How can I help my 2-month-old with teething?

Hi, my little boy is two months and is bottom teeth are already coming in. I don’t know what to do since he can’t grab most of the toys yet, and most of the pacifiers are too big for his mouth. I’ve read that you can give them crackers or something to help cut the gums to relieve some pressure, but he’s still too young to eat stuff. And I just hate seeing him hurt and I can’t do much about it. So what could I do to help my little one?


Teetha Teething Powder saved us and was literally the only thing that helped my LO.

Baltic Amber teething necklaces

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Pedialyte freezer pops

He may be too young still, but you can try those mesh teething things you put frozen fruits in. Or the amber necklace

Tylenol ibprofun children’s bendryl

Teethers and green onions! They have a natural numbing agent they release when chewed

Put some ice in a cold rag (if the ice is big like mine just get a hammer and break it up) and let him suck on it for a bit I did that the other day with my daughter and it helped a bit

yes teethers and you can hold it while he bites on it

Try rubbing some orajel on them and use either Tylenol or Ibuprofen also

Put a wet wash cloth in the fridge for a little while and then give that to chew on. 2 months is early for crackers

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Freeze a baby was cloth.

knot an adult size face wash cloth wet it freeze let little one bite away

Biccypegs are amazing. Highly recommended x

Amber teething necklace.
Walmart has thus banana shaped teether worked amazing on mine

Talk to your pediatrician

I put a damp washcloth in the freezer for a bit let him suck on whatever part he wishes

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Wet a washcloth and put it in the freezer, let him chew on it.

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Please do not give your 2 month old ibuprofen ONLY Tylenol. Freeze a washcloth and let him chew it.

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Carrots are great for babies teething I used them for my granddaughter

Cold facecloth to chew on

Lightly frozen fruit inside of a mesh cloth

Teething mits. They velcro to the wrist.

Infant tylenol. That’s the only medication I know that is really okay at that age.

My baby started teething at 2 months too according to her pediatrician (it took FOREVER for her tooth to come in) at that age I just let her bite on my knuckle, and also got an organic teething oil, because her ped said no orajel at that age. This is the one I used (and we still use it cause shes still getting teeth, shes 8 months now) the only reason I didnt use the wash cloth idea is because they arent supposed to have water until 6 months old. And definitely not tap water.

Homeopathic orajel or teething stuff. Cloth in the freezer.

My partner fingers was also very satisfying for my daughter to chew it.

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My son did the same thing we tried a number of things that seemed to help put a damp wash cloth in a zip bag put it in the freezer just long enough to make it stiff but still pliable. Freeze pops the kind in the tube. Clove oil has a natural numbing and reduces swelling. I used it on my babes just a tiny little bit goes a long way. I even use it on my self for tooth aches. We also used teething tablets. Good luck mama. Teething can be a nightmare.

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Rub children’s Benadryl directly on the gum.

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I gave my 3 month old plain unseasoned jerky lol he LOVES to chew on it and I don’t have to worry about pieces breaking off. Plus the flavor helped since he didn’t have much interest in teething toys at the time

Wash your hands and then massage them

We use soothing tablets and nubys teething gel. Also Tylenol for pain

What pacifier is too big for his mouth??

You can ask your pediatrician. But these say 0-6 months.

My daughter got six teeth at once! Can u say NIGHTMARE? Nothing worked! This is homeopathic, and I swear by this stuff. Even for those really cranky days or going to get shots.

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Rub his gums with a clean cool damp washcloth

Ashton and parsons powder or gel

Go to the pharmacy see what they can offer

Orajel (before all you mamas go crazy - you can get baby stuff that is safe for them to use, my pediatritian recommended it for me!), - cold facecloth, teething rings, my son loved to chew on a freezy (don’t open it just give/hold for them whole, they love the cold/frozen), Tylenol but don’t go crazy with it. Let them chew on your fingers. Good luck mama!!

Frozen waffle to munch on a d amber teething necklace… my daughter has 8 teeth and one coming in and we’ve had no issues except when she lost her necklace for a couple days

If you’re breastfeeding you can buy baby popsicle molds and freeze them and give them. That’s what I’ve done and it works super well! I wouldn’t recommend freezing formula though.


Hylands teething tablets - target, walgreens. cvs etc sells them.

At 2 months old you CANNOT give crackers. They can and will choke on them.
You can…
-free a wash cloth and let them chew on it
-give tylenol
-run a baby tooth brush over their gums.
-take a age appropriate dunk it in cold water or freeze it

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I gave my boy apples, the teeth would go through and push on his gums, he loved it! Anytime he’d bite a chunk off I’d throw it away and turn the apple…

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Get amber nickles and they make them far there ankles it relly works and you got to watch one you get they make fakes ones that doint work and you can tell but if you want more info on it message me on it and you caint use the nickles while they are in water or asleep but the ankle one you can use while you baby is sleeping if you want info message me they work amazing and it’s all natural to

Wet cold wash clothes

Teething rings in the freezer, and put a wet washcloth in the freezer baby likes to chew and suck, I don’t recommend orajel but that’s just me. I used it for my first child and he has developmental delays, I didn’t use it on my second or third, no problems. I don’t know 100% if it’s related but I try to rule everything out.


Rub vanilla extract on his gums

Wash n wipe his gums down…get the plaque off…that’s what causes us the teething pain…use a dab of children’s tooth paste on a wash cloth

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Clean your hands and rub your finger over his gums

Baby cloth soaked in pear juice then frozen ( only half of cloth so hands dont get cold ) they like to grind their gums on it with the sweetness attracting them do it more .

Instant relief works wonders, wish I would of found this sooner.

Give him a piece of leather all my kids got there teeth with a piece of leather Humphreys teething tablets or highlands

This technique is about as old as time. Put a little brandy on your finger and rub it on the gums. Much more effective than any other treatment. Baby orajel is good but the brandy is better and less harmful ingredients. Surprisingly enough my pharmacist actually recommended it to another customer one day and I just happened to be there when he did. I used it with my kids.

There’s a teething ring for babies you put in the freezer you can use that you can find them in any baby section in any store

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I use that for all my kids

Baby orajel or get a receiving blanket wet and put it in the freezer that’s what helped me the most

Half these comments are a joke. Im sorry, i have 5 kids. Def dont use baby crackers, or frozen fruit, this baby is 2 months old.

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Wet rage… freeze it let him suck on it

Take a washcloth and wash and rinse it several times in Dawn original dish soap, let dry, soak in either a 100% juice and water mixture or formula/breast milk, squeeze out the excess, place in a Ziploc bag, freeze it in the freezer, put a nice big bib on the baby and let him ( while you hold it) chew on the wash cloth as it melts its messy but the cold will reduce the swelling. If your was clothes are too thick you can cut up an old pillow case or sheet it’s best to use something white so there’s no dyes in it.


My daughter put the small pacifiers for infants in the freezer. She wouln’t give Oragel. It worked great. She still does this just leave a bunch in there. He’s 10 months now.

Cold frozen face clothes are the best!!!

Freeze a wet washcloth for the baby to chew on. The hard cloth helps teeth break through, the cold numbs and the washcloth gives them something to suck on.

Fill one of the hospital Binks with water and freeze it than give it to him

Teething necklaces! Just take it off when baby sleeps.

These work great with Orajel or a wet washcloth
Freezer teething rings
My fist son had a tooth at 4 months

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Baby orajel comes in a box for 6$ at Walmart has daytime and nighttime tubes in it works amazing… I also gave my son a teething toy that you freeze…

Wet and freeze a face cloth and let him gum it. But ONLY if you are holding it for him.

Amber teething necklas best thing I’ve ever bought for my baby

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When we were babies we had whiskey rubbed on our gums to help. Did it with my kids and grandbabies recently.


Get baby a teething necklace it works wonders the baby is to small to give have of what is being posted good luck momma

My son I used the all natural fast dissolving teething tablets and Infants Tylenol. He also liked chewing on his blankets or stuffed animal toys(while supervised). My daughter has had an amber teething necklace, that you can order offline for $10-$15, she has had this since she was about 2 months old. I also give her the all natural fast dissolving teething tablets and she chews on blankets and toys. When it gets to where she is super uncomfortable I give her Infants Tylenol.

Wet a baby wash cloth and stick it in the fridge for about an hour. Then hold it and let him chew on it. It doesn’t get too hard as some of the regular teethers do. It will help numb his gums and help them cut through alot faster.

Get a wash rag damp and put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes , you dont want it frozen hard , just want it nice and cold and stuff …
Also Walmart has these teething crackers that are dissovable they’re made FOR teething babies so you wont have to worry about the baby choking or anything :slight_smile: good luck to you momma , just have patience .

Crook your pinky and let him chew on it. Always tried and true

Definitely don’t give crackers
Stay away from them silly dangerous wooden little ball necklaces,

Frozen face washer can help,

U cannot give a lot of stuff at two months I suggest before going and doing all these things take that baby to his dr !!!

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Teething ring that u put in the fridge

My mom used the whiskey trick with me when I was about 3 months and teething she would take a dab of it and run it along my gums I’m still alive 40 years later

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Cold washer to suck on, but i doubt he is actually teething

The Nuby teething pacifier works great for my LO and he loves the nuby teething glove

Frozen wet wash cloths

gumomile oil. health food store

Put the pacifier in the freezer and let the baby suck on it .

Vanilla extract or vanilla wafers work wonders

Clove butter saved my baby girl just simmer regular unsalted butter with whole cloves like 10 to 15 per stick and store in a jar in the fridge my daughter loved it just rub on gums as needed

Go to your PCP or call the nurse line. Some teething tablets don’t work or have things in them that can do harm, there’s been recalls because some have too much Belladonna in them. I always just gave Tylenol(you’ll probably have to call the nurse line at the PCP to get the right dosage for his age and size because it’s not really for under 3months unless a doctor tells you to use it ) and a frozen rag to chew(but he’s 2m). Soothie pacifiers are good and come in different sizes. You can get the tip of one wet with breast milk or formula, put it in the freezer and try that.

Tylenol helps and they sell these teething rings you put in the freezer for them to chew on. I remember my mom telling me to rub some whiskey on their gums. It numbs it, I couldn’t see myself doing that.

I bought a mesh baby feeder amd froze things like grapes, baby food, apple slices and put them in. They loved chewing on them bc they were sweet and since they were frozen it helped with teething. Just hold onto it for him


The munch Mitt was my best friend when mine were teething that young. The can get their hand in their mouth and it seemed to help a ton. Also essential oils in a roller you can roll on their jaw line calmed them down as well…also a glass of wine for momma they just need lots of comfort!

Put the bottle nipples in the freezer so the are cold and let the baby chew on that with you finger in the side that should be on the bottle

I think your Pediatrician could give you some advice and suggestions to help. I hope you are able to have a Pediatrician by now for the good health of your son. Congratulations on your having a baby. They are so wonderful and are a happy addition to your family
God bless you and guide your daily experience with a love and connection like no other. Best wishes as you grow together

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Baby Tylenol and hyland teething tablets, let him bite on your finger if he will. Don’t use orajel.

A cold freezer wash cloth helps Tylenol teething rings you can freeze popsicles with the plastic and let him chew on this

Just let him have Whole pickle an let him just suck,naw on it and the juice, vinegar will make them gums fill better for that Sweet Precious Baby. Do that a few times an that Sweet Baby will have a tooth come through. Just let the cold pickle juice and vinegar work. Good Luck Sweet Baby. :heart::heart::heart:

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Wink Naturals teething gel! Its amazing

A little bit of Orajel on your finger while you’re rubbing that area will help tremendously to give him a little bit of relief

Hurricane gel. As for it at the RX counter. It’s a miracle. Used it on both my kids.

Breastmilk popsicles if you breastfeed, punkin butt teething oil, tylenol, teething tablets.

You could massage his gums with one of the finger toothbrushes they make for newborns. We did that with our son and it helped the teeth break through, and it seemed to make him feel better temporarily. Also, a dose of Tylenol can work wonders.

Rub his gums. Get ur finger cold and rub them for him.

Are his gums white if there not white there not coming in if tgey are whiye then they are give him comilla