How can I help my daughter make better food choices?

My daughter is 10 and weighs about 140, she gets chubby then gets super tall (currently 5’3") I’ve noticed since I started making healthier choices in food she does as well so maybe just buy healthier foods for your home and change your eating habits as well.

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DO NOT LET HER START DIETING! The best way to help your daughter learn to take care of herself and her body is for the whole household to make a healthy change. It shouldn’t be a diet it should be a lifestyle and as her parent you should guide her. Kids learn all their habits at home so just teach her better habits and everyone as a family should follow through.

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Have her checked for thyroid then get her vinigar tablets she will lose weight slowly and can eat what she wants and get her active not just playing video games get her outside playing and other activities

You all need to make better choices then. Take out is fine they have healthy options.
Get her into cooking and meal prepping, it can be fun, easy and save money

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Diet is good idea. Slowly!

a 10 yr old should not be going on any diet. Yes she should be shown better options to her food choices, but take out isn’t one of them. Prepare food ahead of time & reheat when your are running late.

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My 9 year old, the one in the middle weighs almost 100 pounds. He’s not heavy at all. Some kids are just more solid than others. You biggest concern should be “ is she healthy” make healthy food choices. That’s all that matters. Weight is just a number, but being healthy is important

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Cook at home more often and make healthier options available. And I hate the phrase “going on a diet” your diet is what you eat in general, it can be healthy or not, just make healthier decisions and be active. Do things as a family to be active, go on walks, play around with a soccer ball, etc…


Keep lots of fruit and yogurt in the fridge. Oats in the cupboard. She can make herself fruit salad and top with the yogurt and oats.

How tall is she? Tall kids weight more because they’re tall. Also she might be starting puberty soon? Some girls chunk out a bit during puberty (thank you estrogen!) because they’re hungry.
I wouldn’t put her on a diet because that wouldn’t do anything. Maybe more fun time playing & mindful eating. Like 1 slice of pizza, a salad with vinaigrette & fruit vs 3 slices or pizza. Or Turkey burgers instead of beef, baked potatoes instead of french fries. But I wouldn’t say diet! Just mindful choices.

Watch my daughters go through this same thing it doesn’t get any easier it’s a battle my advice I wish I had taken was make changes to her diet now. I have one that’s already had weight loss surgery now my youngest wants to have it done. It hurts to see them get depressed from being over weight. And all my prayers

Please dont wait. Set reasonable weight lose or just reasonable diet like vegetables. You can get steam in bag in microwave 6min most and they are good. A good salad with dressings or even lime or lemon on top. Tell her it’s what jojo eats or someone she likes who knows just take it slow and take walks with her

I would stop buying all junk food/any processed food. Snacks- only veggies/fruit/yogurt/proteins. Cut out pop or juice. And meal prep for the week if you have a day off or some extra time in the morning/evening.


Leafy greens, beans, corn, rockmelon, water melon, eggs, salmon, apples basically all fruit and vegetables. Within meat you’re only meant to have the palm sized anything over is to much. Don’t add to much oil when cooking either. Spray oil is best. Try corn beef, chicken, fish. You can make a chicken salad if that tickles your fancy. My children are also very picky with their foods especially vegetables. I mash down their vegetables and mix it in with their pasta and they don’t even know it’s there. You can really stick them in anywhere. You could write down a list of dieting dinners, lunches, breakfasts and stuff like that and ask her what she’d like for each and every meal but at the end of the day you choose. Be anal about the situation if that’s truely what you and your daughter want to do because without having things in place and without being committed to it then it won’t work. Good luck!

Stop buying fast food and keep unhealthy snacks out of the house.


My 10 yr old(11 in Feb) is 4’9" and 88lbs but considered “heavy” by the Dr. Just help them choose more fruits and veggies and less carbs.

If you have a busy schedule cook healthy meals before hand and put them in the fridge or freezer and your daughter can have those for lunches and dinners and for snacks buy fruits and vegetables cut them up and put some is snack containers so she can eat those for snack time…and even on the go it’s alot healthier and cheaper and you will see a big change.

Just start out small, if she likes sugar try cutting down on it a little bit.

Spend more time with her and less time working!

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You can talk to her doctor as it can be her height also could be a disorder also if none of those factors play start eating healthier foods as in don’t do take out cook at home leave healthy snacks around the house not greasy snacks

My mother told me I was fat at that age about 128 in weight 5"6 in height so I would just buy fresh fruit see what she likes and cook vegetables and try chicken boneless with olive oil spray

Talk to your pediatrician about what type of diet will work for a 10 year old. Maybe they can recommend something or someone (nutritionist). Then please research.

If shes asking you to help her now please do. (I’m not saying you’re not) I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. I went back and forth with diets. At 13 the best I found that worked for me was to just eat the portion size. Dont over eat. Healthier choices are better but even so, want some ice cream once in awhile-eat the serving no more. I lost 30 pounds just doing that in a reasonable amount of time for my age.

Simplest thing to start on is reducing carbs and giving more protein, especially breakfast and dinner. If she insists on sweetness, opt for Greek yogurt with 10+ grams of protein. That’s how I control my weight mostly.