How can I help my daughter make better food choices?

I have a ten-year-old daughter, like all of us, she loves her food. With my work schedule and my boyfriend’s work schedule sometimes take out is the best option for us. My daughter uses to be pretty thin up until about three years ago. She just kinda started eating and snacking more and more. She currently weighs 146 (no judgment please), and I know that’s the weight of a normal adult, but my daughter doesn’t look like she weighs 146 at all. She keeps asking me if she can go on a diet. Has anyone else had similar problems with there kids, and if so, what’re some good foods that are healthy for a picky eater? I’m struggling so bad and want my daughter healthy, not overweight when she gets older. Again please no rude responses. Thanks


you can always try diets and all but there is this great girl who sells amazing products for make up hair and weight loss. Kimberly Dean

Eat healthier of course let her try things veggies yogurt etc, work out / play outside. Being active is huge for kids.


Here’s the thing. You tossed out 3 different reasons she is gaining weight. I think you need to take a deep breath and get honest with yourself. Fast food is easy, but it is NEVER the best option. Try exploring crock pot options on nights when it’s hard to cook. Or make and freeze meals on the weekend.

Momma, if she is constantly snacking you have to limit her. Which probably wont make her happy. Premeasure out an appropriate portion and no more, no matter how much fussing happens.

I know you want the best for your daughter…the change doesnt start with her though. It has to start with you. Good luck!


cut out fast food and add more veggies and fruit. i wouldn’t really diet because she’s still young but healthier choices for sure.

You have to put your “schedules” aside and do what’s best for her. Fresh food and vegetables. They don’t take a lot longer than take out if you use your time wisely and prep. There are a lot of food suggestion plans that aren’t “diets” per se, she doesn’t need a “diet” stigma at age 10. Just to learn healthy eating and exercise habits. She’s very mature for recognizing something isn’t right and asking for help. Please help her.


Honestly, get a referral from your doctor to see a nutritionist. I recently did this myself. And it opened my eyes to so many alternatives to healthier eating habits and ways of cooking things.

You could use a slow cooker. Put it on slow in the mornings when you get home at night it will be cooked and you have a home cooked healthy meal.

Good ol, “what I make is what you eat” if she won’t eat it, she can eat sleep. When my mom was watching my 4 yr old, he got so big omg… she feeds him lazy food.
When that stopped and he started preschool and was with me, he ate veggie meals. Took a while but he got used to it. He maintained his weight as he grew and hes so fit now.

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Get her thyroid check it can cause weight gain and then talk to a dr about diet options

Definitely talk to her pediatrician to get a referral to a dietitian to help you make food plans that way it’s safer then talking to people on the internet who do diets at home and research online

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Ask your doctor to see a nutritionist, it will be better for both of you since you won’t have to be throwing crap diets that may or may not work for her. Also maybe teach her about healthy working out habits, maybe work out as a family to be healthier?

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What about slimming world that way she can still eat snacky stuff like choc ect but less of it and still have biggish meals and you dont even have to make it seem like a diet but healthier food i know both my kids like the meals and i prep a few and freeze them that way they are readily available if busy like spag bol, chilli con carni ect

I had a stroke at 44. I have been chubby all my life. She needs to exercise and develop that early in life. Teach her to eat fresh fruit, veggies and Greek yogurt and snack on hummus and nuts. It will help you both! I am also a diabetic and had gastric bypass surgery and lost over 100 lbs. I also had 20 inches of skin removal surgery. She does not need to suffer like I have! I weigh 160 today, I should weigh about 140 but I have had a difficult battle. May she find her peace and good lifelong habits!

Have her join some activities if she is willing. Girl scouts, Rec center sports, just things to occupy her time.
Eating out a couple times a week would probably not be the cause of her gaining weight. It probably ia the food choices in the cabinets and frig. I have a 14 year old girl, and we have the same issue. But she can only eat what I buy. I get some frozen stuff like burritos to have after school but the rest is stuff that has to be prepared. It sure cuts back on boredom snacking

Most of us snack like this out of boredom or loneliness. Curbing her portions and making her diet is only putting a bandaid over an arterial bleed and isn’t going to get to the heart of the problem.

What’s her social life like? Is she involved in any extra curricular activities? How does she spend her time each day after school? Has something major changed in her life during this time (loss of a family member or pet, a break up, switching schools, falling out with a friend, instability at home, etc.) that could account for what is potentially making her feel empty or alone? Is she appropriately challenged mentally in school?

The best way to help her maintain her weight, and lose it naturally by cutting out the extra snacking, would be to replace that hole she’s trying to fill with something meaningful before it becomes a bad habit that’s really firmly ingrained and much more difficult to break later. Getting her more involved with peer activities like clubs and groups, more structured family time, an extra curricular activity that stimulates her creativity or her mind, etc. can go a long way to stopping the excess snacking naturally.

It may be a good idea to reach out to her doctor for testing as well. As her hormones changes, imbalances can create excess weight gain, and thyroid issues can start around puberty, which can cause weight gain as well. A large clue as to what your daughters adult shape will end up looking like comes from what yours, or her father’s mother’s looks like.


Shes only.ten this might be a spurt shes going thru.try n.keepmher active go.cycling with her lots.of walks mother.daughter.time also.have carrots celery.fruits in your fridge.for snack time a dip.i.make is good.for watching what.u eat.peanut butter.banana your teaspoon vanilla awesome.on rice cakes shell do.good just a matter.of time good luck

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Don’t listen to anyone here but me. If you’re serious please message me. I’m going through the same thing with my 10 year old daughter and she has lost 25 pounds since August. Screw the diets and keto crap. She’s a child. Like I said message me if you really want to save your daughters life.

Its pre pubescent weight. She doesnt need a diet.

I would bring in nothing but healthy options in the house. Toss all junk food and sweets, save those for a special day yall set up, like twice a month you guys can have fast food or ice cream so it’s something she looks forward too. It’s also about setting an example yourself, if she sees you eating healthy and snacking on veggies itll be easier for her. Take out is fine, most places have healthier options than they used to. I was a heavy child and it was very hard on me back then and has changed my outlook on how I am as an adult. I’m constantly worried about my weight and size because growing up I was bigger and dealt with the teasing from others and I compared myself to everyone else.

My oldest is super picky. He would always eat chicken nuggets, maybe the occasional hotdog. One day i was making chicken and begged him to try it. Bribed him even. After some begging, he finally agreed to trying just a bite. He tried a bite and ever since has not turned back to the awful processed meats. He still won’t eat vegetables but i pick my battles. Now he like pork and chicken. Didn’t take to beef. Some sort of meat and fruit are mostly what i make for dinner these days. I have cut out a lot of carbs. I rarely make pizza or pasta. I stopped buying cereal, crackers or treats. If i make french fries they are baked. So try just them having a bite of something healthy. All they have to try is one bite and it could make a difference.

First make sure nothing medically is wrong.

My son is the same weight. Talk to a doctor or look online and see how many calories she’s suppose to have for her age and weight. I am doing this for my son too. We do it together. Up her water intake. Be active with her.
Heres what I do for my son… Example…
Breakfast… Weight watchers bread two slices toasted an egg and a fruit with water.
Lunch… Tuna sandwich cucumber slices orange and water.
Dinner… Chicken, broccoli, green beans. Ice cream banana water.

If you let your daughter help plan or cook the meals she might be more willing to try new foods. But fruits vegetables is a good start

Maybe more activities may help ? Swimming ymca walking going skating ? I was chunky n wasn’t greatest of nutritional eating but started more activity n helped take of pounds here n there

When my daughter was younger and struggled with her weight bought 100 calorie packs for all of her snacks. That way she didn’t feel deprived but even if she had a snack it was reasonable.

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She’s only 10 so just change her diet salads I eat cucumbers with italiandressing there is frozen fruit that comes in the frozen section that is simple to make smoothies for breakfast or snacks just put it in a blender with yougert makes like 2 glasses it’s filling fast and healthy I make soup in a crock pot chicken chicken broth and veg salt pepper parsley potatoes carrots celery it can cook all day on low it’s heathy and easy I steam most if my vegetables it keeps vitamins and flavor in the veg and it’s heathier cut back on take out and fried food it will come as a habit of how you eat! And have her help you cook she may just find out cooking is fun!

Maybe teaching her to cook healthy food would work, make it flavorful and fun. Buy smaller dishes for portion control and exercise is important (school sports can help) dance classes, or whatever she is into. Start now and she will be on the road to healthy choice throughout her life!

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Has she started her period yet? I was thin then got a little chunky right around 8-9 years old. Ended up starting my period at 9 and slimmed back down naturally.

Fiber fiber fiber. She will do less snacking if she feels more full. Plus the benefit of the fiber allowing the body to uptake more nutrients. We bulk from the unhealthy foods from the fats and carbs. There’s really no nutrients. Lots of legumes, fruits, veggies. Hummus and veggies. Try hummus on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise it’s delicious. Show her how to cut up a fruit bowl and add a couple of slices of avocado. Or how to make herself smoothies.

You and your daughter pick one day a week. Make a mean plan for that week… Then go get groceries and meal prep for that week. Include 3 meals and 3 snacks. We use Pintrest a lot for ideas. My teen is happy helping and will eat better knowing she made the choices.

It’s hard, but grab the healthier snacks. If she dont like them add them anyway. Get the healthy food off the fast food. Chicken, not breaded. And absolutely no sodas or sugary drinks. Plain old water with a touch of fruit for flavor

She can’t eat what’s not there. This may be an excellent time for you guys as a family to start a campaign of healthy eating. Good luck!

Talk about healthier eating choices rather than dieting

Maybe buying her healthy choices for snacking and food prepping for the week

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Trying to get my son to also :unamused:

I have a 10 year old boy who is almost the same way. He’s always been a big kid, not fat, just solid. He started the snack thing and I worried about it becoming an issue. I just make sure to have healthy snacks on hand. Fruit, veggies, hard boiled eggs. I buy water flavoring with no sugar so he drinks mainly that. I wouldnt say she needs a diet but maybe just talk to her about healthy options. She can still have the “bad” things but just in moderation. The other thing is making sure shes active enough.

It’s a lifestyle change…not a diet…big difference…

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Stop eating fast food. Does play a sport. Try and get her outside to exercise


Go talk to her doctor and make a plan from there. You never know if there is an underlying issues that may not be helping the situation.

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stop buying unhealthy foods…. if it’s not in your home, she cannot eat it. Here’s some grapes, baby tomatoes, cucumbers, and some cut up broccoli and cauliflower. Enjoy!


Meal prep is key. Cut back on the availability of snacks / temptations in the house. Believe it or not, sugar stimulates the brain like cocaine (actually more) that’s the reason for the consistent cravings.

Get her fruit to snack on. Fruit always satisfies my sweet tooth

Because she’s growing, it seems like she has a high metabolism :woman_shrugging:t3:. Also, take out can cause her to gain the extra weight too

Don’t diet, she shouldn’t have that in her head at such a young age. She should be taught proper healthy choices.
Eggs, bananas, yogurt, ancient grains, nuts, blueberries, Cesar salad (because let’s face it most kids hate a garden salad lol), on weekends pre make and freeze healthy soups, cut out ALL juices and only have water, popcorn instead of chips, there’s a start…

Is she in anything active? Maybe start with that along with healthy eating and go from there. I don’t know that a diet per se would be appropriate for a 10 year old :blush:

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Honestly alot can be done by simply prioritizing healthy choices and portion control. The biggest suggestions nutritionists make are simply to clean up your diet and control your portions. No soda, no fast food. Home cooked meals and healthy choices. You know what they are, they’re pretty common sense when you think about it. Really it’s just about sticking to basics and monitoring calories. I know during the week cooking every night just isnt reasonable all the time so make some meals you can keep for a few days. Last tip I can give is do it all together. You will hold each other accountable and strengthen your resolve. You got this!


Yes I feel you. I had to tell her one snack only before dinner. I’m tryna nip it in the while I still can. Good lcuk

Smaller portions, crockpot meals , healthy snacks
Keep the junk food either out of the house or somewhere where she cant get to them


My dr said cut out processed foods and sugary drinks


I have a 13 yo that is 156#, but is also 5’ 9", so height is also important, what talking about weight. I was a chunky kid. :slight_smile: I’d suggest making sure she’s as active as possible. Going for walks, bike rides, playing outside, sports (if that’s her thing, etc). Talk to her about ‘being on a diet’ and that it’s not necessary at her age, but that she certainly could and should make healthy choices and then help her with that. Start small and change what she drinks, for example. Have her set a goal of 3 glasses of water per day, or something similar that’s also manageable. If she likes juice/soda or other sugar drinks, limit them to one or two a day (depending on what she’s currently drinking). Switch to a skim milk, if she drinks milk. Try to get some simple stuff to make at home. A cheap air fryer may be a way to go, if you don’t have one. Most home prepared meals are better than take out, even if it’s a freezer meal like fish sticks and fries. Just start small so she doesn’t give up and good luck!

I always buy my kids a snack tray at the beginning of each week. The veggie tray that has broccoli, carrots, and tomatoes. I have three kids and it usually lasts them all week. They are allowed a small snack after school to hold them over until dinner.
Make a meal plan every week and stick to it.


She eat what you buy…


Consult a dietician.

All of my kids are very thin and eat a lot

I work full time and hubby works 2 jobs full time so dinner has to be easy and quick so we started meal prepping

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I would suggest cutting the snacks out maybe one a night. Try vegies in ranch apples with caramel

Explain to her that with you getting food out is unhealthy. Change your eating habits and have her help you prep and cook healthy meals.Fresh fruits and Vegetables!

Start meal prepping on the weekends, momma. Itll be your life saver! Most girls tend to munch too

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Set a good example and she will follow. Eat home cooked meals all together. Don’t buy junk?


Her height will play a huge role in her weight as well. I have a 13 year old who has been the same height as me since she was 11 (5’7") and weighs 150, she looks perfectly normal. You said yourself she doesnt look like she weighs that. Meal prep, get a crockpot, cook healthier at home and portion size is key. I serve all the plates in my house to help with portion sizing. Also, take her to the doctor, ask her doctor if she is healthy, if the doctor says yes then dont worry about it. If the doctor shows concern, ask about safe diet options. 10 year olds should NEVER be put on a diet unless its doctor supervised.

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You can’t change him! Sounds like he needs to grow up?


At this age she could also be starting puberty which makes it doubly important to start healthy habits

Do it with her. That’s the best way to be supportive and inclusive.

Look up Pintrist ideas and recipes because they’re endless!

Always be encouraging and proud that she’s asking to be healthy and willing to do this because this is huge for her.

Meal plan and buy healthy snacks. Meal prep on Sunday, do crockpot or oven ready meals so won’t need take out.

Think about the snacks she loves most and substitute for a healthier version. She still feels like she’s enjoying her faves but less fat and preservatives

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I wouldn’t put her on a diet she’s still too young however I might help her if you show her what a normal portion is by mesuring it and try to involve her so she can feel good about the healthy food to eat take her shopping when you go get groceries let her pick something healthy she likes out and make excrise fun do just dance walk on the beach see who can do the most situps maybe even a gym membership if there’s time instead of regular suger switch to suger free stuff no corn syrup pre cook meals and freeze them and just pull it out the night before so instead of take out you have healthy home cooked meals that just need to be reheated have you taught her how to cook little things yet

She is only eating what’s in the house. If she’s hungry enough she won’t be that picky.


Let her be part of the grocery list making & let her copy recipes she would like to try…also teach her how to read & understand the nutritional info on the product labels. Help her find an activity she would like to try to help her become more active & burn off those calories…Explain calories & empty calories to her & help her learn about good nutrition & maybe cook herself, with your supervision… Let this become a bonding moment…that could last you both a lifetime!

When my kids where younger and I was working full time and single I know it’s hard. I found setting a menu for dinners and we done this as a family, then buying only that food, lunch foods and some snacks worked. Also meal preparation on weekends helps a lot. If she isn’t playing a sport perhaps ask if she’d like to join one as activities help. She can only eat what’s given to her or available in house. If you and hubby want a naughty snacks draw, have it out of her reach or sight.

Consult a dietian… you donr want a eating disorder to start. This is the age for it

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Keep only healthy snacking options in the home
They snack ALOT through different ages in life
Fruit cups
Fresh fruit
Raw veggies and dip


Does she play sport? For many kids it’s not necessarily what they eat but the fact that they get home from school and sit in front of screens for hours on end. Encouraging exercise will benefit her in many ways, not just her weight.


You’ve just gotta be there for her. If she goes on a diet try and go on it with her for support… I mean shes only 10years old! Be very careful of self esteem issues and body image issues…

I know meal preps are a hassle but it might be what ur looking for if takeaways are common.

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My daughter in the blue is 12 1/2 shes 167 and 5ft 3in. She doesnt look huge shes solid. I dont ever say anything to her about her eating habits but i dont keep soda in the house she loves water and i make sure i keep a good variety of fresh fruit and veggies cut up n handy


Cut out fast food and she willl lose weight!

Try using lettuce instead of bread to make wraps, have her eat a lot of spinach for the iron, and switch regular chips for sunchips. You can also get packets of ranch and some baby carrots, cucumbers, and celery. Fresh fruit or cheese sticks are always a good option. For takeout, most places have salads with some meat in them on the menu, and when not you can usually find healthy options, though a cheeseburger every now and then won’t hurt. Another on the go treat or breakfast that is very good is overnight oats, there’s like a million recipes online.

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Maybe talk to your doctor, also she’s only 10 weight should not what you are concerned about with a child. Maybe there are underlying health issues, maybe she has depression, maybe your not buying the proper foods for a growing child, it could be so many things and maybe try to get to the bottom of it instead of just assuming food is the problem.

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Remember she can only eat what you buy! Fruits and veggies, pretzels.

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Dont call it a diet. Dont say its “to loose weight”. That will teach her to…honestly…hate her body and give her self image issues.
Say, “as a family we are all going to be happier and healthier”.
Do it together.
No more take out…pre cook all the meals and store the fridge or freezer. Dont have junk in the house. Have fresh fruit washed in containers ready to munch on. Cut out pop and juice…drink only water or sparkling water with flavor.
Get out more. Make the effort to be more active. At 10 I was building forts and riding my bike. Playing tag and hide and go seek.
She needs to play more. Dont think winter should stop it either…plenty to do outdoors in the winter. Buy a new toboggan and get out there.
Set the example for her…she will learn from YOU.
You guys can do it.


Get her in the kitchen cooking to learn. When they do it, they want to eat what they created


Maybe try putting her in her favorite sport? Even if she isnt “great at it” the practice and such will be great exercise.

You can eat whatever you want as long as your pretty active.

If she wants to go on a diet. Take her to a nutrienist and yall learn together and be great motivation for her. She is only 10 so she cant go buy healthy foods. It’s up to you to cut out the take out and maybe trying pre made dinner foods to keep in the fridge. Cooking the night before or even on sundays for the whole week.

Focus on the fruits and vegetables that she likes (like apples and broccoli are great!) rather than introducing new ones. Also, go for a salad or fresh fruit when you do take out instead of fries. Make sure she has cut veggie in her backpack or on the table at all times. Swimming and gymnastics are other great ways to keep her weight on track :). I struggle with one picky eater as my other child eats everything. It is hard but don’t give up!

Meal prep healthy meals for her and then you dont have to prepare something every day


Check with pediatrician they will give her a diet especially for her age

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My daughter started getting a belly and some “baby fat” around that age. Shes evened out now.
No diet. Just buy healthy stuff and suggest mean options. Do it with her. And try to suggest taking a walk everyday around the block. Go with her.
Limit screen time. My daughter can sit with her kindle all day if I didnt limit her. LOL.

Does she like sports? Maybe a bike? Keep an eye on her, dont let her get laser focused on her weight. That can easily get out of control.
I would just set all that up and make it a normal thing.

Dont make it about weight!! Can cause serious self esteem issues!! Make it about health, physical fitness and emotional wellbeing! Maybe u all could make healthy swaps in foods together as a family! Take a walk as a family! Race each other around the house 3 times who can do the fastest lap!? Etc! Make it about getting your hearts pumping and supporting each other to be more healthy and get fit rather than u just dont want her to be overweight!! If she sees u trying too she will be more inclined to not take it personally and want to join in!! :+1: xx

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Only buy healthy choices.

Maybe talk to her dr she might have a thyroid problem. But portion control, healthy food, and healthy snacking between meals might help. I’m a big girl myself and working on losing weight.

Have you had her thyroid checked? It very well may be an issue! As for foods try cutting sugars and starches! More fresh veggies! Ask her pediatrician

Try cutting back on carbs and red meat. Add more vegetables and fruit

Have healthy stuff at home that she can freely snack. A good way to avoid bad foods is to shop the outter walls of the grocery store, that’s where most protein, fruits veggies and dairy are. As far as dairy I would keep it to maybe some cheese sticks on hand. Yogurt (not kids yogurt) look for live culture yogurts! Fruits dried or fresh, cut veggies. Water (I know we all hate hearing that). Meats and nuts. Having diced chicken or salami on hand with cheese and fruit is a good one. And as hard as it can be to choose those things over others, if you give it no other choice those will be the snacks eaten.

Depends on what she’s picky about tbh. There are some things you can get around, but there are some that just need to be gotten over before any weight loss is achieved.

A healthy balanced diet at any age is fine. The operative words being healthy and balanced.
In all honesty that starts with utilizing healthier food choices rather than restrictive amounts.
Walmart carries baked snap peas and lentils. They’re seasoned and crunch like chips though.
Have a salad once a week. Deck it out. Eggs, chicken/ham, croutons, nuts, cheese the works. Its pretty quick and easy.
Riced cauliflower instead of or with rice.
Keep fruits and veggies around for snacks.
I make cheese crisps when i really want something crunchy I’ve also used them in place of tortillas for tacos.
Get a spiralizer and turn veggies into noodles.
My kids really like spaghetti squash and it doesn’t require one.

She if you can get in touch with a dietician

Stop with the take out…

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First dont buy it, buy better snack, lunch and dinner options. Just say I am making some healthy options for our family. Then find ways to get everyone active. Go on more walks, sports/ activities. Make healthy meals together. Just encourage and just keep it positive

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I noticed this trend in my family to. Eating out was easier but that weight was creeping on us all.
So without bringing weight into it, I just switched the plan. We seldom eat out now. If we do, it’s healthier options. I just said it was for health reasons. That our bodies need the right resources to run properly and eating take out crap wasn’t giving it that. Plus eating home was cheaper. So money for other things! Fun things.
Then I invested in a crock pot. It cooks while you don’t🤷😂 so basically you load it up in the morning, then by supper, it’s ready and you have a hot and healthy meal. Chicken legs come out so moist the meat literally just falls off the bone. Then the potatoes are soft enough to mash. Etc then cooked veggies on the side(I usually throw those in when I get home about 30min before serving. Otherwise they go mushy for me lol).
But ya. Don’t make it as a her choice. Or even a weight loss choice. But rather as a whole family getting healthier for your body’s sake🤷
We’ve all been slimming down here, but no diet. No starving. Just healthier options going into our mouths 🤷

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How tall is she. She might just be a taller kid. My daughter matured early and was tall. Also he could be getting ready to begin maturing. Fat contains estrogen and sometimes the body craves it to get enough estrogen in the body to kick start things. If that is the case she will slim down on her own.

Sometimes doing 5 smaller meals a day helps. It helps with snacking too much because you’re eating more often so you don’t feel so hungry all the time.

Following… Great question! I have an 11 year old boy, who is about 130 lbs.