How can I help my sick 3-month-old?

Any tips on helping a 3 month old who’s stuffy, and a little warm? I hate seeing my little man so upset. I can’t give him any medicine yet he’s too little.


Run a hot shower… Bring him in the bathroom with the steam… Or call his doctor

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I gave my little one at this age childrens Tylenol call and ask the doctor what they would recommend giving of you are certained hun.

If you’re breastfeeding that will help! Just keep feeding!

Baby Tylenol and a humidifier

He can have Tylenol. Just call and ask how much for his age and weight. Use saline drops and a nose freida to suction his nose out.

go into your bathroom and turn on the hot water and turn the shower on let it get a little steamy and sit in there with the baby. also you can use Vick’s Vapor Rub on the bottom of their feet with socks. and try to suck out as much as you can if the mucus out of his nose with a suction bulb. the longer mucus stays in them the longer they stay sick.

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Humidifier baby vicks Tylenol

Steamy shower just hangout in the bathroom I would put my son’s bassinet in the bathroom while I took a hott as I could stand it shower.


I bought one of those vapo wall plug ins and that helped too

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He’s old enough for infants Tylenol. Humidifier or sit in the bathroom with hot shower for the steam. Baby Vicks and saline spray is amazing. Zarbees is great but I can’t remember what age it’s for off hand.


Humidifier and nasal spray for babies with boogie sucky thingy lol dont knw the name lol but really helps clear the nose as u suck out all the stiffs from
Inside lol n also eucalyptus essential oil in diffuser of course near baby

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You should be consulting a bloody doctor if you are worried not Facebook :rage:. Fool


You can give them tylenol

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Humidifier Tylenol and saline solution for his nose and a bulb syringe. Also steam

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They have infants tylenol

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Nose Frida, saline mist,baby vicks on the feet with socks, humidifier and lots of cuddles. Consult your pediatrician on medicine. With my doctors approval, I was able to give Tylenol.


Call your ped if its that bad

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Call the doctor for sure, but as far as congestion we were told to use a humidifier and prop our daughter up at a small incline (so the drainage would run to her stomach rather than lungs and she could rid herself of the mucus). Zarbees can be given at 2 months BUT look on the back of the packaging because certain kinds are NOT available for use until six months. The cough and mucus one, however, lists 2 months. Use the blue bulb given at the hospital (or get new one) to help remove the congestion. Saline drops work well too. As far as Tylenol, we were allowed to give our daughter some with doctor recommended dose at that age.

Cool mist humidifier and baby Vick’s or zarbees chest rub

Tempura is good from birth.

Put baby vicks on the bottom of his feet and put socks on…works everytime


Saline in the nose 4-5 times a day, suction the nose 2 times a day. That was the recommendation I got from my pedi. If he is running a fever, Tylenol can be given at 3 mos. turn the shower on as hot as possible and close the door to the bathroom. Let the baby sit in the bathroom with the steam (obvi don’t put the baby in the hot water). Also, cool mist humidier, especially while he is sleeping.


Cool mist humidifier. Tylenol. Nose Frida. Have him sleep propped up (while monitored obv). Talk to your pediatrician too. At that age better safe than sorry. Temps are much more dangerous that young.

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humidifier, little nose drops, infant tylenol, and a nose sucker

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Vicks on chest or on bottom of his feet

Take him to the DOCTOR


Cool mist humidifier. Also run a shower with hot water and let bathroom fill with steam. Breathing the steam in can help!

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Baby Tylenol if your ped says it’s okay (they can help you out with proper dosage since LO is so young), and before you snot suck (I know this sucks and he won’t like it) I would buy some of the baby saline spray and do a small shot up his nose first. It really helps loosen that stuff out so you can get it all, and it’s safe for infants. I always buy the kind in the baby aisle because I like the way they spray lots better than regular saline nose spray.

Citrizine for the nose

If you have a wax warmer up same Vicks and a lil water in it (where you put the wax) and turn it on. I do this when my daughter has a stuffy nose and it works wonders

Put him in the bathroom while someone takes a steamy shower. Bath to help with temp. Nose Frida is wonderful. Saline mist

Call your pediatrician

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Go to the doctor to ensure it is not RSV. You need to keep nasal passages clear. Use a humidifier in his room. He is too little to put vicks on. And if you warm it, it can upset his lungs. Please get medical help. Asking strangers on the internet can be very dangerous as wrong information can be given.

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Baby vicks on feet with socks always works for my girl some times used Vick plug in aswell

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Humidifier, saline drops, tylenol, nose sucker warm bath, (we would run the shower on hot and just sit in the bathroom to let the little one breathe in warm moist air, and then elevate their mattress. We have a crib wedge under our crib mattress, when our daughter was in the bassinet we took a small blanket and folded it up and stuck it under the bassinet mattress to have her elevated. That helped.

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Humidifier, saline solution and a nose sucker… lots of hugs and maybe a few drops of sugar water a few times a day. Easy!

Try rubing his chest with vicks the vapors will lossen the conjection in his lungs

Steam showers, humidifiers, saline nasal drops.

You can give him baby Tylenol. At my babies 2 month shots app they told us we can give her Tylenol if she gets fussy after her shots.


I think Sara Matthews has the right suggestion

Along with everyone’s tips, I found that washing baby in Johnsons Soothing Vapor Baby Bath soap was awesome. My son had a stuffy nose for a bit at that age. Saline drops, mamas milk, and the bath. Keep baby comfy and keep an eye on temperature. :heartbeat:

Hope your babe gets soon!

Hmm…perhaps taking him to his pediatrician would be a good idea. Not sure what Facebook can do for him​:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hylands Baby cold tablets. They are all natural & work on infants & breastfeeding mothers.
For a 3 month old you can dissolve it in a bit of breast milk or formula & give to them safely.

We have used it on my grandson since 3 months old. & they have a daytime & nighttime formula.

1.25 of tylenol is perfectly fine hun. Zarbees makes a rub specifically for babies.

There is medicine u can give him with ur pediatricians approval. Stores also have organic non medicated chest rubs for babies. I had to get the chest rub for my baby since she was not feeling well very young

You can give him Tylenol just ask his Dr for the dosage chart for infants and saline as often as needed, only suction his nose 2 or 3 times a day cause too much of that can cause damage but the saline is safe and drug free.a cool most humidifier in his room while he sleeps helps his nose drain as well.

Take him to the doctor

Roll up a towel and put it under one end of mattress for an incline. Vaporizer or mister in bedroom and near him when awake. Steam up the bathroom with the shower to help him breath. Good luck. God Bless.

Sometimes it helps to wrap him up warmly and take him outside ( if the air is cool to cold) for a few minutes. Can help a little one breathe.

Kay says it. All of it good

Johnson and joshnson sells vapor soothe body wash and lotion… My neice had rsv at just a few months old and her mom used this and said it works wonders

Are you running heart with duct work , if so try having ducts professionally cleaned and keep a humidifier cool air type close to where baby sits or sleeps

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Baby Vicks on the feet with socks. Humidifier.

Take the baby right away. My 3 kids went from. “a little warm” to raging 104 degree fever in less than 2 hours and found out they had pneumonia and should have seen the Dr. sooner. It was a life threatening condition. HURRY!

Sit in the bathroom with a hot shower running so it steams up the room. Also use a Cool mist humidifier in his room helps with sleeping. And prop up a bit when sleeping too. Baby Vick’s on chest.

Always check with your baby’s pediatrician first when dealing with a fever… I saw one comment about saline drops, which is true… There should be some in the baby aisle at your local pharmacy, or grocery store. Hope he feels better soon.

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Turn the shower on hot and let it run, close the bathroom door and stand in the bathroom so the steam can help loosen up the congestion. Saline drops work as well. Ask your pediatrician about meds for the fever.

Cool compresses on his temples n back of neck n under arms.

I’m pretty sure you can give him Tylenol you just have to call the pharmacy and give them his weight and they can tell you the dose.

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Tempra is for infants go by his weight it helps with fever rubbing a little of the baby vic’s in his neck and chest also just being extra cuddly with him letting him know you’re there calm and collected to help him get through it is his best medicine.

Saline spray for his nose they have it in the baby section helps a little and safe fine mist, popsicles. Vapor bath, baby vicks.

A humidifier helps alot and they now make baby vicks u can rub on his back and feet. They also make vicks patches to put on clothes

Ocean drops for his nose.

Tylenol, a steam bath and a vaporizer… all will help your baby sleep which will help your baby heal!

Do you breast feed? It’s kind of a good natural medicine for them

Humidifiers work wonders during cold/flu season

Baby Vic’s vapor rub on his feet with socks while he sleeps

Get a humidifier and run it for moisture.

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Nice warm bath & humidifier…Baby Vicks w/lavender rub down…helps alot

The $20 nose Frida works like a charm and saline

Cool mist humidifier

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Peppermint oil in a humidifier will help loosen up the yuck