How can I help my 5-month-old through teething?

5 month old teething what can I do to help relieve pain?


Rolled up wet facecloths in the freezer, munch mittens are also great. They used to have teething tablets( all natural ones) although that was a while back ( 5yrs since my last teething little :sweat_smile:) if it gets really bad maybe give them tylenol as a last resort. Just know that it will get better eventually , and you are doing a great job.

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Teething tablets! They work miracles

I am going to get hate, but wet a q-tip with Whiskey or bailey’s and rub it on their gums

Highlands teething tablets. You put it in their milk. That helped mine and the dr told me with their weight how much Tylenol I can give when really bad

Tylenol. Put night time BABY Oragel on a teething pacifier, put in freezer for 20 mins. Works like a charm.

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Baby orajel (the night time actually works better I’ve used it myself lol) Tylenol if it gets real bad. Teething toys, cold pacis

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They make non-medicated children’s Orajel, which helped a ton but because it is not medicated you have to apply it frequently lol. Freeze fruit in a teething toy. Freeze formula/breast milk into popsicles.

Don’t use oragel or however you spell it. Makes the gums harder and then it’s hard for teeth to come through. I used highlands teething tablets or you can fill her binky nipple with water and freeze the binky. Wet wash cloth in the freezer works to.


If those don’t work, I recommend Hylands Homepathic pills

Frozen or cold cloth to bite on

They make teething tablets to calm them. They still make gel filled teething rings…just pop them in the freezer.