How can I help my premie gain weight?

How can I help my premie gain weight? Doctor said double the formula but is that safe?

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Double formula is just adding calories. I had to add formula to my breastmilk to get my LO extra calories.

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My grandson was a premie. Had to give straight formula with no water. 3 months I believe. Doctor recommendation.

lol so you doctor who you are supposed to trust tells you to double the formula, but you would rather ask Facebook??? Get another doctor if you don’t trust yours.


We had to double our son’s formula to get his weight up for heart surgery. The doctor should give you a recipe to follow so it can be done properly

Don’t add extra powder to water. Just feed as normal and weight will be gained at a healthy rate…unless a qualified pediatric Dr recommends something else. What works without damage for one baby will not necessarily work well for another