body is actually in its prime for child birthing- as young as it may seem to the rest of us. :tipping_hand_woman: Like it or not, we’re built for this. She’ll be just fine! :heart:

Education and support will be her bestfriends

Had mine at 15. Natural birth. I’m 21 now and make more than the kids I went to high school with. It’s work, but its worth it

i got pregnant with my first at 17 had him just after i turned 18, i had a 100% all natural unmedicated childbirth and super smooth pregnancy :blush: went on to have 3 more after him as well , just as smooth and all natural as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: my biggest piece of advice would be to advocate for yourself!! go over a birth plan figure out exactly what you want for you and the baby and unless an emergency comes up, stick to that plan no matter what. you’ll be surprised what kind of confidence comes from that mama lion inside you. congratulations :two_hearts:

Be sure to go to her appointment with her have her ask the Dr if it will be a Csection and tell her you will do everything possible to make it alright as long as she follows what the Dr tell her. I was a 16 year old Mother and I had my Son just fine there is so much more technical help than when I had my child and it was okay. That was 44 years ago so ease her mind that as long as she does what the Dr says she will be fine……

I got pregnant at 15, had my beautiful daughter at 16. Here we are 5 years later. My daughter’s father was not really apart of her life. And I still manage to do it with out him and she now has an amazing sister and true dad. I had 0 complications during birth. It was an amazing experience, even being so young. I was on the wrong path when I got pregnant and honestly my daughter saved my life. She will be an amazing mother! Sending positive vibes her way!

I was pregnant with my firstborn at 17 we have a great relationship you grow up when you are young having a bub and learn to appreciate your own parents more I wouldn’t change a thing my labour and birth were perfect ,well as far as labour goes no problems or complications if she has good support like you and her dad sound that will be a big help, it’s sharing the love, team effort to a degree,it’s a exciting time new life I’m sure she will be perfectly fine sending lots of positive vibes for this special time🥰

Her mom is a b*tch for saying anything negative to her. Just support her the best you can. Tell her her mom doesn’t know what will happen. Help her write down questions to ask her Dr. Her age doesn’t mean she’ll have a C-section. Also having a C-section isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

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I was barley 18 when I became pregnant with my first kiddo no c-section. In fact it was a smooth pregnancy. I’m sorry her bio mom scared her like that. Be there and support her maybe see if you can go to a dr. Apt they will put her mind at ease also. She just needs love an support.

Just be there for her. Let her watch some birthing videos on YouTube and read about each term, weeks, mommyhood, ect. The mother sounds toxic as hell. I was 17 when I gave birth to my daughter, she was born vaginally and weighed 10 lbs a week early, had 0 complications. She will be okay. Just be there for her and be as loving and supportive as you possibly can. :two_hearts:

My first pregnancy (18) was my easiest, smoothest pregnancy and labor I’ve had, I’m 29 now with a couple more kids lol.

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I was also a teen mom, had my son at 16. Vaginal birth! Nothing you can say to ease her mind, she wanted her momma to do it and she failed! So all you can do is be there for her, help her along the way and just be patient with her! She’ll rage one day and love you the next. The best things my parents did was just be there when I needed them!

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Just educate her. Also while she doesn’t have to put up with ignorant comments, maybe try to prepare her for how she can handle them without them affecting her as much because that comes with the territory of being a young mom

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I had my daughter at 17 years old and had her naturally on her due date healthy …

My mom had me naturally at a birth center when she was 17

I was 21 and needed a c-section. It has nothing to do with your age, really. It’s your body. Her body has plenty of time to spread and dilate and get ready for the baby to pop out :slightly_smiling_face: and even if she needs a c-section, that’s ok! It really isn’t all that bad. It’s a big more major, but you don’t really think too much about it when your bundle of joy is there. All of that pain is silenced by your beautiful baby’s face.

As a formar teen mom, i can attest to the fact that her mom is trying to scare her. She can have a normal pregnancy and delivery.

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Just be very supportive during this time. Some people are not born with a perfect brain. Apparently her mom is one of these people.


Google all the things she said. Find out the truth.

Best thing to ease her mind would be to sit her down with her OBGYN and have her ask any and all questions she has.


I would highly suggest having her make a list of questions and at her next dr appt sit with her and help her explain her concerns to the dr and hopefully that’ll help ease her mind. Another thing you can do is help her set up a baby registry and get her excited about buying the baby stuff. Having a baby is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s okay to feel terrified but it’s not okay to have fears because of someone being hurtful.

I just turned 24 and am due to have my 5th baby. I have never needed a c section at all and my pregnancies are pretty much an every year thing just about. Most drs also try to avoid c sections as much as possible. I’m not sure how much that helps but I figured that info would help ease the c section fear of things.

I was 15 when I got pregnant and had my first baby. He’s 3 now, I delivered vaginally. I was also told my baby didn’t deserve to live and I wasn’t fit to be a mom, not at 15 by my grandma. My labor and delivery went just fine, a strong support system always helps. Just because she’s young doesn’t mean she’ll have issues! I’m 19 now due with my second any day now and I’ve had more issues with this pregnancy than my first. She’s got this.

i just want to say thank you for being a supportive “step”mom. Not enough kids have that.

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Oh boy, hug that mom to be. Let her know that you and her father will always have your back. Educate her and let her know she’ll ultimately be happy and healthy with a child who will love you.

Not true at all. My great grandma was 14, I had an old friend that got pregnant at 12 and had a great labor despite the sad situation, plenty of people on 16 and pregnant have vaginal deliveries. I would try and get her a doula or into some birthing classes to help ease her stress.


I was 18 when I got pregnant with my first son. I needed a c-section because of stress. Everything she does will effect her pregnancy but in all honesty you her people have easier pregnancy then someone older she’s currently in her prime years of “child bearing” she should be fine. Don’t stress relax and take it week by week.

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Her mum sounds horrible. Her mum made her feel horrible when she was meant to support her daughter! She won’t have to have a C-section, I don’t think she will be allowed unless it’s a emergency. Tell your step-daughter everything will be fine as long as she has a smooth and stress free pregnancy she will be fine. I was 20 when I had my first I didn’t have a lot of support and I was scared but after you have that baby it is all worth it.

My daughter had her first at 19 and didnt need a csection

My cousin was 15 when my goddaughter was born. And she had a natural birth. All fine

Have her doctor talk to her

I was 17 when I had my son, who is now almost 30. My pregnancy with him was my easiest and he was perfectly healthy. As long as your stepdaughter is healthy and keeps up with her appointments to monitor the growth of the baby, everything should go just fine.


I had my first son at 15 and didn’t have any complications. It’s not ideal to be a teen mom but it’s not the end of the world and you never get more than you can handle. Just love her and stand by her she will be just fine.

I’m 20 with 2 kids. Had my first at 16 with almost no support.:heart: she 100% can make it as a parent. Anybody who says different is just ignorant and doesn’t know what they are talking about. It will be a lot of work, but it is more than worth it in the end. :heart: I was told by doctors and nurses that my age just meant I would bounce back faster and they were right :woman_shrugging:t4: if she ends up having a c section it’s not because of her age lol. Her mom clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I had my second son a week ago and I’m already feeling 100%. :heart: my friend who is the same age had a c section 2 months ago and her and her baby are doing just fine. Tell her not to listen to her bio mom. :heart: sending lots of love.

I was 17 when I had my daughter. Also she was 9lb 10oz baby I didnt need a C-section, but I did have an epidural.

Why would her mom do that? Tell her to not take her moms advice or comments serious because she is not a medical professional. I was sixteen when I had my baby. It was the smoothest and easiest pregnancy of my life. It was natural btw too and I ended up using epidural because I couldn’t handle the extreme pain towards the end. I’m 24 now and just had my second child and this one was also natural and fast :dash:. Sit down and do research with her. Also you guys can go to the obgyn to get reassured
Best of luck and love :heart::heart::heart:

I had my first amazing son at 17. I had a wonderful birth surrounded by the support and love i needed. It was DIFFICULT but I did it and I made it. I think it’s BEYOND awesome you guys are being such a great support system. My advice not all blood is family. And to write off any negative people and enjoy your life with your soon to be little one.


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Mom of 3 and I was 18 when I had my first son, his 18 now… my baby was healthy… me… not so much, I developed preclamsia, they had to induce me 3 weeks early , it was a vaginal birth. Everyone is different but I dont think her age has anything to do with needing a caesarean. I would keep it real with her and tell her theres always that chance… but its not 100% and trust when shes in labor she wont be concerned with how that baby gets out as long as its out. Lol. The best thing she can do is research everything,
Go to all your prenatal checkups , and do what her gyno recommends.

I was 18 when I had my son and it was the best thing I did, she won’t have to have a C sec unless baby is in distress or bubs in breach position, or at worse life n death situation which is rare

Tell her to tell her mum that if she really wants to go there …
Our bodies are actually better at giving birth when we are younger.

Had my daughter at 15, naturally. No complications. Educate her and love her. Give her a good, healthy support system. I wouldn’t have survived without mine, still wouldn’t. Some girls aren’t blessed with families who care.
My biggest blessing I ever received. I’m now 25 and can no longer have children.

Every good and perfect gift is from above.

Best wishes! :heart:


Her mom’s a moron. My daughter had her first at 16 and her and baby was just fine.

Had my first when I was 16 no complications. You are wonderful for supporting her thru a complete life change at such a young age. She needs all the positive support she can get right now. Her hormones are wild jus from being a teen and then add pregnancy hormones. Her world is completely flipped right now and it means the world to her she has your support. Reassure her everything is going to be fine. Read her some of these positive teen mom posts it’s gunna be a long hard road but it’s going to be so worth it you got this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Had my girl at 16 in 6 hours naturally.
No compilations tears or issues. Mentally it was hard - giving birth was the easy part.

Her mum is using scare tactics. Keep supporting her and she’ll be okay.

“Teens” have been having babies forever (think of the last few hundred years) when the typical age of a girl was 15 to get married and start families. They didn’t need C-sections. She will do well with the love and support you provide. Tell her to relax about it unless a doc tells her otherwise. Good grief I can’t believe a mom would tell their daughter something that would cause such stress to her. I see why dad has full custody. Praying for all. Smile and reassure.

I’d just tell her that as long as she does what her doctor tells her to do, there is no reason why her pregnancy should have any problems at all. She is young, strong and healthy and her baby will be just fine. And with the support of you and her father she doesn’t need to worry about what her mother said.

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Have her talk to her ob and I had my first at 19 he’s was healthy and happy and 30 years old and her mom needs to be put in check and congratulations on her baby and your grandbaby

Had my first at 15, no complications. She’ll be fine

I was 17 when I had my first baby. He was born healthy and happy. I had problems during pregnancy with anxiety and mild depression. The surge of hormones was rough on my body as well being so young (severe lightheadedness and compete exhaustion all the time). Not everyone is this way, but there’s always a chance. The best thing you can do for her is give her alllll the emotional support you can. Make sure she knows how strong she is and that she can do this!

Pregnancy is much, much easier at that age. I had my first early too, and barely noticed the pregnancy.
With my pregnancy the second time round, in my 30s, it was a lot harder on my body. She has NOTHING to worry about age-wise

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My best bit of advice is to hire a doula, take the childbirth education classes, and if she wants to give the baby human milk, make sure to see the lactation consultant before she leaves the hospital. There are so many great ways to support her right now!


I had my first son at 17! No complications and he’s a perfectly healthy 10 year old :heart: She will be just fine! Tell her not to worry, teen moms are amazing mothers too!

Honestly , and there no easy way to say this

Be the mom she needs In this moment…



Tell her mom is incorrect I was 19 my mom was 17 my mom had a 9lb baby mine was 7.10 neither of us needed a c-section (I actually got one with my 3rd and was 31) every body is different just because you are a teen doesn’t determine those factors

I had my 1st at 16, induced, no pain meds or anything. I had my 2nd at 17. Again induced, no pain meds, etc. 3rd at 19, completely med free. 4th at 21 which was ½ induced, no pain meds. 5th at 23, no pain meds.

I’m sure she’ll be fine. I ended up w pre-e w all of them, and pp complications after #2 & #5, but that’s just me. Kids are all fine.

I had my first at 17 with no complications whatsoever. My daughter was just a little over 7lbs and healthy. She is now rolling up on her 6th birthday and was the best thing to ever happen to me! Your stepdaughter has got this just be there to support her as much as possible​:sparkling_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Look up some information and do some research with her. I’m sure that her Mom is just upset and reacting in a hurtful way because she feels like her daughters dreams might be harder to achieve now. There are so many success stories of teen Moms that become stronger women for their child. :heart: You’re doing great supporting her! Good job!

Tell her c-sections are amazing.

I was 16 when I had my daughter. I had a rough labor but we made it and when I say my daughter saved me, I fully mean it. I’m not saying I condone teen pregnancy but sometimes it takes something big to save us in ways we need. Just support her in whatever ways you can, get her whatever information she’s willing to take in.


Just hang in there everyone :heart:

My grandma had her first kid when she was 14 it was the way they did it back in the day ps Medican has come a long way :ok_hand:t2: I’ve had four and honestly the birth is the easy part lol

I was 17 when I gave birth to my first child, he is now 16. He was a healthy baby boy. I also delivered vaginally.

lies, all lies, I was a teen mom too back in the day.

I was pregnant at 16 & had my first at 17 naturally she will do great tell her thinking positively is good for the baby not to stress that it’s bad for her & the baby she will do great even if she ends up having to have a csection

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I’ve never had a c section but I have a different type of respect for c section moms from what I’ve heard c section’s are WAY harder than natural either way her and baby will be just fine her mother just sounds awful sounds like there’s a reason dad has sole custody

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Her mom needs to go snort a cactus up her butt. I was 17 when I had my oldest/first child. Had her vaginally with no pain meds in a whopping 4 hours total from my water breaking (which was my first sign of labor) to her being born. I wasn’t a perfect mom, but I tried my best. I finished school and worked part time and tried my hardest to be a good mom despite my age. Now I have 8 amazing children and have had 15 pregnancies (7 losses). Let me tell you, pregnancy and labor/birth are harder as you get older. I’ve still managed to birth my kids vaginally without drugs, however I wish that they were all as easy and quick as my oldest was. My oldest is also my best behaved child, she is extremely smart, well behaved and so so helpful and kind. So clearly being a teen parent isn’t that bad. I feel like I did right by her based off how she has turned out, especially since she is a teenager and actually listens and isn’t a jerk and communicates. She’s very sarcastic at times, however she is basically the perfect kid otherwise. I still wish I could go back and raise my other older kids how I raised her before I kept being told everything I was doing was wrong, because clearly based on how she is, I did everything right. Tell your daughter not to listen to her bio mom. She (bio mom) sounds like a jerk. She can do this. She can have that baby and be a good mom. People like her bio mother are a huge reason I thought I was a terrible human and mother for so long and I really regret listening to them now.

Her mum sounds like a douche. Teen pregnancies are 40% less likely to result in cesarean. Obvi not advocating for or necessarily against teen pregnancies, but the mum is full of it. Even then, c sections aren’t that bad.

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Take her to the doctor and let him/ her talk to her about the pregnancy.

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Teen mom here had my 1st at 17 and had a c section because of baby was late and didn’t want to come out yet had a date to be induced the meds that they gave me to induced me with was stopping babys heart but had a emergency c section and it saved both baby and my life 4 c sections all together and all my kids happy and healthy yes there is a risk but its worth it tell her to make sure she stays healthy and walk alot to help baby come on time . also supporting her my step mom and dad supported me threw the pregnant i was scared to tell them i was pregnant hid my pregnancy for 3 months before i told them but it was ok and they helped so much

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Actual medical information and current studies on the subject would be a good start.

My grandma had her first kid at 17. Delivered without a c section and she had a big kid. Her oldest is in his 50’s now and healthy. Age isn’t the only factor in whether or not she will be able to deliver with or without a C-section.

Her mom sounds ignorant and that’s probably part of the reason she wasn’t capable of raising her. Give her the eduction and support she needs and keep her away from that bum.


Teen mum here. My mum tricked me into a “shopping trip” but really it was to the abortion clinic. Your support would be so treasured by her. Do some research, print it out. Make a plan together. She’s lucky to have you x


The mom sounds like there’s a reason she doesn’t have custody… I had my son at 17 and had no issues with labor and delivery. My monthly cramps were worse than my labor pains. Only issue I had was not making enough amniotic fluid. I’m fairly certain that’s not true tho cuz I’ve read somewhere that Biologically our teens is when we’re best Physically suited to have kids as human life expectancy before modern medicine was approx 30 years. Our current life expectancies are drastically artificially extended and our bodies start to deteriorate at around 30. That’s why our hormones push us so hard to want to do that at that young of an age, having a kid in your teens ment u would live just long enough for them to become teens and continue the bloodline.

Get her a yoga ball and look up yoga to open hips or get her a class, make sure she is going to appointments and being assured by doctors etc

Your step daughter needs you right now. Having a baby at any age can be challenging. If you and your step daughter have a good relationship with one another you should go to her doctor appointments with her. You can ask questions that she might not think to ask. You can also explain and know the exact information the doctor is saying to give her some peace of mind. It seems like her mother is not going to help with the advice she needs right now. A C section can be scary for someone who has never experience being pregnant. I know people who already had a c section and are scared to have another one. I had an emergency c section and I was scared. I think you and her dad being there for her every step of her pregnancy will help her from stressing too much.

I mean technically from a anthropological and biological sense… teens are more meant to have babies. It’s not a comfortable thing to thing about, but purely scientifically, they are most fertile and their bodies are most capable at that time.