How can I help my daughter?

So I need some insight. I have a 3 year old and I would say within the last 3 ish-4 months if she gets hurt she doesn’t want me to comfort her… she just cry’s and screams and wants to be alone and that hurts my mama heart! I just want to help her and be there for her but she pushes me away. She is in the “I want daddy” to do everything phase. What can I do to help her?? I tell her mommy is here if you want a hug or need me and she just screams


She is spoiled maybe. That’s all use to daddy jumping for her and attentive to her I’m sure! Sounds to me she is closer to him! Or a daddies girl is all I mean :face_holding_back_tears: will get better do more fun things with her maybe. And make her feel comforted such as reading books at night or more activity maybe to get her close to you. My kids dad never raised my boys and with me 24.7 and my toddler would get mad at me and ask for their father at times say he didn’t want me :woman_facepalming: stages …

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You just gotta let her be. She will get through this stage. Stay strong and keep reminding her that you’re there. Just don’t force her to come to you. She will.


Be happy momma you are doing your job well, she is confident enough in you being there she can and wants comfort from others. You won’t be there in school when she needs immediate comfort from a teacher or friend. She is exploring that need now knowing one look over her shoulder or one “mamma” and your right there! So good job Momma :clap:

Give her the option to come to you but if she doesn’t want to let her express herself how she wants within reason.

I think this may be a phase. My son will be 3 next month and over the weekend he fell and skint both knees and he cried and wouldn’t let me touch him. I think he was scared I would touch his new boo boo. About 5 mins later he let me carry him and love on him.

My boy was always attached to me as I nursed him til 2 ish…always wanted momma…now he’s 6 and daddy is the best…don’t touch his daddy :roll_eyes::joy:enjoy the break momma …she will be back soon :two_hearts::kissing_heart:

Just leave her alone and do not try to push yourself if she doesn’t want your comfort, this is just a phase .
Just check on her ( that she is not gravely hurt / bleeding , broken bones or anything like that) let her know that you care and that you will be there if she needs you , walk away and let her cry and scream until she is calm

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