How can I help my 5 year old through his emotions?

All started recently, and I can’t think of any changes that could be causing these . He will have a break down if something doesn’t work for him the 1st time he try’s. This then quickly turns to anger and either throwing something or punching it if it can’t be thrown.

  1. Is he getting enough sleep?
  2. What kind of sugar/caffeine intake is he getting?
  3. Is he getting too much time with technology?
    All of these things will lead to higher incidence of anger in young children.
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Our son will be 5 in May and when he starts to act out I pull him aside. I sit him down next to me or on my lap and ask him why he is upset. He lets me know his reasoning and I help him work through it. We also have a 1yr old daughter, so I make sure he has mommy time while she naps

It really is the age. They get frustrated and don’t know how to deal with it. Usually just talking to them works. Just acknowledging that they are upset and why

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That is typical of a 5 year old, they are finally aware of so much stuff around them, they want to do things yet are still learning fine motor skills. Make sure you both know it is ok to be angry, and frustrated, but not ok to get violent. Teach him to talk about what is making him angry and help him problem solve, also he is old enough for you to tell him everybody has gone through times when they are angry and frustrated because they can’t do something they are trying to do and that you love him and understand his frustration. My son took a lot of work to get him to say “It makes me angry when…” but he learned to express anger verbally without yelling.

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This Usborne Book is great to help children understand there feelings and emotions :blush:
Also maybe some sensory toys from Amazon for when they are frustrated? X

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My daughters daycare has a ‘calming box’. If this kids are having a tough time they can get the box and sit and play with the items in it. Some are squishes, play doh, fidget spinners. Maybe try it and if he takes to it use the time and ask him if he knows what was bothering him…could just be an age thing and not having his friends around as much …also write down when it happens, time, what’s going on at the time, and what he does so that you can have a log of it for the pediatrician also.


I remember when my youngest was about this age. He had no patience for peas, that fell off of the fork, and pancakes with syrup on them. With the peas - I told him ‘let’s give the peas another chance…this time use a spoon’…he did and all was well again. As for the pancakes…I gave him powdered sugar instead of syrup.

You need to find a way to divert his impatience to something positive. If something doesn’t work, the 1st time, for him - turn his attention to something else for a while. Once he has calmed down…just tell him ‘do you want to try this again?’ If he says yes…then tell him ‘okay, let’s do this together’’.

Why are you asking this on a website entitled My Husband is a Blessing? Why don’t you contact your pediatrician or a family therapist ?

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My 6 yr old is the same way. Seems to have started since he started school. Hes cranky all the time and throws fits at the tiniest little things. I havent found anything that works for him and i try to be understanding until it gets out of control and he needs to be put into time out in the corner. I feel that if the school year was normal it wouldnt be as bad but being that hes going back and forth to in person and cyber its really messing with him… And he absolutely refuses to take a nap… And im pretty sure him being tired after school has alot to do with it as well. Good luck mama. Hang in there.

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Distraction works best for me. Take their attention to something else in a positive attitude, or going for a walk.