How can I help my son with his speech issues?

Hey mama’s. I am a FTM & have a 2-year-old boy who has speech delays and he can only say a few words but he’s getting a lot better. Anyway, I am trying to potty train him and I’m struggling because he understands when he uses the restroom but he doesn’t understand how to tell me when he needs to go so I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on what I could do to teach him to tell me to go potty. I have tried the sign language for potty but he seems completely uninterested in learning that. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I help my son with his speech issues?

Go to his dr and get a referral for speech therapy


talk to his pediatrician about speech therapy and maybe an autism evaluation

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Early intervention. But start baby sign language with him

He needs to get into speech therapy

Pecs!! They are picture language! My son has Autism and we used these greatly before language emerged!

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I taught both my kids to sign for bathroom

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Try visuals that he can point at when he has to go. My son is 3 and was in speech from 18months old to right before he turned 3 and I used visuals with him and he got bored of them cuz he learned how to express his wants and needs

Send him to a speech pathologist

I’ve read that you shouldn’t bother until they are 3 because it takes so much longer to get them to learn it… idk if that’s helpful :woman_shrugging:t2:

Try speech therapy. When my youngest was 2 she was barely saying any words. She did speech therapy for a year and it was amazing.

Call early on at Monroe County Mich and it’s at Intermediate School

If he is turning 3 soon next year you can put him in a program called esol I believe. It’s speech therapy in an actual school. (It’s free) Twice a week all day. Talk to the school design to you. If that’s what you’d like. It helped my daughter a lot.

Hang a bell on the bathroom door knob. I know this may sound odd, but it is used and is successful in training dogs to go out to potty. When they tap the bell, we go out and after they are done pottying they are rewarded with a treat.
I would still have my pediatrician refer me to a speech therapist. Good luck

As a mom who has a speech delayed kiddo, look into speech therapy sooner rather than later.
You could use a bell or some noisy object that he can use to alert you. 
Also getting a tiny potty that he needs less help on might work.

May be a bit different but my daughter does a T with her hands for toilet at school. (Aswell say toilet)
Maybe when u take him you do the sign to, to try an get him to do it when he needs to go,

So I’ll be the odd man out here and say that my son is 2 years old (turned 2 last month) and he has a few words down. But he has excellent communication skills… He takes your hand and “helps” you stand up then takes you to what he’s wanting and will physically put your hand on it and say please. He is extremely smart in so many ways. He makes eye contact. He is super affectionate. He “talks” constantly, just not with words I understand. And people STILL suggest the possibility of autism and the need to take him to speech therapy and such. And I smile and say oh okay. And then I continue on with my life. Not every child who doesn’t speak in phrases and over 50 words by 2 is autistic! And it is NOT always an indication that there is ANYTHING wrong.


I sat a timer for potty training mine, my older one would sit on toilet and my younger one sit on kid potty. It went off and they went and we created a routine

Get a refural from your GP to have him assessed for speech delay so he can get speech therapy

Speech therapy doesnt mean something is wrong :unamused::roll_eyes:

We potty trained my son with his speech delay. Just listen out for the words that mean potty to him- they may not sound like they’re suppose to but once you understand his “language” it should work. And obviously, get him into speech therapy as soon as you can. Check the local school system to see if you’re eligible for any free speech services. It’s a long road but it’s worth it. Good luck!

Yes my son went to speech therapy when he was around that age and it is amazing how much it helped

My son wasn’t talking much he did speech therapy And now talks nonstop

I think she is looking for suggestions on potty training for a kid that is not verbal yet not about what to do about the not speaking yet.

I had my son’s Dr refer him to speech. He went twice a week for 30 mins and when I tell you the massive improvement I seen within a short period of time.

If you can print out and laminate a picture of a toilet use that. Velcrow it to somewhere he is a lot and Everytime you bring him to the potty take that with you and explain when you have to go potty bring mommy or daddy this and I’ll help you go to the potty. Have you tried hand over hand teaching with the sign language?


Speech therapy! My son wasn’t talking at all the beginning of the summer he is in speech they come to our house and he now talks all the time! He’ll be 3 in December. It took a little bit for it to kick in but once he started he just accelerated from there.

He’s not ready. They must be able to recognize, and verbalize

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2 of my 3 was speech delayed. It’s didn’t interfere with potty training. If he can’t express it yet then he isn’t ready. Potty training is developmental. It has nothing to do with words at all. Put him back in a diapers and start again in a month or 2.

I potty trained my boys with cornflakes n Cherrios. Play sink the boat….aim for the boat.
Make a game of it.

If he’s only 2 I don’t think I’d be too concerned yet.


Reach out to your school district and find out who they use for speech therapy; that way when he starts kindy; if he still needs help you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

My little boy didn’t say too much at the age I really wouldn’t to much about it my little really started to talk around 3 and 4 years old

I had this issue with my 3rd daughter. I just took her quite often to go to the bathroom so she didn’t have to ask. I would also asked her a lot. I got her into a preschool for speech therapy when she turned 3. She usually found ways to tell me things. I was the only one patient enough to figure it out

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My sons were 3 when they trained .