How can I help my child adjust to the time change?

First time momma here! How can I help my baby transition into the new time change! He usually goes to sleep around 8-8:30 before time changed but now when it is his “8-8:30” it will be 9-9:30


Keep waking him at the normal time and he will adjust.

Just keep to the normal routine and times and they will adjust

My little one transitioned all on her own like it never happened. They know when it’s bed time and morning time if you always stick to your routine for both. Even my older kids are going to bed an hour later and they don’t feel a difference because if the time never changed their bed time would still be the same

I just kept the bedtime routine the same with my munchkins. Luckily babies perceive time differently than us, so they seem to adjust easier than we do. Hugs mama, you’ve got this. :heart:


Then put him to sleep at 7.

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Don’t change times. Just continue on with your normal times. People make a bigger deal than what it is.


I’m dealing with that with my 7 year old I didn’t even realize it was from the time change. He’s taking longer to fall asleep and it’s been a hassle to wake him up for school the past 2 days.

In the week before, put them to bed 10 mins earlier (or later) each night.

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Just continue to put them down but like in the middle of the times he goes to bed so be 8:30-9 and slowly move the time up if need be.

Don’t change routine fine a way make room dark dark curtains if light outside still.

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Soo the night of put them to bed late late , they’ll hopefully sleep in then no nap , stay up till regular bedtime and bam back on schedule

Pretend time change doesn’t exist and put him down at ‘normal’ time

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I would just Letitia be. But, if that doesn’t work for your family, maybe baby steps. Like, 10 or 15 min increments.

Wait what? Lol my kids were just more tired at their normal time and adjusted by the second day. Just keep your schedule

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